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									                         Wallingford Public Schools
                         Report Card - Parent Guide
The Wallingford K-5 report card was revised to provide parents with useful information about
how their child is doing in school. This handbook was developed by the Report Card Revision
Committee in anticipation of questions that may arise from the new format. The building
principal will be glad to answer additional general questions.

       Why was the report card revised?
   Over the course of the past several years, changes were made to curriculum and instruction.
   There was no longer a good match between what was on the report card and what was being
   taught in elementary classrooms. Student progress is now measured against standards
   established by the State of Connecticut and the Wallingford Board of Education.

       Why are we using 4, 3, 2, and 1?
   The new grading system reflects student growth and progress more accurately.

       What does our grade code mean?
   The new code reflects your child’s performance compared to the standards for the grade
   It should not be compared to a numerical average.

   4- Depth of understanding
   3- Consistent understanding
   2- Initial understanding
   1- Difficulty understanding

       What does it mean if the numbers don't change?
   As the year goes on, the expectations of what a child should know and be able to do increase.
   Your child will be graded on these increasing expectations. A "3" in the first grading period
   means that the child is meeting expectations for the beginning of the year. A "3" in the
   second marking period means that the child is growing and is now meeting the expectations
   for the middle part of the year. A "3" in the third marking period means that your child has
   continued to grow and is meeting the end-of-the-year expectations.

       Why are some areas not graded?
   Some skills and concepts may not be emphasized or assessed during each term.

       What if I still have questions?
   For questions about your child' progress, contact his/her teacher. For general questions
   about the report card, contact the principal.

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