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           WITH THE SWORD


              PERSONAL EXORCISM WITH THE SWORD                                                                                       COME TOGETHER IN TWO AND THREE
Based upon a Lecture by ECP in Seattle; with various useful addendum from the Master’s Teachings                                   SELF-EXORCISM WITH THE LORD’S RITUAL
1)    First, make up your mind you will hold the sword strongly and not lose your handle on it.
2)  In the name I AM THAT I AM SANAT KUMARA and Jesus the Christ,                                                      Thus, the Messenger goes forth and the Messenger is here, and it is to bring a
   I call for the Christ Self and authority of the Mother of the Flame to assist                                     special action of the Light and fire, the rewarding of souls of Light, the dealing
   in this action. I call on the Law of Forgiveness for all involvement with…                                        with all who have awakened in this time of trouble–those who have awakened and
3) Archangel Michael, I call for your Electronic Presence of over me, for                                            shall awaken to everlasting life and those who awaken to everlasting contempt.
   your sword over my sword, your armor and your legions to guard me. I                                              <3>
   call to you and mighty Astrea, the seraphim and salamanders to force the                                            „For this reason you use “The Lord‟s Ritual of Exorcism,” which you all may
   exorcism of all foul spirits now, and to take all entities and demons before                                      learn and study at this conference. And therefore, calling for the protection of the
   they hide or flee. *Burn through! [3x] Mighty Durga, I embrace you and                                            saints robed in white and the mighty Archangels, you may recite this in your
   your fierceness! Exorcize me now! [Everywhere around you that the sword goes it cuts                              homes, having first established your tube of light, the violet flame and the presence
     demons. They flee into corners of the room or a nearby rooms, etc. to escape. So you need to call               of Archangel Michael for protection and faith. I speak, then, of self-exorcism, the
     Mighty Astrea and Michael to take them. ECP]                                                                    removing of those vibratory ones, of the discarnates, of demons and other foul
4) “I AM the Guard!” “I AM Michael!” [Visualize him over you.]                                                       spirits one by one from your aura, from your being, from your very teeth and your
      GIVE SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS TO ARCHANGEL MICHAEL                                                                  very inward parts, and then the removing of them from your household and the
      AND THE SWORD AS TO WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO                                                                   members of your household and your towns, and so forth. It is good to come
                                                                                                                     together, two and three in the name of the Lord.
   Archangel Michael- exorcize from me, all demons, implants and astral                                                       Vol. 35 No. 63 - The Buddha of the Ruby Ray - December 9, 1992
   substance, all entities of                        , all                                          .
   “In the name Jesus the Christ, I command that you come out of this
   temple!” [“Its the authority behind the words, the knowledge behind the words, the love and power. It is
     a balanced 3FF within you and the thrust of energy that you have because you have the Holy Spirit, that makes
     you and electrode for Jesus… to cast out the entity through you.”]
5) Let the Mantles of the Messengers strengthen me. I call for the Two
   Witnesses to pronounce in Spirit and Matter the names of all entities,
   astral kas, imprisoned elementals, discarnates, dwellers, demons, witches
   and black magicians behind this condition, to give all calls needed to
   exorcize and judge them, and for my protection and victory.
                          CUT AROUND YOURSELF
    Deliberately cut around your whole body, the spine, arms and hands,
   especially under the feet and back of the neck, and the Achilles heel. Use
   “deliberate strokes.”
6) “I declare myself free from ties to the underworld in Serapis’ name!”
     Visualize yourself being like a tree having its roots exposed. Hack away at
   those roots. They are ties to the darkness. ECP
   HEART OF THE ENTITY, of the demons and “grotesque forms” of the
9) Now my Holy Christ Self, descend into my temple now. Bind and judge
   the dweller on the threshold, and to occupy all cleared space. I call to the
   Weaver Angels to weave my garments anew. I call to Kuan Yin to cloak
   my weak points from the dark ones.                    SK/EM/KY

10) MANTRA: “Come occupy, occupy, occupy my beloved Christ Self!” EM
         “Go and sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you!” Jesus
        BLUE LIGHTNING AND THE SWORD                                                                                     “…your daily tasks and obligations and responsibilities have everything to do
                                                                                                                      with your initiations on this staircase of Life. Dispatch them well! Guard your
    FOR DAILY ACHIEVEMENT AND INITIATIONS                                                                             time! Seal yourself to accomplish that which must be accomplished. For even well-
  In the name I AM THAT I AM SANAT KUMARA- Almighty God! My                                                           meaning individuals can be the instrument of fallen angels. They come to waste
beloved Christ Self,             , solve this problem now!- name problem .                                            your time, whether on the telephone, by mail or in person, creating calamities or
  Archangel Michael! PLUNGE your sword into the cause and core of this                                                circumstance that would have you believe that no one else can solve them except
problem and all that is behind that opposition. COLLAPSE now all ploys                                                yourself. Well, release yourself from that sense of idolatry, beloved ones. Only
                                                                                                                      your Christ Self can solve those problems! Only Almighty God can solve them!
and plots of the fallen ones. Bind all attempts to interfere, to waste my
                                                                                                                      And when you develop that attitude, you will dispatch those problems and
time. Bind every dweller, discarnate and astral ka, all fallen angels and                                             dispense with them in a mighty short time…
black magicians, my personal adversaries, all negative astrology, forces                                                “Therefore, the deftness of your use of the sword of Archangel Michael comes
and karma opposing the victory of my every task this day.                                                             with using it often, comes with using it for every task, every item on your desk or
  Clear all opposition to    name tasks, projects, meetings, etc. .                                                   in your shop or in the fields, on the farms, tending God‟s flocks on the ranch.
                 THINK OF ALL PROBLEMATIC SITUATIONS                                                                  …with the Mercurian speed of Light from the heart of El Morya and God
 Tasks; Items procrastinated                                                                                          Mercury, you can utter the command and the fiat that will literally collapse the
 Inharmonious relationships                                                                                           ploys and plots of the fallen ones.
 Obligations and responsibilities                                                                                       “This is a present possibility for many of you, yet you do not exercise it! You
 Opposition to planning, organization, scheduling, the use of a chart of tasks                                        think of exercising the body. Exercise the mercurial Mind of God and let there go
                                                                                                                      forth a ray of Light, a point of blue lightning from your mind, to literally consume
          GIVE CREATIVE FIATS WHILE WIELDING THE SWORD                                                                all substance that would prevent you or anyone, even the one through whom that
 I AM releasing blue lightning from my mind to consume all substance that                                             substance comes, from attaining his victory on that day! …I ask you to devise a
would prevent the victory on every point of the divine plan for this day!                                             chart… you can use to check of tasks accomplished in the hours of the day. You
 Vajra!... Shiva!...        Burn through!... [summons salamanders]                                                    can have it on your wall in your office. …you must enter your day with a
 Bolts of blue lightning!... Flash blue lightning through this sword now….                                            fierceness and a determination. Take the end of today to plan for tomorrow, to
 Bolts of blue lightning into the cause and core of all opposition to          .                                      organize what you will do: when you will arise, whom you will see and whom you
                                          LANELLO‟S FIATS                                                             cannot see. Set goals and achieve them no matter what….
  …”when you see those surly ones cross your path in envy, to degrade or defame or belittle your manifestation, you     You will feel better about yourself when you are in control of the hours of the
  say:”                                                                                                               day. Think of your victories as being moment by moment. Think of your failures
  Ho! Ho! Ho! I am the alchemist and I am clearing my place! I am clearing my                                         as losing the moments and think of your lost moments as being added up into
forcefield now! Death has no power over me- nor disparagement, nor                                                    hours and days of nonachievement.
discouragement, nor any deprecation of my duty now fulfilled! I AM my God in                                                                                    Lanello, in The Path to Immortality, p.258
action here! I AM my sacred labor fulfilled God‟s way! Roll back- Ho! Ho! Ho!-
collapse, then, the structure of atoms and electrons that would interfere with the                                       …I must first point out to you that disorder in your daily life, a lack of system
Word made manifest! For I AM the sand of life. I AM lowering into manifestation                                       and a lack of systematizing your responsibilities, a lack of making lists and going
here of the exact and precise will of God for my life…           [FROM DECREE 10.20]                                  over them, not checking them off when you fulfill them, or checking up on those
                                                                                                                      for whom you are responsible does result in unnecessary delay in the cosmic
                             HERCULES‟ SHATTER FIAT
                                                                                                                      timetable of the activity, in your life, and in the path of the ascension.
  I AM Hercules- *SHATTER! SHATTER! SHATTER the anti-GRAIL                                                of the                                                              Omri-Tas vol.27 no.50A p.131
sinister force! Shatter it on a planetary scale! Shatter it now!...
    SHATTER the anti-God-Harmony of the sinister force!                                                                 USE HERCULES‟ “SHATTER MANTRA” ON ANY NEGATIVE PATTERN
    SHATTER the anti-God-Supply of the sinister force!                                                                   “If you will take this mantra, it will probably solve every problem in your entire
    SHATTER the anti-God-Vision of the sinister force!                                                                life because if you shatter the evil matrix, it can‟t exist any more. …you can apply
    SHATTER the anti-God-Order of the sinister force!                                                                 this to any problem by name. Where the word grail is, replace it with God-Joy,
    SHATTER the anti-God-Peace of the sinister force!                                                                 God-Love, God-Supply, etc. Make a list.”               ECP, tape B95069
    SHATTER the anti-God-Love of the sinister force!
    SHATTER the anti-God-$10,000 of the sinister force!
    SHATTER the anti-God-                      of the sinister force!
        ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S FULL 10.22 MATRIX                                                                       ARCHANGEL MICHAEL
                                                                                         “Beloved ones, would you believe me if I should tell you that I have personally
    Archangel Michael, Help me! Help me! Help me!
 Archangel                          waited and waited with these Two Witnesses two and a half million years for this
  Michael, Come into my life!
 Archangel Michael, Bind this condition                 hour? I tell you it is true. And many of you have also stood by incarnation after
  now and bind the foe and release me from this imprisoned substance!
                incarnation and in the octaves of Light and in various planes of being waiting for
  In the name Jesus the Christ I summon immediate divine intercession-                the hour when this earth could receive the blessing of Helios and when the hosts of
                                                                                      the Light would be empowered once again by the embodied faithful who would
  Bind and neutralize by Light all these conditions now!
                                                                                      use the science of the Word to thwart all of the purposes of Death and Hell!
    all negative conditions of my human consciousness                  .
                                                                                         Now do you not realize the enemy that is pitted against you? And wake up!
    all foes of my Christhood- my personal adversaries, the black magician           Wake up, I say, and realize you cannot stand in so great a Light and fail to invoke
        who took me off the path;                                       .             your protection! For I would stand with you daily, but I must have that call given
    all foes and opposition of my divine plan                                        once in each twenty-four-hour cycle; for it is the law of octaves. I can and shall
                                                                        .             step through the veil in any hour of the day or night. But I must have that call:
    all imprisoned karmic substance                                      .                 Archangel Michael, Help me! Help me! Help me!
                                                                                         Michael, Come into my life!
 Archangel Michael, Bind this condition
  Deliver me from all specific types of temptation, backsliding, going astray, and
                                                                                         now and bind the foe and release me from this imprisoned substance!

nonbelief in the power of Almighty God that I am contending with now:
                                                                                         Release me now from all temptation and all backsliding and going astray
                                                                                         and nonbelief in the power of Almighty God to save my life and to give me
  Go after all conditions involving my children                                          my victory in this embodiment!

                                                                                  .        Archangel Michael, Help me! Help me! Help me!
  Go after all conditions involving those I AM responsible for personally and            Michael, Come into my life!

professionally                                                                  .          Archangel Michael, Stand with me!
 Save my child!
 Save my
  Go after all conditions of my household                                                household!
 Save my nation and bind those Communist hordes!
                                                                                .          Such is the call I desire and more. <7> And you yourself can release those
  Go after all conditions of my extended family                                       calls by the Holy Spirit from your very heart flame….”
  Go after all conditions of my community                                                POW NOTE 7:
                                                                                         “Before giving this call offer your heartfelt prayer to God and to Archangel
  Go after all conditions of my nation and the current activities of the ICCC         Michael describing the condition of the human consciousness and the foe of your
                                                                                .     Christhood and your divine plan that you are asking to have bound and neutralized
    Release me now from all temptation and all backsliding and going                  by the Light.
  astray and nonbelief in the power of Almighty God to save my life and to               State the nature of the imprisoned karmic substance your are asking to be
  give me my victory in this embodiment!
                                             released from.
    Archangel Michael, Help me! Help me! Help me!
 Archangel                             Nail the specific type of temptation, backsliding, going astray, and nonbelief in
  Michael, Come into my life!
                                                        the power of Almighty God that you are dealing with and from which you are
    Archangel Michael, Stand with me!
 Save my child!
 Save my                        asking to be delivered.

    Save my nation and bind those Communist hordes!                                      In addition, state all circumstances involving your children, those for whom you
                                                                                      are responsible personally and professionally, and the conditions of your
       [Be creative with your own fiery fiats from your heart flame.]                 household, your extended family, your community and nation and the current
                                                                                      incursions of World Communism that require immediate divine intercession by the
                                     NOTES                                            hosts of the Lord, of Archangel Michael.”
  Clear your house regularly with the sword, all animals and televisions, all the                                                      Archangel Michael, Freedom 1984
rooms and beds, etc.
  Remove garbage from the house daily, as entities can feed off the energy
released through decaying substance.
    Burn frankinscense, which repels entities. Eucalyptus is powerful in this way.

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