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					                            Eastern Tech Athletic Boosters
                                   General Meeting
                                   October 7, 2008

Present: See sign in sheet, Board members: Randy McNew, Ed Molen, Beth Steipler,
Teresa Evans. Principal- Mr. Evans, Coaches- Marc Messaros and Shawn Burke

Called to order at 7:02pm
Adjourned at 8:40pm

   1. Welcome- Randy welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the board
   2. Minutes- Last month’s minutes were approved by the board and posted on the
      web. Teresa did print some out and set them on the table with the agendas and
      treasurer’s summary report.
   3. Treasurer’s report- Beth explained the report. Explained to Football their total for
      outstanding invoices was about $400 more then they had stated, Marc Ok with
      that. Ed stated on page two of the summary that it was not basketball who spent
      $1000 but baseball, correction made on summary. See attached full treasurer’s
      report and summary. Lift a thon- money is still trickling in. By next month Beth
      should be able to have the money divided between all the teams that participated-
      for money collected. T-shirts have been paid for by football.
   4. Membership committee- Julie reported that that new banner for Essex Dentistry is
      completed and gave it to Randy. Julie just received membership cards from Beth.
      She already has the address labels ready to place on the envelopes. Julie will e-
      mail PTSA president to see about bulk mailing, if we do not have enough
      envelopes to do bulk mail, she will stamp them.
   5. Merchandise committee- Mary Ann reports they have been selling at all Varsity
      football games and have sold about $2000 in merchandise so far. Inventory is
      getting low, but waiting to sell more before ordering more. Will be selling
      merchandise at the Soccer game this Friday and next Friday at CCBC. It was
      suggested that she buy more orange items since homecoming is an “orange out”,
      plus people are asking for orange items. The supply is also low in most sizes of
      sweatshirts. Mary Ann will speak with the board about ordering more items. She
      will e-mail the board with a current inventory list.
   6. AD Report- Mr. Evans stated there will be winter sports parents meeting on
      October 30th and November 5th for all athletes planning on playing a winter sport.
      Banquets for fall teams are still up in the air. Mr. Hall will monitor what the
      coaches are doing for the banquets. Homecoming night- to be an “orange out”. He
      will be doing pre-sale tickets for the homecoming game for adults and students.
      Small scoreboard has been ordered. He will turn in the invoice to the boosters.
   7. Old Business-
          a. Lift-a-thon- money is still trickling in, they think around $3500 so far.
          b. Fundraising forms- no new forms have been turned in.
          c. Small scoreboard- has been ordered, Mr. Hall will turn in invoice.
     d. 501 (C)(3)- Teresa printed the forms off the internet to become non profit.
        First step is to get a tax ID number- a form that needs to be completed.
        Ms. Barnes said it can be completed online, she will send the e-mail
        address to Randy.
     e. Scholarship committee- Ursula is still researching information. Ed said
        that the guidance counselor hands out applications to all seniors.
     f. Track Record Board- Randy plans on hanging the board this Saturday
8. New Business-
     a. Nomination of new Vice President- only one nominee was sent to Randy-
        Ray White. No objections heard. Randy announced Ray as the new VP.
     b. New Food Ideas- Scott is just not able to change his work hours to be able
        to set up the hot dog stand; he has no one else to help him. Ed asked Scott
        to check with his father about our proceeds from the events he did sell
        items. Scott will attempt to get a hold of him. Shawn will e-mail Randy
        with a possible person.
     c. New Fundraisers- JV and Varsity Basketball ESPN magazine sale- Board
        will vote and let Ed know. Boys Lacrosse- will be selling ads for a
        program to be given out at the games. Shawn and Steve will fill out
        appropriate forms and turn them into Randy
     d. Pep Rally- October 24th 1pm. JV football will have a tailgating party at ET
        prior to the game. Randy, Teresa and Mary Ann will meet with Ms.
        Ferraro at 3:30 on October 8, 2008. If volunteers are needed, an e-mail
        will be sent to all members.
     e. Alumni/ Booster appreciation night 11/7/08 – Give away is unknown at
        this time. Members will need to show membership card, alumni to sign in.

9. Open Floor
      a. Mr. Evans thanked the boosters for their support of the students from
         Deep Creek Middle School. Faculty and students from both schools felt it
         was a success. Mr. Evans is working on doing the same type of activity
         with students from other area middle schools as well.
      b. Mulch Sale- it was suggested that May 2nd is to late to do the sale. After
         much discussion, it was decided to move the sale to March 14th and
         possibly April 18th. Beth will call the company to make the change. We
         will start advertising.
      c. Track will start advertizing their Christmas flower sale.
      d. Randy asked / told the coaches to send flyers to him or bring them to the
         meeting so they can be distributed.
      e. Debbie Fox – past secretary sent an e-mail to wish every well and that she
         missed the boosters and she would see us at the homecoming game.
      f. Beth- brought up the idea of doing a bulk mailing of all flyers; Mr. Evans
         suggested we use EDLINE. All flyers to be sent to Randy, he will forward
         them to Mr. Schlipp to be added to EDLINE. Mr. Evans also suggested the
         phone message system; it can be set up to reach athletes of a certain team
         if wanted or go out to the whole school.
g. Faces by Terri- The building permit has been signed, we can have the
   building from 11:00 to 3:00pm. on October 25 for the girls to have their
   hair and makeup done. The boosters will receive a donation for each girl
   from Faces by Terri.
h. Cheerleading- Basket Raffle going really well. Sold 730 tickets- expect to
   make about $2500. New York bus trip is next to get organized.
i. Football- dance tickets are in, flyer is on the website for anyone interested.

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