Whatever! by P-Coughlan


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The Complicated Life of Claudia Cristina Cortez

Author: Diana G. Gallagher
Other: Brann Garvey

Age Group: Ages 9-13

My life is always complicated, but lately it's been worse! You see, everybody at my school is in a club.
Monica, Becca, and I have our own club, the Whatever Club. Our only rule is that we have to agree on the
club's activities. So when my friend Adam wanted to join the club, we voted to let him. We didn't expect
Adam to use our rule against us and only vote to do what he wants to do! Now Monica and Becca are
mad, and I have to: 1. Prove to Adam that I still want to be his friend, 2. Try to make Monica and Becca
happy, 3. Get my annoying neighbor, Nick, to leave me alone, 4. Stay out of the way of Anna and her
Glory Girls club, 5. Make sure that the Whatever Club stays together!
 Whatever Club stays together!

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