Simple guide to a Club Skills Audit � helping you recruit more

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					   Simple guide to a Club Skills Audit –
         helping you recruit more volunteers

1. Write down all the roles and tasks that
   exist within your club (and those you
   would like to exist!). Think about:
    The time needed for each
    What skills, knowledge and characteristics would
     be useful to someone taking on this role

   Use the handout on page 3 to help you.

2. Find out about the skills, knowledge and
   experience of club members and those
   linked to the club (parents, siblings etc).
   Try these methods:
      Hand out a Form (try the one on page 2)
      Ask on membership forms / club welcome pack
      Put up details on club notice board
      Hold a recruitment day alongside a big event
      Ask people personally!

3. Match roles and tasks to people,
   according to their skills.

4. Appoint! Remember, they will be the best person
   for the job, so let them know this!

5. Reward! Verbally, or with chocolates, event
   tickets, discounted membership etc, or surprise
NAME OF CLUB HERE – volunteer skills form

‘We are always in need of volunteers to help with the running of the club. If you
think you could spare a couple of hours per week, month or even year, then
please leave some details below’:

1. Name

2. Contact number and address

3. What is your profession?

(Accountants make obvious club treasurers; journalists could become club publicity officers.
Teachers can provide your club with an instant link with their school. Paperboys/girls might
like to collect the subs each week.)

4. What are your main duties in this profession?

(Health and safety workers might be proficient in risk assessment and you might find extra
first aiders; sales people might like to look into sponsorship deals for the club. Others might
be used to action planning already! )

5. What other knowledge, skills and experiences do you have
that you think might be of use to the club?

(This could be anything! If someone makes a good cup of tea it is worth knowing. If they
have a minibus driving license it could help. Perhaps they know people at the Local
Authority. Personal characteristics are also important – working as a team, communicating
with children etc)

6. How much time are you able to give?

(Any amount of time is useful. There may be some people you call on once or twice a year
to help with big events. Others may volunteer on a weekly basis.)

                  Thank you for supporting the club!
                                       Club Skills Audit – table of tasks and roles

                    Role / Task                      Time required          Skills, Experiences and Characteristics useful to the role

e.g.1 – Role: Treasurer                          1 hour per week           Good with numbers, honest, reliable, experience of
                                                                           accountancy, thorough, lives near a bank

e.g. 2 Task: Create and maintain club website    6 hours to set up, then   IT and computer literate, diligent, imaginative, owns a computer
                                                 1 hour per month to       (maybe a university student looking for a project?)

e.g. 3 Task: Investigate school / club links     2 hours initially         A teacher? Friendly, confident, lives near a school, maybe a
                                                                           parent who has kids there

                                                 3 hours per month         Journalist? Experience of advertising, marketing, contacts with
e.g. 4 Role: Publicity Officer                                             local press, good writing skills, good interpersonal skills

e.g. 5 Task: Fix a tap, bake a cake etc!

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