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                                             Thinking of Retiring in Mexico?

       By Tom Budniak
       Dated: Apr 07, 2010

       Mexico has always fascinated Americans. Many Americans toy with the idea of retiring to Mexico all their
       lives and many of them do take the plunge. As the cost of living in USA...

       Mexico has always fascinated Americans. Many Americans toy with the idea of retiring to Mexico all their
       lives and many of them do take the plunge. As the cost of living in USA is increasing every day and
       standard of living Mexico improving, more people are opting to retire permanently to Mexico. A retirement
       destination with sunny climate, beautiful beaches, friendly people, good medical care facilities, stable
       government, booming economy and world class real estate – Mexico is all this and more. The best part is
       that one can retire in Mexico and lead a very comfortable life for very less as compared to USA. Retiring to
       Mexico is not as complex as people think. In fact, Mexico is retirement friendly.

        The Mexican authorities offer attractive benefits like a special visa and inexpensive health care for expats
       who come to Mexico attracted by the warm weather and white beaches. The “rentista” is a special type of
       non-working visa available to retirees 51 and older. To obtain a “rentista”, an expat needs to provide a letter
       from the bank or social security administration confirming that he/she receives a certain minimum income
       each month. Expat Retirees are also eligible for IMSS, medical insurance system. MSS stands for Instituto
       Mexicano del Seguro Social. It's a Mexican social security plan that costs $200 per year and covers
       medical, dental, and vision care. IMSS gives you complete coverage including prescription meds except for
       certain preexisting conditions that have varying time periods before they are covered.

        To encourage retirees to buy Mexico Real Estate, Mexican government has made buying property in
       Mexico for foreigners a simple process. Non-Mexicans can obtain direct ownership of property in the
       interior of Mexico. However, foreigners cannot own property outright within the restricted zone i.e.
       property in Mexico within 50 miles of the coast or 100 miles of a national border. Foreigner needs to set up
       a Mexican corporation which will technically own the land or a beneficial trust called a fideicomiso.

        While buying Real Estate in Mexico, an expat make sure to contact a reputable real estate agent to help
       you get your corporation or trust established in right order. Since, there is no real estate license system for
       selling and buying property in Mexico, meaning that anyone can be a real estate agent whether or not they
       are familiar with the intricacies of laws and procedures. Before purchasing property in Mexico, research
       real estate companies and choose one only after evaluating their experience, references and communication

        Since property taxes in Mexico known as Predial is substantial lower in Mexico as compared to USA,
       buying Mexico real estate makes more sense than ever. You need to pay taxes only on slated sale price
       every year even if the property's value increases.

        The manifold benefits to retirees such as cheap luxury condos, affordable healthcare system, breathtaking
       beauty, relaxed atmosphere and rich culture are just what expats look for and get in Mexico. If you're
       contemplating about retiring and purchasing home in Mexico, you're in for an exciting journey. is a complete guide to Playa del Carmen Real Estate, Condos, and Rental
       Property in Mexico. provides Puerto Vallarta Real Estate,
       Puerto Vallarta Homes, Vacation Rentals, and Villas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If you have any questions,
       requests or need any advise regarding Mexico Real Estate, feel free to contact Tom Budniak at http://

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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