Dr Britta Kalkreuter MA, PhD, ILTM Director of Learning by uqj83230


									Dr Britta Kalkreuter MA, PhD, ILTM
Director of Learning and Teaching, and Lecturer in History of Art and Design
+44 (0) 1896 892159

Britta received her Masters in History of Art, History and German Literature from Cologne
University in 1993. While working at the Museum for the History of the Federal Republic of
Germany (Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland) in Bonn, she finished her
PhD in History of Art at Cologne University in 1997. Britta's main research interests span the
areas of architecture on the one hand, and textiles on the other.

In 2001, her PhD on the history, fabric and context of the medieval Cistercian monastery of
Boyle in Ireland was published as a monograph by Wordwell Publishers, and launched in
2002 with a public lecture on the subject, producing considerable interest in the media. In
the same year, she authored an article on the use of architecture in furnishing fabrics in
response to an invited contribution to a book exploring ways of looking at architecture.
(Architektur und Stoffe in: Form und Stil. Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft. Darmstadt

Britta has presented her research at a number of events, including to the 20th Century
Society (2002) and the Annual Convention of German Art Historians (2003) in Leipzig. An
investigation into the area of architecture in textiles is her principal current research interest.
Britta supervises research students in the History of Art and Design as well as practice-based
PhDs in Knit and Art.

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