Fieldwork in Educational Settings by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Fieldwork in Educational Settings
Author: Sara Delamont

Edition: 2
Table of Contents

1. For Lust of Knowing 2. Tales, Marvellous Tales: Recognizing Good Fieldwork and Reading Wisely 3.
Beyond that Last Blue Mountain: Impediments to Good Fieldwork and How to Overcome Them 4.
Manuscripts in Peacock Styles: Writing Diaries, Data and Texts 5. Gnawing the Nail of Hurry: Choosing
the Topic, Setting and Problem 6. Sweet to Ride Forth: Gaining Access and Recording the Process 7.
Beauty and the Bright Faith: Early Days in the Field and How to Record Them 8. Spikenard, Mastic and
Terebinth: Varieties of Data Collected and Recorded 9. Seek Not Excess: Maintaining Relationships in
the Field 10. Leaving the Dim-moon City of Delight: Terminating Your Fieldwork 11. Beauty Lives though
Lilies Die: Analyzing and Theorizing 12. For Glory of For Gain: Producing the Thesis or Book 13. Always
a Little Further: The Conclusions

Extensively revised and updated, this new edition of Fieldwork in Educational Settings will be welcomed
by researchers and academics in education and the social sciences. Embracing both sociological and
anthropological approaches to qualitative research, the book covers education inside and beyond
schools. It emphasises writing up ethnographic research and getting the project finished, and is packed
with examples from research in progress.This new edition brings the original text right up to date for new
researchers. There is an additional chapter on computer software for data handling and attention is given
to the implications of postmodernism for writing up research. The examples given are taken from the
latest research, replacing those from the first edition. This is an indispensable handbook by an author
whose work on this subject is widely recognised as being an essential resource for the researcher in

'Never disappointing, this is definitely a book to be read, re-read, dipped into and, what is more, used in
the field.'

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