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									         AustrAliA’s Cities

                                     Melbourne, Victoria

                                                                                                                              Docklands, Melbourne

                                      Melbourne, ViCtoriA
                                      Hugging the tip of Australia’s east coast, Victoria is a compact area with a wealth of regional areas and
                                      attractions, from sweeping coastline and pristine beaches to national parks and forests teeming with
                                      wildlife. We have wineries, lakes and mountains offering skiing, climbing and hiking.

                                      Victoria’s capital, Melbourne, is an exciting blend of old and new. The elegant and fashionable city is set
                                      on the banks of the Yarra River. The distinctive mid-1800s gold-boom era architecture blends with modern
                                      glass skyscrapers to create an exceptional cityscape. The river is at the heart of Melbourne’s charm with
                                      rowers skimming the water; scenic cycle tracks alongside, and outdoor cafes lining the banks in the
                                      Southgate precinct.

                                      Melbourne showcases the best of Australia’s laid-back lifestyle, but it also revels in a more old-world sense
                                      of sophistication and style. With its diverse inner-city villages, chic fashion stores, over 3,000 restaurants,
                                      bars and cafes and an excellent transit system you have all the ingredients of a great destination.

                                      Known as a style-setter, Melbourne’s history and culture collide with creativity and innovation. A focal
                                      point for the arts, events and entertainment is Federation Square – a creative mix of galleries, cafes and
                                      public space - connecting the city with the Yarra River.

                                      Discover the bustling laneways in the city centre or the peaceful Royal Botanic Gardens. Stroll along
                                      Melbourne’s Golden Mile, where you’ll gain an insight into a city created from the proceeds of the
                                      Victorian gold boom more than 150 years ago.

1 - Australia’s Cities - Melbourne
                                     Striking public spaces, state-of-the-art museums and galleries, Australian wildlife, heritage sites and
                                     impressive architecture are all part of Melbourne’s cosmopolitan appeal. The city holds many attractions
                                     and hidden secrets just waiting to be uncovered.

                                     Federation square
                                     Federation Square links the city centre with the Yarra River. It fuses art, architecture, events, culture,
                                     hospitality and open space into a striking public domain. Make your travel bookings and collect maps and
                                     brochures from the Visitor Information Centre here or wander through the Australian Centre for the Moving
                                     Image (ACMI) and Champions racing museum. The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia is the world’s first major
                                     gallery dedicated exclusively to Australian art. It is a spectacular showcase comprising over 20 galleries.
                                     - www.federationsquare.com.au
               Federation Square
                                     Queen Victoria Market
                                     A world of new tastes and flavours is waiting for you at the Queen Victoria Market – an icon of local
                                     trade and street life. Take a two-hour Foodies Tour with an experienced guide and see the gourmet side
                                     of the market.
                                     - www.qvm.com.au

                                     Melbourne Aquarium
                                     Take the plunge inside Melbourne Aquarium’s 2.2 million litre Oceanarium and come face-to-face with a shark.
                                     It’s all part of the Southern Ocean dive adventure, where you’ll also encounter other creatures of the deep.
                                     - www.melbourneaquarium.com.au

                                     Melbourne Museum
                                     Spread over six huge levels, half of which are below ground level, this museum draws on the latest
                                     technology to give you an insight into Australia’s plants, animals and culture. The lovely Carlton Gardens
               Eureka Skydeck 88     and World Heritage listed Royal Exhibition Building, built in 1880, are right next door.
                                     - www.melbourne.museum.vic.gov.au

                                     eureka skydeck 88
                                     At 253-metres high, the Eureka Tower is the tallest residential building in the Southern Hemisphere and
                                     one of Melbourne’s icons. For spectacular 360-degree views of Melbourne, take the high-speed lift to the
                                     Eureka Skydeck 88.
                                     - www.eurekalookout.com.au

                                     Victorian Arts Centre
                                     A focal point of Melbourne’s Southbank entertainment precinct, the Victorian Arts Centre hosts many
                                     of Australia’s premier performing arts companies and international touring performances. The centre is
                                     open daily for guided tours, gallery exhibitions, and nightly performances. On Sundays, artisans and local
                                     producers sell their wares under market umbrellas lining St Kilda Road and onto the Southgate promenade.
                                     - www.vicartscentre.com.au
        The Victorian Arts Centre
                                     old Melbourne Gaol
                                     Walk the path of the condemned to the gallows in this 19th century prison, be arrested in a modern-
                                     day Police Station or put yourself on trial in court. A ticket to the Old Melbourne Gaol Crime & Justice
                                     Experience grants you visiting rights to the past, present and future of crime and justice in Australia. Our
                                     most famous outlaw, Ned Kelly, was hanged here on 11 November 1880. During World War II, the jail was
                                     briefly reopened as military detention barracks. Read about the experiences of Australian, German, Italian
                                     and American military prisoners.
                                     - www.oldmelbournegaol.com.au

2 - Australia’s Cities - Melbourne
                                                                   Melbourne Zoo
                                                                   Gorillas, pygmy hippopotamuses, mandrills, tigers and otters live happily together at Melbourne Zoo.
                                                                   Of course, all of our Australian favourites are here too. Watch Orang-utans from a spectacular treetop
                                                                   viewing area. If you choose a Roar and Snore Safari, you will explore the mystery of the Zoo after dark.
                                                                   Hear, smell and see nocturnal creatures, big and small and share the passion, knowledge and stories of
                                                                   your camp hosts.
                                                                   - www.zoo.org.au
                                Image Courtesy: Zoos Victoria/me

                                                                   Melbourne river Cruises
                                                                   Complete your Melbourne experience with an award-winning cruise on the Yarra River. With great
                                                                   information, a warming cuppa and the comfort of a Melbourne River Cruiser you will see the city from a
                                                                   whole different perspective. Cruises depart from Southbank promenade and Princess Bridge near Flinders
         Hamadryas, Melbourne                                      Street Station.
                          Zoo                                      - www.melbournerivercruises.com.au

                                                                   Sports fans will be right at home in Melbourne. Horse racing, motor sports, tennis, surfing and the
                                                                   Australian Football League (AFL) will keep you on the edge of your seat.

                                                                   Whether you come for the horses or the fashion, Spring Racing in Melbourne offers 50 glorious spring days
                                                                   of the world’s greatest horse racing celebration. From sweepstakes to champagne and elaborate hats, this
                                                                   race stops the nation.

                                                                   The Australian Open brings the world’s hottest tennis players to Melbourne for two weeks of tennis thrills.
                                                                   Matches broadcast on big screens, beer gardens and live entertainment creates a vibrant atmosphere in
                                                                   and around the city during January.

                                                                   The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne is three days of non-stop racing action and off-track
         AFL Football, Melbourne
           Cricket Ground (MCG)
                                                                   Victoria has four distinct seasons: spring (September-November), summer (December-February), autumn
                                                                   (March-May) and winter (June-August). Temperatures vary across the state from the milder coastal regions
                                                                   and inland waterways to snow in winter in the alpine snowfields. Snow commonly occurs above 600
                                                                   metres between June and October (Victoria’s ski season). Northern and western Victoria are hotter and
                                                                   drier in summer and milder and drier in winter than other areas of the state.

                                                                   Think Melbourne. Think shopping. The rest of Australia does. For decades, the city has been known as the
                                                                   country’s shopping capital. Fashion, of course, is part of the appeal but there’s plenty more besides. While
                                                                   choice is a big attraction, the joy of shopping in the city is also about atmosphere. The web of narrow
                                                                   streets, beckoning lanes, wide boulevards and lovely old arcades make shopping a pleasure.

                                                                   Melbourne is home to leading fashion houses and the country’s top designers including Joseph Saba,
                                                                   Bettina Liano, Scanlan and Theodore, Alannah Hill, TL Wood, Georgia Chapman, Kirrily Johnston and
         Shopping, Collins Street                                  Arabella Ramsay, all of whom have made their mark on the national and international fashion scene.

                                                                   Walking is the best way to shop. Start at the ‘Paris end’ of Collins Street between Spring and Russell
                                                                   streets for international labels. Then head to Little Collins Street, where you will find many boutiques,
                                                                   cafes and restaurants. Don’t miss Flinders Lane between Elizabeth and Russell streets. The big department
                                                                   stores Myer and David Jones are located on the Bourke Street Mall. At the GPO, QV and Melbourne
                                                                   Central shopping centres you will find a mix of clothing, accessories, handbags and more from local and
                                                                   international designers.
3 - Australia’s Cities - Melbourne
                                     Chapel street
                                     Chapel Street in South Yarra is one of the swankiest shopping destinations in Melbourne. Here local
                                     designers mix with the international set. Another stretch of sophisticated shopping is at Toorak Road,
                                     which intersects the north end of Chapel Street.

                                     brunswick street
                                     If retro home ware and funky jewellery and clothing are more your style then head to Brunswick Street in
                                     Fitzroy. There are also many good cafes to watch the eclectic crowd go by. It is especially worth a visit at
                                     weekends. Drop into Gertrude Street for cutting-edge fashion, books, retro gear and industrial furniture

                                     bargain hunting
      Volare Cafe Bar, Brunswick
                  Street - Fitzroy   Bargain-hunters get your wallets ready. Factory outlets offer the best brands at hugely discounted
                                     prices. Shop on Bridge Road and Swan Street in Richmond for jeans, swimwear, trainers, tops and bags at
                                     heavily reduced prices, and the Spencer Street DFO in the city centre offers a huge array of bargains. For
                                     something different, Melbourne’s many markets offer new and pre-loved shoes, clothes and accessories.
                                     - www.dfo.com.au

                                     entertAinMent & DininG
                                     Visit Melbourne and your quest for the perfect meal will be over. Offering a dizzying spread of the world’s
                                     great cuisines – from the simple to the truly exotic – the city serves up an unbeatable culinary experience
                                     in more than 3,000 restaurants, cafes and bistros.

                                     Bars stay open late. There are plenty of clubs and the city bursts with music venues catering for all tastes –
                                     from grunge rock to jazz and from blues to the avant-garde.

          Chinatown, Melbourne       Melbourne has many arcades and laneways housing cosy cafes and bars. Flinders Lane and Little Collins
                                     Street, Bourke St and Little Bourke St (Chinatown), are just some of the places to find great coffee, food,
                                     wine and entertainment. Still in the city, Southbank offers all-night entertainment at Crown Entertainment
                                     Complex, including Crown Casino, dozens of cafes and restaurants, cinemas and live music venues.

                                     lygon street
                                     Great Italian eateries bring food and classic Italian dining experience together on Lygon Street.
                                     Complement your Italian dining experience with some wonderful Victorian wines.

                                     Chapel street
                                     Across the Yarra River, Chapel Street is a hive of activity, especially at weekends. It is home to the stylish
                                     set as well as some great cafes and bars. Sit at one of the alfresco cafes, sip a latte and invest some time in
                                     some serious people watching.

                                     st Kilda
          Acland Street - St Kilda
                                     The seaside suburb of St Kilda is awash with dining experiences, from fine dining to relaxed, casual eating
                                     and drinking spots around Fitzroy and Acland streets.

                                     Docklands is a unique waterfront development in the heart of Melbourne. Set on spectacular Victoria
                                     Harbour, this development has stunning views, unique urban art, historic wharves, marinas, parkland, and
                                     a great selection of restaurants, stylish bars and cafes to enjoy.
                                     - www.docklands.com

4 - Australia’s Cities - Melbourne
                                                            GettinG ArounD
                                                            Melbourne is easy to explore with the user-friendly tram, train and bus networks, or on foot. An excellent
                                                            train and tram system knits Melbourne together. Flinders Street Station is the hub of Melbourne’s train
                                                            system, and all metropolitan trains begin or end their journey here. The city’s trams travel along most of
                                                            Melbourne’s major thoroughfares, and into the suburbs. You can use the burgundy and gold City Circle
                                                            Tram to get around the city centre, to attractions and other transport routes. All travel on the City Circle
                                                            Tram is free.
                                Photographer - Enzo Amato

                                                            Tickets for travel across train, tram and bus services are inexpensive and can be bought from vending
                                                            machines, at train stations, on trams, and selected shops such as newsagents.

                                                            Buses operate throughout Victoria, in country towns and in Melbourne. The after-hours Night Rider
                                                            service operates from metropolitan Melbourne, providing a safe means of travel after a night out in the
                                                            city. Buses leave from the corner of Swanston Street and Collins Street, or Crown Entertainment Complex
                   Flinders Street
                Station and tram                            from 12.20am on Saturdays and Sundays.

                                                            Taxis are plentiful and easy to spot (they are all an eye-catching yellow). There are lots of tour operators to
                                                            help make sightseeing in Melbourne a breeze or you could hire a car and head off on your own adventure.

                                                            For great savings try the See Melbourne & Beyond card, which combines entry to over 60 attractions and

                                                            Melbourne Airport is about 25 kilometres from the city centre and there are plenty of transport services,
                                                            just ask at the information desk when you arrive.

                                                            beyonD Melbourne
                                                            Venture a little beyond Melbourne and you will be generously rewarded by Victoria’s diversity.

                                                            the Great ocean road
                        Port Fairy                          Hugging the contours of Victoria’s south-west coast, the Great Ocean Road has stunning coastal scenery
                                                            and charming coastal towns. There are plenty of opportunities for bushwalking, swimming, surfing and
                                                            fishing. The 288-kilometre drive traces Victoria’s spectacular coast from the surf haven of Torquay to the
                                                            delightful town of Port Fairy. The road tapers inland through the Otway National Park before reappearing
                                                            on the Shipwreck Coast. Magnificent sights include the huge limestone stacks of the Twelve Apostles
                                                            soaring out of the pounding surf. Continue on to Warrnambool, an old whaling town with a fine maritime
                                                            museum, and experience the nearby historic fishing village of Port Fairy.

                                                            the yarra Valley & Dandenong ranges
                                                            To Melbourne’s north-east lies the winegrowing region of the Yarra Valley, where lush farmland and
                                                            vineyards present an idyllic scene. Many wineries provide cellar-door sales and tastings of handcrafted
                                                            wines, and have restaurants serving gourmet food and fine local produce. Also, visit Healesville Sanctuary
                                                            to see Australian wildlife and the fascinating animal hospital on-site.

                                                            Nearby in the lush green Dandenong Ranges is Puffing Billy, Australia’s oldest surviving steam railway,
                                                            which is great for a ride through the mountains. Stop off for a traditional Devonshire tea of scones and
                                                            jam and check out the many beautiful gardens of the Dandenongs.
                Bathing Boxes –
           Mornington Peninsula
                                                            Mornington peninsula
                                                            Just south of Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula is a mecca for golfers, who flock here year round
                                                            for the many excellent and affordable links-style courses. Take some time out from your golf tour to
                                                            appreciate elegant beachfront towns, native wildlife, walking trails and surfing and swimming spots.

5 - Australia’s Cities - Melbourne
                                                                 phillip island
                                                                 Phillip Island is a favourite destination about 140 kilometres south-east of Melbourne, which boasts an
                                                                 array of natural wonders and wildlife. Marvel at the famous fairy penguins as they emerge from the sea
                                                                 every evening and waddle to their burrows in the sand dunes. There is also the Koala Conservation Park
                                                                 with a treetop boardwalk for close-up viewing.

                                                                 Grampians national park
                                                                 Is anyone looking for action? Rock climbing and abseiling at Mount Arapiles attracts adventure seekers
                                                                 from around the globe. At Grampians National Park, you can go whitewater canoeing, caving and
                                                                 mountain-bike riding. Don’t forget the wildlife (200 species of birds, 35 varieties of mammals) and make
                                                                 seeing the 5,000-year-old Aboriginal rock art a priority. All this is only four hours from Melbourne.

         Seal Rocks, Phillip Island                              Goldfields
                                                                 Can you imagine how cute twin Koalas are? The only pair known to exist in Australia were recently born at
                                                                 the Ballarat Wildlife Park, just one hour’s drive from Melbourne in the historic Goldfields region.

                                                                 Ballarat is also home to Sovereign Hill, a faithful and fascinating re-creation of an old goldmining town of
                                                                 the 1850s. This award-winning outdoor historical museum re-creates the hustle and bustle of the era.

                                                                 useFul linKs
                                                                 - www.australia.com
                                                                 - www.visitmelbourne.com
                                 Photographer - Helen Hiscocks

        Boroka Lookout, Wartook
           Valley, The Grampians

          Sovereign Hill, Ballarat,
                  The Goldfields

6 - Australia’s Cities - Melbourne

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