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									Student Guide to Community Service in the Sciences
Get connected with the community!
               Pursue your interest in science!
                               Apply your knowledge and skills to real world problems!

Through Course Work
To locate service-learning courses that provide         Service-Learning Courses List
opportunities in your discipline.                       Morgridge Center for Public Service
(Be aware that many courses offering service-
learning are not listed. Contact your professors        UW-Madison Timetable
directly to learn more about course content and         Some service-learning courses are designated by a special
format.)                                                footnote in the timetable.

To pursue your community service interest in a          Discuss your interests and ideas with your professor. Some
course with an option/requirement for an                instructors will allow you to choose a community service project
independent study project.                              to fulfill a project or independent study requirement. The “Find
                                                        an Opportunity” resources listed below will help you identify
                                                        potential community partners.

To pursue an independent or directed study under        Professors will sometimes mentor independent projects that
the mentorship of a faculty/staff member.               combine community service with academic learning for credit.
                                                        Options include Directed Study for freshmen/sophomore students
                                                        (299) and for upperclassmen (699).

Beyond the Classroom
To work with student teams engaged in community         Alternative Breaks Committee
service/experiential learning during summer, fall,      Wisconsin Union Directorate
winter or spring breaks – or to explore the option of   (
working to develop your own “Alt Break” project.        262-7896

                                                        Opportunities include work on environmental restoration, K-12
                                                        science education, etc.

To become involved in a student organization that       Contact your academic advisor to see if your department or major
includes service as part of its activities.             has a student organization.

                                                        Visit the UW Student Organization Office’s web site for a list of
                                                        Registered Student Organizations on campus. Listings include
                                                        descriptions of club activities (

To collaborate with other students in your learning     Contact the Community Service Coordinator for your residence
community or residence hall.                            hall.

September 2007
Find an Opportunity
To explore a database of hundreds of one time and      VolunteerYourTime web site
ongoing service options in Madison and Dane  
County.                                                Search for the area of your interest, e.g. gardens, environment,
                                                       public health, etc.

To find personal help in locating a community          Morgridge Resource Center.
service opportunity that matches your skills and       Student Peer Advisors offer one-on-one advising.
interests.                                             716 Langdon Street (Red Gym), Room 154

To meet and talk with representatives from more        Fall/Spring Volunteer Fairs
than a hundred different community agencies about      Information on place and time is available at
their needs and interests.                   

To find one-time and on-going service projects         Wisconsin Union Directorate (WUD) Community Service
serving local neighborhoods, and the needs of area     Committee
youth and older adults.                                265-5002;

To get involved in learning communities that work      University Health Services Campus Community Partnerships
on civic engagement and community service with         Contacts: Katherine Loving, Civic Engagement Coordinator
emphasis on health related issues.                     263-5714;

Funding and Awards
To apply for fellowships that support collaborative    Wisconsin Idea Fellowships
service-learning projects among undergraduate          Morgridge Center for Public Service
students, faculty/instructional staff and community

To explore funding for students or student             Morgridge Center Service Grants and Alternative Break Grants
organizations engaged in local service activities or   262-0803
Alternative Breaks. Students or student      
organizations may apply for grants of up to $200.

To obtain support for collaboration among different    University Health Services Collaboration Mini-grants.
student organizations in community efforts. Grants     Contact: Genella Taylor
(up to $500) are available to any combination of       263-2535,
UW-Madison Registered Student Organizations. 

To gain recognition for leadership and community       Student Organization Office Leadership Certificate
engagement, explore the possibility of completing a
campus Leadership Certificate.
                                                             CALS Leadership Certificate for students in the College of
                                                             Agricultural and Life Sciences
Visit the CBE Undergraduate Service-Learning web page ( to learn
more about Community Service in the sciences.
For more information:
Jane Harris Cramer, Center for Biology Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 263-0478,
Dolly Ledin, Center for Biology Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 222-4865,
Adam Schmidt, 2007-08 Morgridge Center Service Learning Fellow . . . . . . .

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