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Annual Meeting Minutes
April 10, 2005

President Kurt Zipp called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. and thanked the 24 people in
attendance for coming.

Minutes from the 2004 annual meeting were distributed and reviewed. A motion to accept as
presented was made by Mike Murphy, seconded by Jeff Johnson, and passed.

Gary Johnson presented the treasurer’s report. He distributed a document outlining the cost of
playing soccer in Delavan. The deficit last year due to the washout of the Comet Classic was
about $13,250 ($69,0000 in income, $82, 470 in expenses). We currently have a balance of
approximately $7,000, but will need to make up the deficit from last year. We had income of
about $8,000 less on last year’s Comet Classic than the previous years.

Kurt presented the President’s report. In response to our financial condition, we will need to raise
fees for the coming year. It is costing more to pay the referees, and we have to outsource the
field preparation work due to a lack of volunteers for this job. He reported that the high school
field is now usable, so there will be more fields available for practices and games. The goal for
this field is to have lighting installed by the fall. Donations have been received from the city of
Delavan, the city and town of Darien, and the high school booster club. Kurt will attend the May
school board meeting to solicit additional funding. All teams have returned from the fall and in
addition, there will be U15, U16, U17, U19 and U23 boys teams this spring.

Kurt then explained the structure of the soccer club board. Each year three positions are up for
election. This year, one of those is the referee representative, which is an appointed position,
filled by the referee assignor (currently Barrett Britt). Kurt then explained the duties of the open
positions of vice-president and parent representative. The vice president is responsible for
conducting meetings in the president’s absence, and attending monthly Stateline league
meetings. Ideally, this person will be able to fulfill the duties of president at a later time. The
question was raised about running the Comet Classic and Kurt assured everyone that this is a
separate position. The position of parent representative has the duties of attending two board
meetings per year, and bringing any issues that parents have to the board. Nominations were
called for. None were forthcoming. This agenda item was tabled for later in the meeting

Jeff Johnson then spoke about the opportunities for soccer camps this summer. The Wave will
again host a camp at Our Redeemer during the third week of July. This is a turn-key operation,
with the Wave doing the publicity (with our mailing list) and the registration. There will be no
other camps offered in Delavan this year, due to low turnout last year.

Dee Fisher then talked about fall registration. Fees will be going up to $55 per player (mini-mites
will stay at $25). The minimum age for players will be raised to 5 by August 1, due to the state
deciding on smaller-sided games lasting until a higher age. The recreation department offers an
instructional program for 4 year olds in the spring.
The tournament has 65 teams registered so far. The deadline is the end of April. Kurt reminded
the coaches that he is assuming all Delavan teams are playing, unless notified otherwise. The
requirement that each team’s parents are required to cover a two hour block of time at the
concession stand was again emphasized.

Jeff spoke about the golf outing. It will be held on Friday, June 24 at Delbrook. Registration is at
11:00, with a shotgun start at 12:00. Each golfer will receive a coupon for a box lunch, to be
redeemed at any time during the day. There will be about $1000 in prize money. Hole
sponsorship is $100. Fees are $75 per golfer, $300 a foursome and $360 for a foursome with a
hole sponsorship. He would like to see at least one foursome per team playing this year.

Kurt explained that there are many volunteer opportunities within the club besides the board
members. He again stressed the need for people to get involved and asked for nominees for the
two open board positions at this time. Mike Marse nominated himself as vice president and was
unanimously elected. John Pickel expressed interest in the parent representative position and will
contact Kurt with a decision.

Tim Bliss thought that someone from his team might be interested in the position of score
reporter and newsletter writer. He will check with her. He then expressed dismay at the low
turnout for this meeting and asked for suggestions on how to increase attendance. A lengthy
discussion on this topic followed.

Some suggestions included: a more strongly worded statement to parents on the importance of
attendance (required?); put the information with the registration, the inclusion of registration at
the annual meeting, hiring people to fill positions, more publicity about the club in the
newspapers (some don’t know it is run by volunteers), targeting 1 or 2 parents per team to
encourage greater involvement.

The decision was made to proceed as follows:
   1) Jeff Johnson will contact the Enterprise to see about getting an article included (also the
   2) Tim Bliss and Laura Welch will work with Ms. Scott at the high school to see if students
       could obtain community service hours for producing the newsletter periodically.
   3) A letter will go out soon to all families to explain the structure of the club and convey a
       sense of urgency for more involvement. It will also state that 2 hours of work at the
       Comet Classic is mandatory.
   4) Registration forms for returning players will be distributed on May 20 (last game). With
       this, another copy of the above mentioned letter, along with a lost of jobs needing
       volunteers will go home with players.
   5) We will hold on-site registration for returning players on Wednesday, June 1 and Sunday,
       June 5 (both at 7 p.m.). Parents MUST be present at one of these two times, and a
       volunteer board will be present for on-site sign-up of volunteers. Signs will be put in the
       concession stand during the Comet Classic to remind parents of the dates.
   6) Players who do not register on these dates will be put in with new registrants
Barrett reported that we are in good shape for referees this spring. Please contact him for
information if you know of anyone interested in training.

Tim presented the idea of approaching the United Way for funds to help offset our loss on the
tournament last year. He will write a grant request. This is a board matter, and the board will
meet after the general meeting to address this idea.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 on a motion by Jeff Johnson, seconded by Julie Johnson.

Respectfully submitted,
Dee Fisher, secretary