Lesson Plan – Drama

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					Lesson Plan – Drama
Dec 8 – 19

Using Pantomime and interpretive skills

In this unit students continue to develop their acting skills through acting projects.

Projects already started
   – Music Video (must be completed by Dec 12 in order to be viewed during the week of
       Dec 15 – 19

   -   Theatre history 5 person presentation of Theatre time line (must be
       completed by Monday Dec8th )
   - Class Plays and other performances

Martin Luther King Assembly - January 20th during the school day
- Classes will present a skit and poem

First Semester Drama Class Plays (during class time)
                 – 2nd period
8th and 9th                     -January 9th
(This class s likely to do only a poem from a small group for the MLK production)

5th Period     -7th Grade      -January 16th (This class is likely to do only a poem for MLK)

3rd period      -7th Grade     – January 23rd
(This class will most likely do the MLK play as they have the longest time before they have to
present their play

Projects to be started
Commercial (7th Graders only) – Students make a commercial advertising a product they have
created –

Mini Sitcom– talk show etc. (8th & 9th grades only) Create a product for television that is
between 5 – ten minutes in length

Students will begin these project on Dec 15th, they will have some time each day to work on this
project during the week but will need to complete the project on their own time with the
assistance of parents after that. The commercials will be viewed the 3 per day from January 5
trough 27th. Students will need to sigh up on the schedule according to when they will complete
their project. Some may finish by the end of December and are ready to go in Jan 5 th. All projects
must be completed by January 9 th for 7th grade and January 16th for 8th and 9 th

Since 9th graders are presenting their class plays in the first week of January they will likely start
the sit com in January or only plan this in the last week on Dec.

Final Drama Journal on CD (see examples)- These will be started on January 5 th and will
be viewed during the last week of January. The information for this journal is being
written weekly in the drama journal in class. If a student still does not have a journal they
will lose points and will not do well on this project.

Other projects not in this unit-
CBPA – Students present a pantomime skit based on OSPI WASL requirements and will have a
written aspect of presentation graded by other teachers. This begins in January

Poetry and art – used as enrichment activity

Written Drama Journal – Based on weekly journal. This is done on their own based on
assigned rubric

Watch and critique a production – This will either based on critiquing the performances of
each class or critiquing the MLK production (January 20 th) or Show Way production
(January 27th) which will be here at Stahl

Final Test – last Wednesday in January

Dec 8th
Note- students need to visit the costume room to check out costumes or have costumes
brought in from home with clear identifying marks this week and next week. (especially 8 th
an d9th graders who will present their plays on January 9 th)
   - Target
   - Students will be able to relate to other actors and take command of stage energy
   - Students will be able to critique a short production

Before Hook
First 20 minutes (teacher may choose to break this activity into four separate days or repeat parts
each day or do a full 20 minutes each day. Regardless of how it is done, repeating is the key to
getting the students to improve).

To prepare students for their play rehearsal where they will work on stage energy the following
game will be played.

Pass the pulse, Pass the ball, Pass the prop, and Pass the pose (as usual students will write about
the game at the end of the activity)

Start with two rounds of ‘pass the pulse’-

This is a silent game.
   1. Students form a silent circle and hold hands.

     2. Students will gently press the hand of the student to the right and continue to pass the
        pulse by pressing the next person’s hand only when theirs has been pressed.
     3. They will then pass it to the left then randomly on either side.
     4. Have students discuss how this relates to acting.
             a. Answer – symbol of stage energy
                      i. Focus, concentration, relating to each other,
Continue with ‘pass the ball’
This is a silent game where students pass an imaginary ball
        1. One person pretends to have a ball. That person passes the ball across to the next
             person in the circle. How the ball is passed should reflect what kind of ball it is. How
             the ball is caught by the next person should also show what kind of ball it is.
        2. The person who catches the ball should change what kind of ball it is and then pass
             the ball to the next person. Use any part of your body to pass or catch the ball
             according to what kind of ball you think it is.
        3. The teacher ensures that all students get a chance to have the ball and that students do
             not only pass the ball from friend to friend
        4. Evaluate briefly with comments about what you have learned
Continue with ‘pass the prop’
This is a silent game in which students pretend to pass a box of props around a circle.
     1. Start with one person who has a box of props. This is a heavy box. Take one pretend prop
        out of the imaginary box. Use the prop in a way that the rest of the group can guess what
        the prop is.
     2. Teacher may or may not ask students to guess what they think the prop is. (this is a silent
        game but students are usually tempted to say what they think is being done. Teacher
        decides what works with each group)
     3. When the activity is done, pass the heavy box directly to your right. Keep going until
        everyone has had a chance.
     4. Reflect on what you have learned
Close with pass the pose
This is a silent game that may evolve into speaking. Teacher decides. (Please note that this is
slightly different from freeze frame in that it is done by a single person at a time, but it may lead
to freeze frame) Encourage students to add facial expression and use realistic scenes not just
meaningless movements.
     1. One student steps forward slightly and begins a certain action. They must do this
        alone to start with and sustain the action for at least ten seconds.
     2. The rest of the class should begin the action and sustain it for at least 5 seconds.
     3. The student to their right will step forward at the end of ten minutes and both will
        freeze in the position.
     4. The first student steps back.
     5. The second student transforms the freeze into a new action.
     6. The class copies the action.
     7. The student to the right steps forward and they both freeze
     8. Continue the cycle until everyone as had a chance.
     9. Reflect on what you have learned.

Students must write a reflection in their drama journals at the end of the games

   - Choose a section of the play that is continual from the previous day.
   - Encourage the students to feed off each other’s stage energy
   - At the end of the rehearsal leave five minutes for reflecting on the rehearsal
   - Leave time to hand out and discuss the rubric for the Music video
   - Remind students to have their lines ready for Friday’s class play rehearsal

Dec 9th
   - Remind students about the music video (answer any questions and give five minutes
        for students to discuss music video. Take a fact finding check about the progress of
        the video)
   - Repeat Introductory activity from the previous day (Hook)
   - Repeat rehearsal
   - Repeat reflection
   - Leave 5 minutes to watch Theatre history presentations
   - Remind students to have their lines ready for Friday’s class play rehearsal

Dec 10th
   - Take a fact finding check on the progress of the music video
   - Brief presentation of the Hook
   - Introduce skit for MLK production
   - Discuss the background of the production
   - If necessary show the MLK video which is in my top drawer
   - Remind students to have their lines ready for Friday’s class play rehearsal

Dec 11th

   -   Take a fact finding check on the progress of the music video
   -   Continue with MLK skit
   -   Leave 5 minutes to watch theatre history skit
   -   Remind students to have their lines ready for Friday’s class play rehearsal

Dec 12th
Start with conditioning activity -A series of rhetorical questions that allow students to think
about their character while getting into character.
   - Students on stage lay on their back with their eyes closed.
   - Create a shaded silent atmosphere. Let students know that all the questions are
       rhetorical and they do not need to answer. Instead they should use it to reflect in
   - Let students know that the questions are not about them bit about their character
   - Check for understanding by asking students their name and have them respond in
   - Stage managers should choose a character and go through the exercise.
   - As the teacher counts backwards from one hundred students clear their minds

           1. ‘We are going to do a breathing and conditioning exercise with your eyes
           2. Breathe in for four and out for four
           3. In through your nostrils and out through your mouth
           4. count
           5. Very good, now breathe in for eight and out for eight
           6. count
           7. Keep your eyes as you listen to your own breathing
           8. Try to hear your heart beat
           9. Imagine that you are in a room alone
           10. There is a mirror in front of you
           11. Take a look in the mirror
           12. You can see yourself as your character
           13. What are you wearing on your head?
           14. What do you notice about your face?
           15. Are you heavy, light, young, old…
           16. What are you wearing on your top half?
           17. What are you wearing from your waist down?
           18. What is on your feet?
           19. How are you feeling right now?
           20. Are you happy, angry, confused…
           21. What do you want?
           22. What is preventing you from getting it
           23. Where are you right now
           24. Look at your character in the mirror.
           25. As you get up keep this total picture in mind.
           26. open your eyes
           27. turn around and sit in a silent circle
At this point the rehearsal may start if the students are serious and in character
Otherwise continue with the following for another 5 minutes

   -   Start with one student. Call to a person across the room and have a discussion in
   - The character that was called then calls another character and has a three to five
       line conversation. This should not be more than 5 minutes.
Act out the play from the beginning to where it ended on Tuesday without giving directors
notes until the end.

Leave time to reflect
Remind students that they will be sharing their music videos on Monday Dec 15 th

Monday Dec 15th

Learning Target

Students will be able to demonstrate their creative writing skills by writing a commercial
or mini-sitcom

Students will be able to act as a different character by role playing a talk show host or
character in a skit or commercial

Show a series of commercials or mini-talk shows/sitcom
Have students fill out the form to identify the elements and principles of drama in the
commercials and scenes

Hand out form about commercial or sitcom. Discuss Rubric etc. Students must get parent
signature on the form

Allow students to self select groups and exchange phone numbers. Give 15 minutes to pan

Watch two music videos

Leave 30 minutes for rehearsing the class play

Dec 16th

Begin with two music videos

Give time (15 minutes) for planning the sit com or commercial

Leave time for rehearsing the class play

Dec 17th

Watch only one music video
  - rehearse MLK Production
  - Leave 20 minutes to discuss rehears sitcom/commercial

Dec 18th

Watch remaining music videos

Leave 30 minutes to plan / rehearse the commercial /sitcom

Dec 19th

Have a full dress rehearsal of the class play up to the point where they have got. (the
graders should spend less time on the sit com and more time on the class play since they
will be presenting on January 9 th .

Winter Break

Notes on costumes and props. Students should be taking in their costumes on the week on
Dec 15th . Some costumes are available in the costume room but others will have to be
provided by parents.


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