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					BLOOMSBURG SCHOOL OF DANCE, LLC                                       October 2009

I would like to welcome all the new students to the Bloomsburg School of Dance, LLC (BSD),
and welcome all the old students back home. Please keep in mind that I like to think of the BSD
as a family, so introduce your selves to new students and parents, try to be helpful by answering
questions for new people, and make them feel the warmth of their new family at the BSD. Old
students, remember that your fellow classmates are like your sisters. When they are hurting, we
all hurt; so, try to make everyone feel comfortable and like part of the group.

                                   No September Newsletter
Typically you will receive a newsletter every month. I apologize that there was not one in
September, but you can look for a newsletter each month after this one.

                                 Revolution Dancewear and Shoes
   Bloomsburg Sportsplex is vending a line of Revolution shoes and dance wear hand picked by
yours truly. All sizes of bodysuits are available for you to try on and there is a sample of all the
colors. All required shoes (except for Irish) have full size sizing kits. The styles come in ½ sizes
but the sizing kits are only in full sizes. You can try the shoes and order the exact size for your
student. All shoe sizes must be approved by Miss Danielle or your teacher prior to placing
your order. Sportsplex can not return items to revolution for exchange of size; that is why
you must get a size approval on shoes. Everyone must have the Revolution shoes. All
Revolution dance shoes have matching tights if you are interested in ordering the matching tight
for your student. Samples of the tights are also available to see and touch, but not to try on.
There is a tight sizing chart to use as a guide for ordering.

    If you are paying monthly, you must make a payment in September. The payment you made
at the time of registration is payment #1. September is payment #2. If you are confused about
this please refer to your registration newsletter. Under tuition is a detailed payment schedule. It
is your responsibility to keep yourself current and be aware of your payments. All tuition
payments should be made at the Sportsplex front desk. Please make sure you take a receipt and
keep them until the end of the year. Please note Bloomsburg School of Dance, LLC in your
memo and bring it to the attention of the staff person taking your payment.

BSD students should be storing their belongings in the lockers across from the batting cages
during class. They should not store things on the turf outside of the studio doors. The
Sportsplex has provided the lockers for us so that the area outside of the studios looks neat and

                                         PK-K Ballet class
   Please make sure your dancer has enough time to visit the restroom prior to class. Having to
go to the bathroom during class can become a contagious and, therefore, disruptive epidemic.
The longer we can put off the first person asking to go, the better off we are. I do not like to
take the chance on any child and refuse them; leisurely potty time prior to class may alleviate
things a bit. If you do not wait outside the class, please designate another parent to be a
bathroom escort for your child should he or she need to go. I need to have my assistants in the
room with me. I can’t make them available to you for this purpose.
                                      Hair in Buns for Ballet
   Please be sure that your student has their hair in a bun for ballet class, and make sure the bun
is secure enough to with stand an entire hour of class. Wrapping a scrunchy around the top of a
bun with no bobby pins is not an acceptable version of a bun, and will not with stand an hour
long class. There is nothing more frustrating to me than to have to spend half my time redoing
half of the student’s buns during a one hour ballet class while trying to maintain order in the
class room. Please, the bun is your job; the dance instruction is my job.

                                          No Panties
I know this is a tough one, Moms, but panties hanging out of the tights and leotard is just not
cool. Save your child the embarrassment and forgo the panties under dance attire.

                           No Street Shoes on the Large Studio Floor

                                      Waiting on the Turf Area
    As many of you know, at times the turf area where everyone waits has often been an out of
control dangerous area. Many parents have been concerned about the kids getting hurt by balls.
It is for this reason that the Sportsplex insists that no one is playing with balls on the turf area
regardless of size, gender or the manner in which they are playing. It is unfair to discriminate
against ‘teenage ball players’ or ‘rough and unruly ball players’, so they are asking that we
comply with no ball playing at all for our own safety. Also, for our safety, the Sportsplex asks us
not to climb the nets, play with the punching bag, hang on the chains, or play on the wrestling
mats. I am sure that we can easily comply with these requests, and they are for our well being.

                              Dress Rehearsal Start Time Change
The Bloomsburg HS Prom is the night of our dress rehearsal. In order to accommodate the
students who wish to go to the prom, we are going to start the dress rehearsal at 4:30 sharp
instead of the usual 5:30. I know that May seems to be a long way off, but the more notice you
have about changes the better. Mark your 2010 calendar now.

                                        Theme for the Show
Well the students and teachers broke me down. The theme for this year’s show is Michael
Jackson music. Most classes were unanimously enthusiastic about this theme. I was not as
enthusiastic about it as they were; but their unwavering uniformity on the subject was persuasive,
and the genius and range of the music is undeniable.