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									                              Venue Addresses
Venue                  Address                                    Contact     Number
Bloemfontein Office    7 Bril Street, Westdene, Bloemfontein      Louise      +27 51 447 8943
Brookes Hill Hotel     Summerstrand                               Mark        +27 82 659 0808
Careers Centre (next   Ramolongoana Street, Soweto (Opp.
                                                                  Enquiries   +27 82 553 2797
to Funda)              Baragwanath Hospital)
Chef-on-call           243 Alexandra Rd, Midrand                  Enquiries   0861 88 11 11
                       Cnr Hendrick Potgieter & Christiaan De
Clearwater Office      Wet Rd, Strubens Valley (behind            Enquiries   +27 11 679 2361
                       Clearwater Mall)
                       6 Seaview Terrace, Quigney,
Dolphin View Lodge                                                Mark        +27 82 659 0808
                       East London
Garden Court           Eastern Boulevard, Cape Town               Margaret    +27 82 564 1712
Kimberley              9A Roper St, Kimberley North               Enquiries   +27 53 832 6104
                       137 North Rand Road, Tower Shopping
Little Nero's                                                     Enquiries   0861 88 11 11
                       Centre, Boksburg
Menlyn Office/         Podium 2, cnr Atterbury Road & Lois
                                                                  Enquiries   0861 88 11 11
Pretoria Office        Ave, Menlyn, Pretoria (Opp. Menlyn Mall)
Morula Sun             Mabopane                                   Conrad      0861 88 11 11
                       Stay Easy Hotel, cnr Boulevard & White
Stay Easy Hotel                                                   Enquiries   0861 88 11 11
                       River, Nelspruit
The Lions Club         Umgazi Street, Ashley Gardens, Pretoria    Enquiries   0861 88 11 11
Victoria Hotel         Maseru, Lesotho                            Justice     +26 65 890 8758
                       23 Morris Street East, Woodmead
Woodmead Office                                                   Enquiries   0861 88 11 11

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                                                                                                        VENUE GUIDE
                                                                                                  Mon. 7th – Sun. 13th April 2008

                                                                                                  Note: This handout is updated
                                                                                                weekly, please consult the website
                                                                                                        on a regular basis

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                            Live Information Sessions                                                                                    Coaching Sessions
                                                                                                                        (All coaching sessions are confirmed by appointment only)
The live information sessions are a traditional marketing resource for many. The Explorer Academy's live                                                 Gauteng
information sessions are held at our corporate office and at satellite venues, presented by our accredited
presenters. This in itself is a powerful statement which allows people to see that The Explorer Academy is   Day           Time               Area                Venue
a professional company. The live information sessions are free, and you can have the entire The Explorer     Monday        18h00 – 19h00      Pretoria            Menlyn Office
Academy opportunity explained to your prospects, and all questions will be answered by the
knowledgeable staff. Over 90% of people, who come to one of the live information sessions, fall in love      Thursday      17h00 – 17h45      Nelspruit           Stay Easy Hotel
with The Explorer Academy, purchase one of our lifestyle packages and join our marketing force.
                                                                                                                           18h00 – 19h00      Pretoria            Menlyn Office
 All Sessions are Closed on Public Holidays unless otherwise stated. [BE=Bookings Essential]                 Sunday        14h00 – 14h45 BE Mabopane              Morula Sun

Day                 Time                 Area                        Venue                                                               Workshop Sessions
Monday              19h00                Pretoria                    Menlyn Office                                      (All workshops sessions are confirmed by bookings only)
                    18h00 BE             Polokwane                   Pietersburg Club (On 21 April)
                                                                                                             Day           Time             Area                          Venue
Tuesday             19h00                Westrand                    Clearwater Office (On 22 April)
                                                                                                             Saturday      09h00-17h00      Pretoria                      The Lion's Club
Wednesday           19h00                Soweto                      Careers Centre (Next to Funda)
Thursday            19h00                Pretoria                    Menlyn Office                                         09h00-11h00      Midrand                       Chef-on-Call (On 10 May)

                    19h00                Boksburg                    Little Nero's (On 24 April)                                                       Free State
                    18h00 BE             Rustenburg                  Rustenburg Golf Club (On 24 April)      Day           Time             Area                          Venue
                                                                     Menlyn Office (Not on 19 April - See    Saturday      (TBA)            Bloemfontein                  Bloemfontein Office
Saturday            09h00                Pretoria
                                                                     Workshop Sessions - Rally & Puisano.)
                    11h15                Midrand                     Chef-on-Call (On 10 May)
Sunday              15h00 BE             Mabopane                    Morula Sun (On 6 April)

                                            Free State
Day                 Time                 Area                        Venue

Tuesday             19h00                Bloemfontein                Bloemfontein Office
Day                 Time                 Area                        Venue
Thursday            19h30                Maseru                      Victoria Hotel
                                         Mpumalanga                                                                                Hennox 824 CC T/A The Explorer Academy .
Day                 Time                 Area                        Venue                                                                    CK# 2007/124969/23,
Thursday            18h00                Nelspruit                   Stay Easy Hotel                                                     P O Box 787214, Sandton, 2146
                                                                                                             Bank: Standard Bank Branch: Sandton Code: 019205 Account Number: 022651241
                                Northern Cape Province                                                       Type of Account: Current Account Your reference: TEA/Name & Surname
Day                 Time                 Area                        Venue                                   Fax proof of payment: 086 647 9720 Confirmation of receipt: +27 (0)861 88 11 11
Tuesday             19h00                Kimberley                   Kimberley
Thursday            19h00                Kimberley                   Kimberley
Saturday            10h00 BE             Kimberley                   Kimberley (by appointment only)
Mon - Fri           08h30 - 16h30 BE     Kimberley                   Kimberley (by appointment only)
                                 Western Cape Province
Day                 Time                 Area                        Venue
Wednesday           19h00                Cape Town                   Garden Court

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