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High Point University Quick Facts                               Coaches
Founded                                  1924                                        (336)841-xxxx    Name @highpoint.edu
                                                                Men’s Baseball
Address                                  833 Montlieu Avenue    Craig Cozart, Head Coach              9190    ccozart
                                         High Point, NC 27262   Bryan Peters , Assistant              4614    bpeters
                                                                Rust Wallace , Assistant              4628    rwallace
University Number                        (336) 841-9000         Dan Latham, Assistant                 TBA     TBA

Enrollment                               3100                   Men’s Basketball
                                                                Bart Lundy, Head Coach                9181    blundy
Type                                     Co-educational,        Don Burgess, Associate Head           9030    dburgess
                                         private                Brian MacDonald, Assistant            9040    bmacdona
                                                                Marlon Sears, Assistant               9180    msears
Colors                                   Purple and White
                                                                Women’s Basketball
                                                                Tooey Loy, Head Coach                 4613    lloy
Nickname                                 Panthers
                                                                Karen McConico, Assistant             4661    cutik8
                                                                Katie Ralls , Assistant               4660    kralls
Conference                               Big South
                                                                Men’s/Women’s Cross Country & Track
Affiliation                              NCAA Division I        Mike Esposito, Head Coach             9272    mesposit
                                                                Eric Dudley , Assistant               9262    edudley
President                                Dr. Nido R. Qubein     James Wilson, Assistant               9268    jwilson
                                                                Julie Cox, Assistant                  9287    jcox
Faculty Athletics
Representative                           Dr. James Stitt        Men’s Golf
                                                                J.B. White, Head Coach                9015    jbwhite
Athletic Administration
            (336) 841-xxxx               name@highpoint.edu     Women’s Golf
Fax         (336) 841-9182                                      Paige Haverty, Head Coach             9165    phaverty

                                                                Men’s Soccer
Craig Keilitz                            9057       ckeilitz
                                                                Dustin Fonder, Head Coach             4607    dfonder
Director of Athletics
                                                                John Trice , Assistant                4618    jtrice
Kim Grissett                             9276       kgrisset
                                                                Women’s Soccer
Asst. Dir. of Athletics for Business/Tickets
                                                                Michelle Rayner, Head Coach           4573    mrayner
                                                                Will Beddingfield, Assistant          4577    wbedding
Mike Tuttle                            4518         mtuttle
                                                                Rick Parlow, Assistant                4572    rparlow
Senior Associate Director of Athletics
                                                                Women’s Volleyball
April Wines                            4645     awines          Chad Esposito, Head Coach             4629    cesposit
Asst. Dir. of Athletics/ Senior Woman Administrator             Casey Harris, Assistant               9041    charris

TBA                                     9265        TBA         Strength Coach
Asst Dir. of Athletics for Sports Marketing                     Matt Jennings, Head Coach             4548    mjenning

Jason Chandler                           4615       jchandle
Asst Director of Sports Marketing

Dacia Ijames                             TBA        ijamed08
Asst Director of Sports Marketing

Brian Morgan                            4605        bmorgan
Assoc. Athletic Director for Sports Information

April Goode                              4638       agoode
Asst. Sports Information Director

Manny Nieves                             TBA        eneives
Asst. Sports Information Director

Ryan Tressel                             4519      rtressel
Asst Dir. of Athletics for Facilities & Operations

Samuel Phipps                            4543       sphipps
Asst. Dir. of Athletic Facilities & Operations
Directions to High Point, NC
                                                From the North. Travel south on I-85.
                                                Option 1: At Greensboro, when I-85 South and I-40 West split, take I-85
                                                South. Shortly thereafter, take Business 85 (Green Shield). Exit at Highway
                                                311 North and turn right onto Main Street. Turn right onto College Drive.
                                                Turn left onto Lexington. Make first left into the campus on west college.
                                                Option 2: At Greensboro, when I-85 South and I-40 West split, take I-40
                                                West. When you see the airport signs, take Highway 68 South. Follow di-
                                                rections From the Airport below.
                                                Or...Follow I-77 South to Fancy Gap, Va. To I-74 east to US 52 South.
                                                Take US 52 South to Winston-Salem. Take I-40 East to Highway 311 South
                                                (Exit 196). At High Point, take the South High Point exit (311/Main Street).
                                                Turn left onto Hartley Drive (at Wal-Mart/Chick-fil-a). Hartley Drive be-
                                                comes College Drive at Oak Hollow Mall. Continue and turn right onto
                                                Lexington. Make first left into campus on West College.

                                                From the Airport [Piedmont Triad/Greensboro-High Point]. Take 68
                                                South to Oak Hollow Mall in High Point. At the mall, turn left onto College
                                                Drive. Turn right onto Lexington. Make first left into the campus on west

                                                   From the South. Travel north on I-85. Near Lexington, take Business 85
North (Green Shield).; When Business 85 North and US 52 split, remain on Business 85. Exit at Highway 311 North (Main
Street). Turn right onto College Drive. Turn left onto Lexington. Make first left into campus on West College.

From the West. Travel east on I-40 past Winston-Salem to Highway 311 South (Exit 196). At High Point, take South High
Point exit (311/Main Street). Turn left onto Hartley Drive (at Wal-mart/Chick-fil-a). Hartley Drive becomes College Drive at
Oak Hollow Mall. Continue and turn right onto Lexington. Make first left into campus on West College.

From the East. Option I. Take I-40 West. At Greensboro, follow directions From the North [Option I or Option 2].

                   High Point University Parking
  Lexington Ave.

                                   North College Dr.

West College Dr.

                                                        MILLIS CENTER

                                                              Bus Parking
                                                           (Between buildings)

                                                       Officials Parking anywhere in
                                                                  back lot

Millis Athletic and Convocation Center (Referred to as Millis Center)

The Millis Center is located on the campus of High Point University and is accessible from West College Drive.
Please refer to the campus map for exact directions. The Millis Center houses a gymnasium, 3 racquetball
courts, 6 tennis courts, a pool and the Athletic Facilities and Operations offices.

                                                   Arena: Home to High Point University’s Volleyball, Men’s
                                                   Basketball and Women’s Basketball teams.

                                                   Visiting Team Parking:              May park vans/buses be-
                                                                                       tween the Norcross build-
                                                                                       ing and the Millis Center
                                                                                       (See diagram on page 4).
                                                                                       This is accessed around the
                                                                                       right hand side of the Nor-
                                                                                       cross building.

                                                         Officials Parking:            May park behind Norcross
                                                                                       Graduate School anywhere
                                                                                       in the parking lot.

Volleyball Locker Rooms:

Officials:                                    Located in the far back corner of the Millis Center. Please locate
                                              Ryan Tressel, Director of Athletic Facilities and Operations or the
                                              event manager on duty for directions and to gain access to this
                                              locker room.

Visiting Team:                                Located in the Millis Center. The visiting team locker room is lo-
                                              cated just off the court in a secured access area. Please locate Ryan
                                              Tressel, Director of Athletic Facilities and Operations or the event
                                              manager on duty for directions and to gain access to this locker

                                                                                        HIGH POINT UNIVERSITY
                                                                                 VOLLEYBALL MATCH PROTOCOL
                                                                                            VISITING TEAM NAME
                                                                                         Saturday, November 12, 2008
                                                                                    7:00pm, Millis Center Gymnasium

The score clock will wind down during warm-ups. Zero-clock indicates the start of the match.

Two-hours before the match begins, Locker Room and Training Room facilities are available.

  TIME              ACTUAL              VISIBLE                    PROTOCOL
  ALLOTED           TIME                CLOCK
  :15               5:30-5:45           :90-:75                    Home Team serve and pass
  :15               5:45-6:00           :75-:60                    Visiting Team serve and pass

  :41               6:00 – 6:41         :60 - :19                  Court available for shared warm-up

                    6:30                :30                        Coin Toss
  :04               6:41-6:45           :19 - :15                  Visiting Team Court
  :04               6:45-6:49           :15 - :11                  Home Team Court
  :05               6:49-6:54           :11 - :06                  Visiting Team Court
  :05               6:54-6:59           :06 - :01                  Home Team Court
  :01               6:59-7:00           :01 - :00                  Team Huddle/Announcements
                    7:00                :00                        Match Begins with National Anthem &
                                                                   Team Introductions

Please be advised that we will engage in promotional activities throughout the match.
These announcements should not affect the flow of play.

Intermission Between Games:
There will be a three minute break between all games. High Point University will utilize the 10 minute break between
games two and three: 7 minutes of promotion and three minutes of warm-up.

Sports Medicine Information
High Point University’s athletic training staff is dedicated to high quality care of its athletics, and those of the visit-
ing team. To ensure quality coverage, a certified athletic trainer will be in attendance at all athletic events. The
sports medicine clinic is located in the Millis Athletic and Convocation Center right outside the gymnasium in the
main hallway and will be open two hours prior to the start of the contest.

High Point University’s Sports Medicine staff provides the following services for visiting teams:

     -Access to the Sports Medicine Clinic two hours before the start of the contest

     -Staff athletic trainer on site

     -Ice, water, ice bags, biohazard waste containers, and cups are provided for the bench.

     -Use of E-stim, ultrasound, hydrocollator packs, whirlpool, and diathermy

     -Spine board and crutches will be available if needed

Note: If you are travelling WITHOUT an Athletic Trainer please make prior arrangements with the respective
staff member below for treatments or any other needs.

Athletic Training Staff

Matt Schooler, MEd, LAT, ATC                                       336-841-9275       mschoole@highpoint.edu
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Sports Resp: Volleyball, baseball

Rick Proctor, Ed.D, LAT, ATC                                       336-841-9267       rproctor@highpoint.edu
Director of Sports Medicine
Sports Resp: Men’s Basketball

Nancy Groh, MS, LAT, ATC                                           336-841-4515       ngroh@highpoint.edu
Clinical Coordinator/Athletic Trainer
Sports Resp: Women’s Soccer, Track

Dan Tarara, MS, LAT, ATC                                           336-841-4604       dtarara@highpoint.edu
Assistant Professor/Athletic Trainer
Sports Resp: Men’s Soccer

Kristen Brown MEd, LAT, ATC                                        336-841-4616       kbrown1@highpoint.edu
Instructor/Athletic Trainer
Sports Resp: Women’s Basketball

High Point Regional
601 N. Elm St.                                                     336-878-6000

Hotel (Please Call for Special Room Rate)                        Transportation

         Radisson 135 S Main St                                          Cab
         (336) 889-8888                                                  First Class Yellow Cab               1-336-885-1966
         (please mention HPU Athletics for special room rates)           Red Bird Cabs                        1-336-886-5001

Restaurants (Please Call for Discounts)                                  Automotive Rentals
                                                                         Alamo                                1-800-327-9633
                                                                         Enterprise                           1-800-736-8222
         Barberito’s Southwest Grill                                                                          1-336-884-4130
         1251 Eastchester Dr.                                            Airport
         (336) 884-1285                                                  Avis                                 1-800-831-2847
                                                                         Budget                               1-800-527-7000
         Chick-Fil-A                                                     Hertz                                1-336-668-7961
         2700 North Main Street
         (336) 869-7280                                          Entertainment

         Domino’s Pizza                                                  Brunswick Tar Heel Lanes 2617 N Main St
         2205 Kirkwood Street                                            (336) 869-7189
         (336) 841-2115
                                                                         Carmike 8 2705 N. Main St
         East Coast Wings                                                (336) 887-0101
         2900 N. Main Street
         (336) 869-1185                                                  Centennial Station Dinner Theater
                                                                         121 S. Centennial
         Gianno’s/Aquaria                                                (336) 801-5888
         1124 Eastchester Dr
         (336) 885-0762                                                  High Point Bowling Center 309 W Fairfield Rd
                                                                         (336) 434-6301
         Jersey Mike’s
         2200 North Main Street                                          High Point Theatre & Exhibition Center
         (336) 885-3970                                                  (336) 887-3001

         Juice’n Java                                                    Putt Putt Golf 2418 N. Main St
         2131 Eastchester Dr.                                            (336) 869-4273
         (336) 885-5952
                                                                         Regal Cinema 7-Located inside Oak Hollow Mall
         McDonald’s                                                      (336) 885-6906
         1901 North Main Street
         (336) 882-9824                                                  Palladium Cinema 5830 Samet Dr.
                                                                         (336) 882-1438
         Liberty Steakhouse
         914 Mall Loop Road                                      Golf Course
         (336) 882-4677
                                                                         Blair Park 1901 S. Main St
         Outback Steakhouse                                              (336) 883-3497
         260 East Parris Ave
         (336) 885-6283                                                  The Meadowlands Motsinger Rd
                                                                         (336) 769-1011

                                                                         Holly Ridge Golf 7933 US Hwy 311
                                                                         (336) 861-4653

                                                                         Oak Hollow Golf 1400 Oakview Rd
                                                                         (336) 883-3260

                                                                 Shopping Center

                                                                         Oak Hollow Mall 921 Eastchester Dr
                                                                         (336) 886-6255



   All tickets are general admission.

   HPU Students, Faculty and Staff will be admitted free to all regular-season home contests – simply show
   ID at the gate in order to receive admission.

   Olympic Sports Pass holders can receive admission to all home regular-season contests at the Player
   Pass/Will-Call window.

   All other tickets will be handled at the Ticket Sales Window.

   All regular-season single contest tickets will go on sale 1 hour before contest time.

   Visitor’s Pass lists will be honored if arrangements are made with the Asst. Athletic Director for Tickets
   prior to game day.

   Senior – adults over 60

   Students – 18 and below or college student with ID

Regular-Season Single Contest Ticket Costs:


Other Sports Ticket Prices

Men’s Soccer
      Adult                               $4
      Student/Senior             $2
Women’s Soccer
      Adult                               $4
      Student/Senior             $2
      Adult                               $5
      Student/Senior             $3

                            Visiting Team Travel Information
If you would like please fill out the form below and return to HPU Facilities and Operations at least 1 week prior to the
scheduled match. Fill in any information you would like to and this will assist the game management staff upon your
arrival to campus.

 Visiting Team: _________________________________________________________

 Game Time: ________________________________________________________

 Departure Date from home: _____________________________

 Estimated Time of Arrival in High Point: ________________

 Method of Travel Bus/Van _______ Airline: _______ Flight #________

 Hotel Accommodations: ________________________________

 Hotel City: _____________________ Hotel Phone: _____________________

 Request for Game Day Practice: _________________________
 *Gym availability is very limited but every best effort will be made to secure practice time.
 Please call Ryan Tressel to schedule practice times.
 (336) 841-4519

 ETA to site for pre-game warm up: ______________________

 Team Requirements:

 Pre-game Locker Room: ____________
 Post-game Locker Room: _____________
 Shower Towels: ____________ Other: _____________

 Visiting Team Travel Contact
 Name: _________________________________________________________________

 Title: _______________________________ Cell Phone: _____________________

 Office Phone: _______________________ Fax: _____________________________

 Email: _________________________________________________________________

 Return form by fax (336) 841-9182 or mail to:

 Ryan Tressel
 833 Montlieu Ave.
 High Point, NC 27262


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