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					                                         Shanks a Lot
              January 2010
              Volume 1, Issue 1

                                   Old River Men’s and Women’s Golf Club
Board Members:
Elected Officers:                  Tournament Fee Explanation
Mark Duerksen – President          By Steve Evans

Forrest Hall – Vice President
                                   As the new board moves         The USGA, however,             our members understand
Steve Evans – Treasurer            forward, you will notice       does not consider informal     where the money goes
                                   some subtle changes as         wagering as a violation of     and has to option to not
Dawn Pombo – Secretary
                                   well as some more              a golfers amateur status       wager if they do not wish
Appointed Directors:               obvious ones. One              as long as the golfers         to gamble. Entry fees are
                                   change we would like to        generally know each            solely used to fund the
Steve Delcielo – Tournament        bring to your attention is     other, freely partake in the   club for givebacks, NCGA
                                   related to our tournament      optional wager, the sole       fees, trophies, etc. Side
Charlie Burgess – Activities       entry fee breakout.            source of all money won is     bets are your wagering
Director                                                          through the wagering (e.g.     amounts, if you wish to
                                   USGA defines an amateur
                                                                  no sponsorships), and the      partake.
Elected Board:                     golfer as someone who
                                                                  primary purpose of playing
                                   plays the game as a non-                                      By taking these steps, the
Bud Roberts - Emeritus                                            the game is to have fun.
                                   remunerated and non-                                          board believes we can
John Talley                        profit-making individual.      In previous years, it was      continue to support and
                                   The USGA has given             implicitly understood that     prove our amateur status.
Jose Parra
                                   guidance as to what is         this is how we handled the     If you have any questions
Juan Fermin                        acceptable in order to         entry fees. Starting in        or concerns please feel
                                   keep your amateur status.      2010, we will begin to         free to talk with one of the
Handicap Chairpersons:
                                   The giving of prize money      explicitly break out the       board members.
John Esparza                       or purses is considered a      entry fees into separate
                                   violation of your amateur      categories on our
                                   status.                        tournament schedule so
Email Address:        December Tournament Results
                                  By Steve Evans
                                   As 7 am hit, there were 4      scorecards, for the most       infamous Lincoln Ontai,
Web Page:
                                   tournament participants        part, a good time was had      with the lowest net score           sitting around wondering if    by all.                        of the day, second place
                                   people would show. The                                        was taken by Charlie
                                                                  Flight 1 (0-10 HC) was
                                   forecast was for heavy                                        Burgess and Glen Tucker
                                                                  won by the youngster
                                   rain.                                                         took third; which had to go
                                                                  Carter Duerksen, Steve
                                                                                                 to the score card as
                                   As it turns out, all but one   Delcielo took second and
                                                                                                 Charlie and Glen tied.
                                   person showed, AND             Forrest Hall placed third.
                                   YOU KNOW WHO YOU                                              Closest to the hole
                                                                  Flight 2 (11-15 HC) was
                                   ARE. The tournament                                           winners were, Glen
                                                                  won by Steve Maples,
                                   was a complete success.                                       Tucker, Juan Fermin,
                                                                  with Steve Evans taking
                                                                                                 Sean Schoenemen, and
                                   The rain did come, right       second and Juan Fermin
                                                                                                 Ken Pizl.
                                   about at the turn. It was      placing third.
                                   heavy at times and it lead                                    Thanks for a great
                                                                  The final flight (over 15
                                   to some interesting score.                                    tournament.
                                                                  HC) was won by the
                                   Accept for the wet
                                 From the Pro Shop
Celebration of Life              By Curtis Matsuno, ORGC pro

January Birthdays:                Welcome to “From the Pro         you need to ask yourself.      that will become “illegal” in
                                  Shop.” For those of you          Are you willing to do          2011, and be set for quite
Mike Santiago                     who have never met me,           what‟s necessary to            a while with the old
Joseph Vela                       my name is Curtis                improve? I didn‟t ask if       “aggressive” grooves.
Ken Kroll                         Matsuno and I and the            you “want” to improve.
Steve Maples                      professional here at Old         Everybody “wants” to           FYI, we have the Raylors
Lewis Ward                        River Golf Course. It will       improve. Heck,                 and wedges in stock.
Raynard Chun                      be my job to take you            everybody wants to be          Another new Taylormade
Ryan Riley                        through the process of           Tiger (ok, bad analogy),       product is the Penta
Dylan Richards                    improving your game in           but nobody is willing to       golfball. It‟s the first 5
                                  the next year. Everything        work that hard. Keep this      piece golf ball. The theory
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU             from strength training to        in mind over the next year     here is that a player will
ALL!!!!!!!!!                      tournament preparation. I        as this section of the         compress the ball to
                                  will even walk you through       newsletter breaks down         whatever layer is optimum
If we missed you it is because    the new equipment                some tips to help you          for their club speed, or a
I’m either blind or we don’t      coming out in 2010.              through the your game.         layer that is geared to
have your birthday on file. We                                                                    product the perfect
apologize if we missed you.       Ok, let‟s get started.           On the equipment front,        response. So high swing
                                  Before you do anything,          Taylormade Golf has            speed players will
                                  the first step must include      released two clubs and a       compress to deeper layers
                                  the need to take stock of        ball ahead of the normal       that optimize launch. At
                                  where you are in your            spring release date. First,    slower speeds or with
                                  game, or simply put, what        there is the hybrid            shorter clubs, the ball will
                                  is the “real” truth about        “Raylor”. It‟s a kind of       be compressed to only the
                                  your game. Everybody             throw-back to the              outer layers that maximize
                                  “wants” to believe that if       Callaway Warbird clubs.        correct spin rates. At this
                                  they hit their driver a little   Those of you who were          time we still have 2 dozen
                                  better, they‟ll shoot lower      here on the day their          of these left. They were a
                                  scores. The truth is,            company sales rep came         limited release prior to
                                  unless it‟s costing you an       by, saw me try the club        2010. Pro shops only
                                  average of 2 or more             down on the range. The         receive 6 dozen for the
                                  penalty strokes per round,       claims that the club could     Christmas Holiday.
                                  your driver isn‟t the            be hit high, low, and out of
                                  problem. How many 4-5            the rough were all true. I     Next month we‟ll get
                                  footers do you miss every        even pounded a ball into       started with some tangible
                                  round? How often does            the turf on the grass tee      ideas to help you improve.
                                  your chip shot leave you a       line and dug one out of        Your homework for this
                                  putt that you can                the hole. Nice. The other      month is to honestly
                                  reasonably expect to             club release is the new        evaluate where you are in
                                  make? How many times             removable face plate           your game. This will help
                                  do you miss a green with         wedges. The idea around        as we move through this
                                  a wedge or short iron in         this club is that players      series.
                                  your hand? Do you top or         don‟t wear out the whole
                                  chunk a lot of shots?            club, they only just wear      If you have any ideas for
                                  These are all questions          out the grooves. When          future articles or questions
                                  that you need to answer          the grooves wear out all       about your game, please
                                  for yourself before you          you have to do is replace      feel free to come by and
                                  can move forward. Next           the face. I‟ve seen them       see me in the Proshop.
                                  month we‟ll start getting        and they‟re pretty clever.     Oh, and Happy New Year!
                                  you ready for the spring.        So in theory, you could
                                  Oh, one more question            buy multiple faceplates
Upcoming Events
We will kick of the New        format, and once all score        finish the day by holding
Year with a BANG! On           cards are turned it, we will      our first general member
January 16th we will hold      do a blind draw and pair          meeting of the year. This
our first tournament of the    you with another golfer.          should be a fun
year. The tournament           The “team” with the lowest        tournament and we hope
format will be “blind          net score will be declared        to see you on the links.
partner”, which means you      the winner. After the             Good luck and hit „em
will play your round as        event, we will also host a        straight.
normal; stroke play            BBQ/provide a lunch and

A Message from the Board
By Mark Duerksen

2009 has come to an end        including a Charity               competing against other
and what an end it was. We     tournament scheduled for          golf clubs in the area. This
had a fantastic Snow Ball      the Summer of 2010.               will be headed by golf pro
banquet and thank you to       Information on this event         Curtis Matsuno and
all the members and            will come forth in the            details will be filled in as
our board who helped           coming months.                    they are developed.
make it a successful event.
I especially want to thank     We will also be having a          Lastly, we want you to
Hiram and Nancy for the        Match Play championship           know that we have a
facility and their             with 4 flights with each          group of officers and
participation in the Old       flight having their winners       board members that are
River Golf Club.               and awards. We have               dedicated to making your
                               added a new stroke play           experience as being part
As we look forward             club championship and             of ORGC a great one. I
to 2010, we are excited        this will be a two day            encourage ALL members
about implementing             event in October. In              to attend the open
new provisions and             addition to the normal            meetings that are posted
additions to the               monthly member                    in the 2010 tournament
upcoming tournaments           tournaments, we are also          schedule and express
and scheduled events. We,      going to build a                  ideas and or concerns
as a board, have multiple      competitive home/away             you may have regarding
tournaments scheduled          golf team that will be            ORGC.

Juan’s Rule Review
By Juan Fermin

On Saturday morning we         Steve said, "That's a             rules show no mercy. Bud
find the usual four-some       shame Bud, but no good            moved an opponent‟s ball
(Bud, Steve, John and          deed goes unpunished, by          that was at rest, one
Charlie) at the Old River      moving Charlie‟s ball it will     stroke penalty.
#17 hole teeing up.            cost you one stroke.”
                                                                 C. Two stroke penalty, the
Charlie‟s tee shot lands by    Is this correct? What is the      rules are even tougher
the big oak trees right of     correct ruling?                   than Steve thought. Bud
the fairway, which this                                          moved an opponent‟s ball
time of year is covered        A. No penalty. The                that was at rest, two
with leaves. While helping     accidental movement of            stroke penalty.
Charlie find his ball in the   an opponent‟s ball while
search through the leaves,     helping him look for it results   What do you think?
Bud inadvertently moved        in no penalty.
Charlie‟s ball.                                                  answer is on the next page.
                               B. One stroke penalty, the
                                      Letter’s to the Editor / Ask the Board / Funny Golf
                                      So I was sitting on the         player hit the tee box         meaningless in the
                                      7th tee at Old River on a       marker, causing a rare         larger scheme of golf.
                                      cold Sunday morning,            “golf sack” (for those         Golf, at the amateur
                                      lamenting on how the            that are a bit slow            level, is suppose to be
                                      past 6 holes have gone          today, this would be           fun and exciting. A
                                      and trying to figure out        considered negative            challenge of your
                                      why my driver has gone          yardage). I have never         mental abilities, and
                                      astray. I was playing           seen, until that faithful      ultimately lasting
                                      with a couple of great          Sunday, someone spin           memories with your
                                      guys (I will leave them         so fast, hit the ball on       friends.
                                      nameless) that I                the heel of the club so
                                                                                                     For the nameless in this
                                      normally do not play            poorly, that the ball
                                                                                                     story, thank you for the
                                      with when I saw                 would actually go
                                                                                                     memory, the laugh, and
                                      something that I have           directly sideways and
                                                                                                     overall your great
                                      never seen in my years          backwards for the
                                                                                                     sportsmanship for not
                                      of playing golf.                original tee position.
                                                                                                     pounding me in the
                                                                      Truly, one of the best
                                      We all have heard                                              ground as I laughed at
                                                                      and most unique ball
                                      stories of players trying                                      your expense.
                                                                      sacks that I‟ve ever
                                      to shape a shot around
                                                                      seen.                          For the rest of us, let‟s
Juan‟s Answer:                        a tree to only have the
                                                                                                     keep perspective on the
                                      ball hit the trunk              After picking myself up
                                                                                                     greatest golfism ever,
A. No penalty and the ball must be    squarely and send the           off the ground from
                                                                                                     “A bad day at golf is
replaced. While searching for a       ball propelling back to         laughter, I came to
                                                                                                     better than the best day
player's ball, if an opponent,        the which it came. I            realize that the past 6
                                                                                                     at work.”
causes the ball to move, there is     have even seen a                frustrating holes are
no penalty. If the ball is moved it
must be replaced. The applicable      If you have a funny story to share, question or any suggestions please feel
rule is USGA rule 18-3 and 18-4.      free to drop us a line at

                                       About Old River Men’s and Women’s Club
                                      Old River Men‟s and Women‟s Club (ORGC) is a social organization that provides an
                                      environment for individuals that share the love of golf in both a fun and competitive
                                      format. The club is fully funded by its members and is associated with the NCGA.
                                      There is an eleven member board that will oversee the finances and activities of the
                                      club and continually work with the overall membership to better understand how to
                                      shape its future. ORGC will offer monthly tournaments to its members and
                                      occasionally will have member/guest tournaments. The club will also offer social
                                      events such as barbeques after tournaments and will have a winter party to celebrate
                                      the past year.
                                      To provide an inclusive, fun social environment to all who wish to compete at the
                                      game of golf as an amateur.
                                      Grow our membership
                                      Be seen as a positive contributor to our society
                                      Provide an inclusive, fun experience for all members
                                      HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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