HMA General Meeting – April 30_ 2009

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					                      HMA General Meeting – April 30, 2009

1. Meeting came to order with 16 members
2. Minutes of the last meeting were read by Dave Solomon approved by Rick Solomon , Seconded by Jim
3. Treasurer’s report read by Mike Scott as of April 30, 2009 indicated a balance of $1400.00 in long term
   Savings account and $3546.08 in chequing account. 38 Members paid. Approved by Andy Smith,
   seconded by Rick Solomon.

4   Field Report by Wade Sears
        a. Field is in good shape; beware of soft and low areas. Working on lawn cutting schedule , email to
        b. Metal burning drum at field to removed.
        c. Shed was broken into needs repairs, Wade will take care of this at field clean up.
        d. Email will be sent about clean up date May 9, 2009
        e. John Kovats suggested purchasing a weed eater. After discussion, Glen Mair has weed eater to
            donate to club. Wade Sears to take weed eater for repairs.

5   Old Business
        a. A discussion was held regarding laneway repairs, we will talk to the land lord/ farmer to see about
            grading, more than likely it will be repaired on clean up day.

6   New Business

        a. Field clean up is Saturday May 9, 2009 start time 8:00am – 8:30am
        b. John Kovats volunteered to take care of the coffee/donuts in the morning, and order Pizza for
        c. 15 bags of fertilizer will be purchased by Wade Sears.
        d. Wade Sears to purchase paint needed for flight box and the front gate.
        e. Fertilizer spreaders provided by Wade Sears, Rick Solomon, and Dave Solomon.
        f. Dave Solomon has the Fire permit for the day.
        g. Dave Solomon to contact Earl Herner for lawn roller.
        h. Dave Solomon to contact Bob Ready for the cement curbs.
        i. Wade Sears or Dave Solomon to contact Jamie Dors to make sure the tractors will be at the field
           for the day.
        j. Please bring shovels and rakes if attending the clean up. We will also need a few chainsaws.
        k. Jeff Swanson is the new webmaster. Mike Marshall and Jeff Swanson to contact each other to
           get everything switched over.
        l. Mike Scott motioned to have webmaster as an executive position, after discussion it was agreed
           upon by the club that the webmaster can attend the executive meetings, but would not be
           considered an executive would be a guest at the meeting.
       m. Joe Pohl to be an instructor, after discussion the club agreed upon using the MAAC guidelines for
          instructor and beginner pilots. This can be found on the MAAC website or contact Dave Solomon
          for an emailed copy.
       n. Insurance article in MAAC Magazine, a discussion regarding the new insurance policies about
          flying guidelines; where you can and cannot fly. If further information is required about this
          article please let Dave Solomon know and an emailed copy can be sent. Due to new members
          joining our club this year, everyone is to help out with full sized aircraft approaching by yelling,
          dropping to tree level, policing each other with action in the pit areas. Other clubs have had
          serious injuries we have not had any, let’s keep it that safe.

7   Upcoming Events
       a. Clean up day Saturday May 9, 2009
       b. Fun fly Saturday June 13, 2009 (Volunteers Needed) Jim Smith has volunteered to cook.
       c. Corn Roast Saturday August 29, 2009 (Volunteers Needed)

    Jim Smith motioned to adjourn meeting, seconded by Mike Scott, meeting adjourned.

    **Special thanks to Andy Smith and Jeff Swanson for their displays**

       Typically this ends the formal meetings until October, unless something comes up where we need to
       meet. An email will be sent out if this is required. The only reason for an additional meeting would be
       to arrange the fun fly hopefully we can organize this via email and phone.

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