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					               Khemri Tactics – By Tobias H. K. Lauritsen of Fenris Holstebro

After my fifth match, I thought it was about time to share my "wisdom" with everyone.

As always, I'll start out with a short description of the team and it's basic functions.

                                          Khemri, the first glance

When looking at the Khemri team for the first time, most people go: "They got 4 mummies, but nothing
Taking in account, that your fastest movement is 6 (only 2 players), your highest AG is 2 and your
general team consists of skeletons and mummies, this team is fun!

This team is not about lots of touchdowns, or fast paced game tactics. It's all about patience, and
counting squares. Your biggest strength is 4 mummies, and although they only have movement 3, they
can be used very tactically.

Only the Thro-Ras I don't get, I have no idea why they are on the team or why anyone would even think
about spending gold on them.

It's obvious to see, to have a successful Khemri team, you need re-rolls... lots of them...

Now, let's talk players!

Mummies, are they good?

Well, duh! S5, AV9, Mighty Blow and Regeneration... times 4... You just can't make a Khemri team
without them.

Progression is individual, but going for Guard/Stand Firm/Thick Skull would be primary, depending
where on the field they should perform.
Stand Firm and Thick Skull on the sides, this will prevent your mummy from being bashed into the
crowd and instantly get injury, kind of defeats the purpose of having AV9.
Guard and Stand Firm, will help you place your mummy so your skeletons and Blitz-Ra's can get
casualties, without your mummy being moved away from its position.

Other skills that might be useful:
Break Tackle
Pass Block

Should you be so lucky as to get +1S, take it and supply your mummy with multiple block.

I would ignore any AV, MA, AG improvements, unless you have your mummy exactly where you want
him to be skill wise.

First double you roll, pick block.
If you should be so lucky to get another double, pick dodge.

With Movement 3, you should always try to keep your mummies close to the action, because if it moves
away, they will not catch anytime soon.

Thro-Ra's, what the?

Why oh why should one get a skeleton with sure hands and pass?
It doesn't have higher AG, it doesn't have higher movement, you got re-rolls and pass is about the
most useless skill for the Khemri team, with AG2, passing should only be attempted if you have nothing
else to do. (like my Blitz-Ra in turn 7 when he picked up the ball all the way down on my own field)
Your Blitz-Ra, with a little help from your Team Re-rolls will most defiantly get you the ball, and after
the first level up, they can act as pick-uppers.

All in all, I stay away from Thro-Ra's and use Blitz-Ra's instead.

Blitz-Ra, ohh Lord!

MA6, AV8, Block and Regeneration make these babies necessary for you to even think about winning
games. Not only are they your fastest player, they also have access to General and Strength, making it
possible to shape the player as you see fit.

Progression should be viewed at after the first couple of games, you want your Blitz-Ras to score your
touchdowns, and progress at least one of them as your ball carrier.

Ball Carrier:
Going for Sure hands/Fend/Kick-off return/kick would be my primary concern, but should you be so
darn lucky to roll a double or two;

Going for Dodge/Side Step would be preferred.

AG/ST should always be taken, MA only if your player is where you want it to be skill wise.

Going for Mighty Blow/Tackle/Frenzy/Guard/Diving Tackle would be first priority, but again if you
roll a double;

Going for Dodge would be preferred.

ST/AV should always be taken, MA only if your player is where you want it to be skills wise.

Skellies, dem bones!

Being the least expensive player in the game, you can use these for anything you want. Foul like crazy,
take insane odds against you, toss them up against their most expensive players, just to maybe be so
luck as to get a casualty.

Going for Dirty Player/Block/Tackle would be my first thoughts

On a double get Sneaky Git

ST increase should always be taken, having a S4 skeleton is always nice!
Tactics, how to get to the endzone?

The basic setup should be something like this:

1-4 = Mummies 6-10 = Skellies 15-16 = Blitz-Ras

Here you have covered every side with a mummy, ready to pound its way thru. You have two mummies
that are not bound by tackle zones, and can be moved towards the place you want them to be. Your
Blitz-Ra is ready to pickup the ball, while your second Blitz-Ra is ready to support the centre or sides.
You have all your options open, and it's easy to adjust the setup after the kick-off.

Keep in mind, that most experienced coaches, will setup their sidelines as far away from your mummies
as possible. Do not get too cocky, and create openings that you will regret. The ball will be fumbled by
your Blitz-Ra at least once (Since it’s 4+ to pickup it’s 50% chance, though you got a re-roll it’s still 25%
chance of failure total)
Should you be kicking off, I would go for a setup like this:

1-4 = Mummies 6-10 = Skellies 15-16 = Blitz-Ras

Your mummies will need to be blitzed, thus making it hard for most teams to muster up enough force to
deal with him, and even so, he has AV9. (Here you should only fear big-guys and specially those with
Your Blitz-Ras are ready to move to wherever they should be needed to assist, as well are the two other
mummies behind them.
Also, with this setup, you will force the opponent to choose a side to break thru, and you can counter it
Should the kick-off yield a result where your opponent can move 1 square, they will still need to blitz
your mummies with this setup

In conclusion

NEVER put your Mummies on the frontline, unless it's really important.
Always adjust your setup to the team you’re playing and the skills your players have.
Always keep in mind that you will need at least 2 turns to pickup the ball, and you do not want to
score a touchdown before turn 6-8.

After you get the ball, find the least occupied place in your opponents defence, after a couple of turns,
your mummies should have opened up at least one side, and then slowly run towards the end zone. Stay
at least 2-3 spaces away from the edge of the pitch and use skellies as "bone-shield" and at least 1
mummy to accompany them.

Should you have a lot of time on your hands, and a beaten up opponent, try to get the ball to your
mummy and get him to the end zone (and yes, it can be done, did it twice in one match once.)
Best way of doing this is to huddle two or three mummies along with 3-4 skeletons and then hand-off the
ball. This way, if one doesn’t catch it, the other might and should everything fail one of your skeletons
should be able to get it.
My recomended setup;

4   Mummies
2   Blitz-Ras
5   Skeletons
3   Re-Rolls
2   Fan Factor

Khemri is an interesting team, of all the basher teams, I think they are the most fun. Get used to
fumbling the ball a lot, and never throwing unless really needed... and a lot of casualties against.

Have fun with your team!

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