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									WINTER ISSUE                       JANUARY 2009

          begins and ends

                with      ¡U¢
Your hard work and dedication
throughout the past year are
greatly appreciated. Best wishes
for a Wonderful New Year!
The U.S.T.A. Educational DVD has been
completed and is for sale!! Hurry and
get yours now.                                    Rose Simpson, Ultimate Gym,
                                                  Gurnee, IL - on the birth of her new
                                                  Grandson, Corbin

                                                  Paulette Konstantaras, 5 Star T&T, Crystal
                                                  Lake, IL - on the birth of her new
                                                  Granddaughter, Amira

                                                  The Mason City Gymnastics Academy in Mason
                                                  City, Iowa, is looking for a buyer/program
                                                  director/head tumbling coach.
                                                  We have over 110 recreational class students
                                                  ranging in age from 3 to 18 and a strong
                                                  committed tumbling team.
                                                  This business is also the home of a seven month
                                                  long professionally coached All-Star Cheer
                                                  program involving 45 cheerleaders.
                                                  This is the perfect opportunity for someone that
                                                  likes to wear all the hats and make the club their
                                                  own and earn a satisfying profit doing what they
                                                  love to do.

February 1 - West Palm Beach,FL                   You will have a clean, fully-equipped gym and a
     hosted by TNT Gymnastics Center &            trained staff available.
     Gymnastics Revolution                        The best way to insure the success of your future
March 8 - Orlando, FL                             business is to work yourself in while we are in
       hosted by Reflex Gymnastics                full stride.
                                                  We will work with you to ensure a smooth
       St. Louis, MO; hosted by Concordia
       Turners                                    To contact the current owner to negotiate a
                                                  purchase price, please contact Andrei
                                                  Tsaregorodtsev at 641-781-9060. If you have any
       Orlando, FL; hosted by Reflex Gymnastics
                                                  operational questions, please contact Jo
Also, The March 29 Twiststars T&T Meet will       Hardinger at 641-423-6564.
be held at Plainfield South High School instead   You may visit our web-site at
of Benedictine University.               for more information.
                                                  Opportunity is knocking!

              Teresa Parmentar
             Iowa AAU Govenor
             Auburn Tumbling & Trampoline,
             Auburn, IL, hosted a competition in
             Chatham on November 5, 2008 with a
             focus on Breast Cancer Awareness.

                Coaches, Louise and Larry Moehn,           1. The 2009 USTA National Championship
                Mid-Illinois Gymnastics, collected            Judging Survey is on the web page -
                the most money in their “favorite    If you are interested in judging
                coach” box.       All the  money              Nationals - complete the survey and return
                collected was donated to a Central            as instructed. Don’t wait - do it NOW! The
                Illinois cancer patient.                      correct USTA fax number is 863-420-2050.
                                                           2. Beginning next year - recertification
Competitors                                                   requirements will be:
from Auburn
                                                              A. All NTJC dues must be paid by
T&T in their
Breast Cancer
                                                                  September 1 each year.
Awareness                                                     B. All judges must attend Congress once
Leotards.                                                         every 4 years.
                                                              C. All judges having completed 1-4 years
                                                                  must attend a course and take closed
              '''''''''''''                                       book tests in all events certified each
                                                                  year at $25 each. NOTE: If you attend
                   Introducing:                                   Congress, you only have to take tests in
The New Technical Board                                           the events not being changed at $10
  Debbie Barber, Ohio                                         D. All judges having completed 5+ years
  Ron Brooks, Iowa                                                must take open book tests in all events
  Jackie Hamm (NTJC), Northern Illinois                           certified each year at $25 each.
  Gloria Herring, Ohio
  Danny Irish, Southern Illinois                           úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú
  Dana Johnson (Tech V-P), Oklahoma
  Steve Konstanty (NTJC), Northern Illinois
  Patti Lingenfelter, Florida
  Debbie Moser, Iowa                                              Don’t forget to download
  Gail White, Northern Illinois                                 your copy for your handbook!
  Terry Wight, Northern Illinois                           üüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüü

The New Safety Committee:                                  The AAU & Stars of Tomorrow
  Jason Diepen, Northern Illinois                          Team Trial Entry Forms have been
  Roger Hollingsworth, Iowa                                mailed to eligible teams. If your
  Paulette Konstantaras, Northern Illinois                 team attended the 2008 Junior
  Debbie Moser, Iowa                                       Olympic T&T Competition in Novi,
  Stella Sponsler, Southern Illinois                       Michigan, and you did not get yours - contact
  Matt Terlep, Northern Illinois                           Patti Lingenfelter 863-420-3905
                                                           or email
I would like to thank everyone who submitted a
resume’ for one of the Committee positions. There          Competition Dates: February 14-15, 2009
were so many good candidates that the selection was        Competition Location: Canton, Illinois
difficult.                                                 Competition Entry Deadline: Jan 16 Postmark

                          Linda Billiet, Technical Chair
                                                Many of you remember
                                                Thomas Hamblin who was
                                                one of the featured clinicians
                                                at the 2008 USTA National
                                                Congress in Ohio or from
                                                Woodward Camp in
                                                Pennsylvania. He recently
                                                sent us the following email.
           Amarillo Civic Center
             401 S. Buchanan                    “Call me crazy! Yes, I'm
           Amarillo, Texas 79105                taking another plunge for a
                                                great organization.
Be sure to check the USTA Web Site for the
latest links to Amarillo Activities.            I am writing to ask for your
                                                help. On January 24, 2009, I have committed to
The National Championship Entry Form will       grin and “bear” it for the athletes of Special
be available on the U.S.T.A. Web Site           Olympics Maryland by taking a chilly dip into
February 1, 2009.                               the Chesapeake Bay alongside about 7,500
                                                other warm-hearted people.
PLEASE NOTE: In order to be eligible to try     I know – you’re probably getting cold just
out for the 2010 USTA National Team you         thinking about it! But the cold that I will feel is
must attend the 2009 National                   temporary…the positive impact this will have on
Championships.       Your team must be          the lives of thousands of citizens with
represented by at least one competing athlete   intellectual disabilities will last a lifetime.
and one coach!
                                                I have set a personal fundraising goal, and I
                                                need your help to reach it! So no, I’m not asking
                                                you to take the Plunge alongside, but instead, I
                                                am asking if you will make a donation to Special
                                                Olympics Maryland on behalf of me taking the
U.S.T.A. National Team Trials
                                                2009 MSP Plunge. Any amount would be
have been scheduled for February
                                                appreciated – it all goes to a wonderful cause,
13-14, 2010, and March 13-14, 2010.
                                                and every little bit gets me that much closer to
                                                my goal.
If you are interested in hosting one of the
Team Trials, bring your bid to the 2009 USTA    If you want to learn more about this wacky
Mini-Congress Meeting at the 2009 National      winter event, visit to find
Championships in Amarillo, Texas.               out all the chilly details. Think warm thoughts
                                                for me as January 24 approaches. I will do my
                                                best to “Be the Bear” and make my supporters
  If you have a new mailing address,            Thank you!!!
  phone number, or email address -              Follow This Link to visit his personal web page
  PLEASE let us know as soon as                 and help me in my efforts to support Special
  possible! You can call 863-420-3905,          Olympics - Maryland”
  fax 863-420-2050, or email

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