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                                  TOWN OF RYE                          Approval
                             BOARD OF SELECTMEN                       12—01-03
                         Meeting, Monday November 10, 2003
                               9:30 a.m. Court Room

Present were Priscilla Jenness, Chairman, who called the meeting to order at 9:47 a.m.,
John Moynahan and Earl Rinker, Town Administrator. Bud Jordan, DPW Director and
Police Chief Alan Gould were also present. Joe Mills joined the meeting at 9:50.

A discussion took place of the snow plowing and other issues that were observed on the
site walk of last Thursday, November 6th.

Regarding plowing of the Rye Public Library, the T. A. is to write a letter to the Library
Trustees for them to acknowledge and sign off on, that they understand that the plowing
of the back area of their parking lot could take up to five days after the end of a

Bud Jordan has agreed to plow the Rye Recreation area and will take down the two trees
near the right edge of the parking lot and pull the stumps, as soon as Lee Arthur checks
with Jim Raynes to see if that’s OK. Lee will also be checking with Jim about the need
for cutting trees at the end of the building for an addition.

The deeds will be checked to see about the next right of way to the North of F Street as
well as the deeds on A Street.

The T.A. was instructed to write a letter to Attorney Tom Keane explaining that the
Selectmen expect the fence and the wall on the Town right of way adjacent to the Smith
property to be moved one foot inside the back of the Smith property line, and copy Mrs.
Smith on the letter. T.A. to run it by Mike Donovan first.

Diane Caveretta had a complaint about excess mud which Priscilla briefly discussed with
Bud, and Priscilla will respond to her about her complaint.

On a motion by Joe Mills, seconded by John Moynhan, the Board voted to go into non-
public session per RSA 91-A:3,II (a) and (e) by a roll call vote at 10:05, All voted yea.

Board came out of non-public at 12:25 p.m. Motion by Joe Mills to seal the minutes of
the non-public session. Second by John Moynahan. Roll call. All yeas.

Meeting adjourned at 12:26 p.m
Respectfully submitted:

Earl A. Rinker, III
Town Administrator

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