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									                           Exploration Two, Take 3
                               Viewing Guide

                                Male Characters           Female Characters
Who is active?
Describe how.

Who is passive?
In what way?

Who is independent?
Describe how.

Who is dependent?
In what way?

Who is strong?
Describe how.

Who is weak?
In what way?

Who desires?

Who is desired?

   1. Review your chart. According to your chart, which qualities are
      considered “male” qualities, and which are considered “female” qualities?

   2. Apply this test to another movie trailer. Are the results the same? If yes,
      what messages are being formulated about gender? If no, identify the
      differences and account for the difference. Identify the name of the movie.

   3. If no, describe how you react to the characters that do not fit society’s
      “constructions” of male and female. How do you read these characters?

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