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					                                                                                                          8TH - 10TH MARCH 2010
                                                                                                   THE BRuSSELS MARRIOT HOTEL
                                                                                                             BRuSSELS, BELGIuM

                                                                                    2nd AnnuAl
                                                                               HR TecHnology
                                                                                  SummiT 2010
WHY THIS UNIQUE EVENT                                                   EXCLUSIVE SPEAKER PANEL
                                                                        Chairman:                                    Dr. Christian Raabe | MERCK KGaA
The use of technology in HR management has grown considerably           Colin Coulson Thomas                         HR-Information Management & Reporting
in recent years. As technology improves, information systems can        Policy Publications Ltd. Chairman
                                                                                                                     Piers Lea | Line Communications
be used to manage an increasing number of HR processes in an
                                                                        Yvan Marquis | CHEVRON                       CEO
effective manner, contributing to the availability of information and
                                                                        HRSC Director and DiscussHR,
knowledge and advancing improvements in knowledge-                                                                   David Beckett | Identity and
                                                                        Director & Founder
sharing and internal communications. Human resource                                                                  Passport Service | Assistant Director
information systems (HRIS) are being constantly developed, to           Amy Barrett | UCB                            Organisational Development
advance processes such as recruitment and selection, development        Dir Global HR Business Systems
                                                                                                                     Denise Miles | BEELINE INT
and e-learning, integrated call centers, shared services and self-
                                                                        Henrik Ranzau Hansen                         Director Business Solutions
service environments. By automating as many processes as possible,
                                                                        MEDTRONIC, HRIS Manager Europe,
HR professional have been able to significantly reduce the time                                                      James Sharpe | PDI Ninth House
                                                                        Emerging Markets & Canada
spent on routine administrative tasks, allowing time to                                                              Senior Vice President of Global Solutions
manage the HR function in a strategic manner and becoming true          Flooris Van Der Walt
                                                                                                                     Peter Howes | INFOHRM
partners in the business.                                               Holcim Group
                                                                                                                     CEO & Founder
                                                                        VP Global HR Business Processes
However, despite the growth in the use of technology in HR,                                                          Danny Temming | Northgate
                                                                        Rob Visser | ING BANK
this is still an area that needs to be fully embraced. Organisations                                                 Arinso | EMEA Sales Director
                                                                        Manager OPS & IT Banking / Group
are expected to ensure that they have adequate project                                                               Dave Dunbar | BT
                                                                        Services/ HR IT
management skills to implement HRIS effectively, in order
                                                                                                                     Senior Business Director
for HR professionals to capitalise on the accompanied benefits,         Jakob Alkil | FORD
manage the inherent challenges and ultimately gain a competitive        European Marketing Campaigns                 Michael Grimm | INGENTIS
advantage.                                                              Management                                   Managing Director Marketing
                                                                        Arthur Williamson | SHELL
Building on the success of the 1st HR Technology Summit in
                                                                        Programme Manager HR-IT
Barcelona, the HR TECH 2010 will serve to provide the ideal
platform in examining the role and impact of technology in the HR
industry, and the way technology is becoming an integral part in
the development of a much changed HR function over the next 12
months, with new focuses, tools, systems and ideas to debate.           KEY THEMATIC UNITS
                                                                        •	   Industry outlook: Navigating the HR technological landscape to
In the light of this, the most effective IT processes & systems and          proactively manage the challenges and capitalize on upcoming opportunities
the way they can contribute in areas such as learning, development,
performance management, employee engagement, human capital              •	   Improvement of sales performance: The revelation of drivers for
management, workforce planning, flexible benefits, recruitment               change, solutions chosen and challenges faced
and retention of talent will be identified, examined and critically     •	   Vendor management software: Ways to improve and benchmark
assessed, facilitating HR Executives to exploit the benefits, avoid          performance along with continuous business process improvement through
the pitfalls and form a proactive strategic plan for 2010 and                automation
beyond.                                                                 •	   Managing innovation in corporate learning and development:
                                                                             Implement a blended learning approach, support key change initiatives and
                                                                             leverage technology
                                                                        •	   Use of technology to build social capital: Driving forces behind the
DELEGATES WHO WILL ATTEND                                                    change in HR technology and analyzing the impact of these trends
Senior executives involved with technology for Human                    •	   Organisational Matrix structure: Setting up an organizational
Resources, SVP’s VP’s and Directors for:                                     management and looking in to the long term strategy to harmonise all HR IT
Strategy, Capability, Transformation, Systems, Shared Services,
Learning, Programs, Recruitment, Talent Management,                     •	   The role of strategic workforce planning: Identification of gaps,
Controlling, Resource Management, Compensation & Benefits,                   development of strategies and integration of workforce planning with wider
Performance Management, Metrics, Training & Development,                     talent management processes.
Organizational Management, Employee Engagement                          •	   The hybrid nature of HR in todays world:
                                                                             Creation of flexibility platforms and analyzing market trends


                        learning & communications
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                                                         SUMMIT PROGRAMME

DAY 1 – MONDAY 8TH MARCH 2010                                                    15:45 Networking Coffee Break

                                                                                 16:00 One-To-One Meetings & Roundtable Sessions
10:00 Registration

12:00 Lunch                                                                                                 eRecruitment

13:00 Chairman’s Opening Address
        Chairman: Colin Coulson Thomas, POLICY                                                      Saas                         Metrics
        PUBLICATIONS LTD., Chairman

13:15 Opening Panel Discussion                                                                                Talent
        Industry Outlook: Navigating the HR Technological Landscape to                                     Management *
        Proactively Manage the Challenges and Capitalize on upcoming
        •	 Examining	state	of	the	art	HR	technological	innovations	to	                    Roundtable Sessions: Delegates will be divided into to 3 groups
           critically assess their impact                                                 based on pre-decided topics that will be lead by separate
        •	 Deciding	between	the	“best	on	the	market”	and	“most	                           discussion leaders. Each discussion will go for 30 minutes after
           integrated”	package	                                                           which the delegates have the chance to switch their group for
        •	 Reducing	IT	cost	while	preserving	business	demand	for	                         another topic.
           sophistication                                                                 Please be reminded that delegates with pre-scheduled meetings
        •	 Convincing	upper	management	for	the	importance	of	                             are requested to attend your meetings during this session.
           technological investments in the HR practices                                  You may return from your meetings to attend the roundtable
        Flooris Van der Walt, HOLCIM GROUP
        VP Global HR Business Processes
                                                                                 18:00 Workshop: Powering through the recession
14:15 Adopting Winning Behaviours and State of the                                       •	 Continuous	business	process	improvement	through	
      Art Technologies to Obtain Real Benefits and                                          automating and streamlining the procurement process and
                                                                                            visibility into program trends and vendor performance
      Maximise ROI
                                                                                         •	 Significant	cost	reduction	through	realising	volume	and	
          This presentation will serve to provide real and profound insight                 prompt pay discounts, implementing a competitive rate
          on how pioneers are using emerging technologies to enable HR                      structure, enforcing budgets, eliminating invoice errors and
          professionals to emulate the approaches of superstars, transform                  eliminating rogue spending.
          performance, cut costs, speed up responses, reduce stress, raise               •	 Real-time	visibility	into	contingent	labour	and	project-based	
          standards, and ensure compliance.                                                 spend and performance
        •	 Analysing	examples	of	how	early	pioneers	have	obtained	
           multiple benefits and huge returns on investment                              Piers Lea, Line Communications
        •	 Critically	showcasing	the	implications	for	Key	working	groups	                CEO
        Colin Coulson Thomas, POLICY PUBLICATIONS LTD
                                                                                 18:45     cASe STudy     Next generation blended learning
                                                                                         David Beckett, Identity and Passport Service
15:00              Improving Sales Performance
          cASe STudy                                                                     Assistant Director Organisational Development
         through Learning Technologies:
         What we did and did it Work?                                            19:30 Networking Cocktail Reception
          Jakob Alkil, European Marketing Campaigns Manager at Ford of
          Europe will talk about how Ford implemented a dealer learning
          portal to reduce costs and improve the performance of sales staff
          across their European dealership network. He will reveal the drivers
          for change, the solution they chose, the infrastructure and most
          importantly, the results.
        •	 The	challenge	and	drivers	for	change
        •	 Choosing	and	implementing	a	learning	platform
        •	 Change	management	and	communications
        •	 Designing	content	to	cope	with	the	audience	and	
        •	 The	results	-	can	we	prove	a	link	between	learning	and	sales	
        Jakob Alkil, FORD
        European Marketing Campaigns Management
Booking line: Tel.: +91 80 40509900 Fax: +91 80 40509933
e-mail: hrtechnology@jacobfleming.com

                                                                SUMMIT PROGRAMME

DAY 2 – TUESDAY 9TH MARCH 2010                                                                       •	 Deploying	a	framework	for	integrating	long-term	workforce	planning	
                                                                                                        with shorter-term resource planning
                                                                                                     •	 Utilising	data	for	management	of	internal	career	paths,	succession	
                                                                                                        planning and workforce risk management
 8:00   Registration & Coffee
                                                                                                     •	 Developing	strategic	staffing	vs	tactical	staffing	strategies	
                                                                                                     •	 Strategically	partnering	with	line	management	to	build	the	capability	
 9:00   Workshop: Vendor Management Software (VMS):                                                     profile of the workforce
        Managing Your Contingent Workforce                                                           •	 Integrating	workforce	planning	with	wider	talent	management	processes.	
        Web-based Vendor Management Software is a huge step forward for                              •	 Do	we	understand	and	can	we	reduce	the	risks	associated	with	the	
        companies that rely on contingent labour, in order to identify and target                       longer	term	strategic	staffing	implications	for	critical	job	roles	within	
        the	best	suppliers	by	job	category,	and	control	every	step	in	the	sequence-                     organizations?
        -with a minimal learning curve and maximum reporting capabilities.                           Peter Howes, INFOHRM
        This workshop will serve to provide a thorough description of Beeline                        CEO & Founder
        fully automated program that allows robust analysis of your contingent
        workforce,	in	conjunction	with	score-carding	of	your	vendors,	to	improve	            13:30     cASe STudy Automated Sales Incentive Calculations
        and benchmark performance but most important of all, it interfaces                           Using In-house Solution
        seamlessly with common office platforms to manage data from a single                          Over the last years Medtronic has implemented in the Europe & Central
        source, and is known throughout the industry for its ease of use:                               Asia region (25+ countries) an automated solution to manage and
        •	 Continuous	business	process	improvement	through	automating	and	                              calculate sales Incentives. Moving from multiple excel based solutions to
            streamlining the procurement process and visibility into program trends                     one integrated solution build on Peoplesoft. We have been able to among
            and vendor performance                                                                      other: Increased data accuracy and monitoring, reduce manual work
        •	 Significant	cost	reduction	through	realising	volume	and	prompt	pay	                          and create more visibility ultimately resulting in improved efficiency and
            discounts, implementing a competitive rate structure, enforcing budgets,                    accuracy in the incentive calculations.
            eliminating invoice errors and eliminating rogue spending.                               •	 Medtronic	Business	Complexity
        •	 Real-time	visibility	into	contingent	labour	and	project-based	spend	and	                  •	 Business	case	for	sales	incentive	Automation
            performance                                                                              •	 Implementation	Challenges	
        •	 Risk	management	through	enforcing	and	monitoring	co-employment	                           •	 Benefits	
            and regulatory compliance. Strict audit trails to support Sarbanes-Oxley
            compliance                                                                               Henrik Ranzau Hansen, Medtronic
        •	 Competitive	bidding	environment	that	improves	the	quality	of	candidates	                  HRIS Manager IT International
            whilst reducing bill rates resulting in improved vendor performance
        •	 Visibility	into	all	activities	and	resources	linked	to	a	project	for	tracking	    14:15   Lunch
            contractual	and	logistical	details	during	its	duration,	ensuring	all	projects	
            stay on track                                                                    15:15   Presentation: HR goes hybrid
        Denise Miles, BEELINE INT                                                                    •	 Market	trends	and	highlights
        Director Business Solutions                                                                  •	 Creating	a	platform	for	agility	and	flexibility
                                                                                                     •	 The	sliding	scale	of	options
 9:45   Workshop: Managing Innovation in Corporate Learning                                          Danny Temming, Northgate Arinso
        & Development                                                                                EMEA Sales Director
        There needs to be ongoing innovation within corporate training and
        development, otherwise key HR investments can lose support and                       16:00   Networking Coffee Break
        momentum. This presentation focuses on recommendations for making
        innovative corporate learning and development an invaluable asset and
        contributor to bottom-line business success.                                         16:15   One-To-One Meetings & Roundtable Sessions
        •	 Implement	a	Blended	Learning	Approach	–	engaging	experiences	and	                         Roundtable Sessions: Delegates will be divided into to 3 groups based on
           ongoing application                                                                       pre-decided topics that will be lead by separate discussion leaders. Each
        •	 Support	Key	Change	Initiatives	with	a	Campaign	Approach	-	utilize	                        discussion will go for 30 minutes after which the delegates have the chance
           multiple modalities of interaction and collaboration                                      to switch their group for another topic.
        •	 Leverage	Technology	–	leverage	Web	2.0	social	networking	tools	and	                       Please be reminded that delegates with pre-scheduled meetings are
           other existing systems within your enterprise                                             requested to attend your meetings during this session. You may return from
        •	 Look	Within	For	Innovative	Ideas	–	great	ideas	can	originate	from	any	                    your meetings to attend the roundtable session
           part	of	your	company	–	extended	them	throughout	the	company	for	
                                                                                             18:15     cASe STudy The Agile Workplace: Using Technology
           maximized benefit
                                                                                                     to Build Social Capital
        James Sharpe, PDI Ninth House                                                                Flexible Working, Web 2.0, cloud computing and the move from corporate
        Senior Vice President of Global Solutions                                                    led to consumer led innovation in technology are all starting to have an
                                                                                                     impact. Over the next 12 months we will see an increase in the use of
10:30   Networking Coffee Break                                                                      experience sharing tools (as opposed to information sharing) and in many
                                                                                                     organisations corporate intranet search tools will be as likely to present
10:45   One-To-One Meetings & Roundtable Sessions                                                    un-moderated user generated input as they are to point towards more
        Roundtable Sessions: Delegates will be divided into to 3 groups based on                     traditional	“official”	information.	
        pre-decided topics that will be lead by separate discussion leaders. Each                    •	 Critically	assessing	the	driving	forces	behind	this	change	
        discussion will go for 30 minutes after which the delegates have the chance                  •	 Examining	the	accompanied	challenges	and	opportunities	
        to switch their group for another topic.                                                     •	 Analysing	the	impact	of	these	trends	on	how	people	approach	the	
        Please be reminded that delegates with pre-scheduled meetings are                               workplace
        requested to attend your meetings during this session. You may return from                   Dave Dunbar, BT
        your meetings to attend the roundtable session                                               Senior Business Director
12:45   Workshop: Realising Your Strategic Business Goals:                                   19:00   Workshop: Visualising HR data and KPIs along your
        The Role of Strategic Workforce Planning in Managing                                         organisational structure
        Human Capital Risk                                                                           •	 How	are	HR	data	usually	visualised
        In both good times and the bad, not having the right people in place at the                  •	 Why	should	we	improve	visualisation
        right time can represent a huge risk to both the immediate and ongoing                       •	 Using	org	charts	to	visualise	HR	data	and	KPIs
        success of any business. In light of this, it becomes necessary to identify
                                                                                                     Michael Grimm, INGENTIS
        the gap between current capability and workforce requirements for the
                                                                                                     Managing Director Marketing
        execution of organisational strategy, leading to proactive development of
        strategies to address key workforce risks and close the capability gap. This
                                                                                             19:45   Networking cocktail Reception
        session will explore strategic workforce planning as the process by which
        organisational human capital risk is managed effectively, thereby reducing
        the variations in the desired outcomes of the business strategy:
Booking line: Tel.: +91 80 40509900 Fax: +91 80 40509933
e-mail: hrtechnology@jacobfleming.com

                                                   SUMMIT PROGRAMME

DAY 3 – WEDNESDAY 10TH MARCH 2010                                           10:35 Networking Coffee Break

                                                                            10:45 One-To-One Meetings & Roundtable Sessions
 8:00 Registration & Coffee
                                                                                     Roundtable Sessions: Delegates will be divided into to 3
                                                                                     groups based on pre-decided topics that will be lead by
 9:00     cASe STudy Organizational Matrix Structure                                 separate discussion leaders. Each discussion will go for 30
        and HR master Database                                                       minutes after which the delegates have the chance to switch
        This presentation will serve to analyse the setting up of an                 their group for another topic.
        organizational management in an international operating                      Please be reminded that delegates with pre-scheduled
        company with a leading legal structure and global operating                  meetings are requested to attend your meetings during this
        businesses, focusing on the daily maintenance of 33,000                      session. You may return from your meetings to attend the
        employees in 60 countries with a worldwide master database                   roundtable session
        and the evolution to one harmonized HR IT system.
        •	 Leading	a	legal	structure	with	33,000	employees                  12:15      cASe STudy Governance, Funding and Staffing

        •	 Parallel	global	structure                                                 in a Global Programme
        •	 Governance	OM	and	PA                                                      Share experiences from Shell’s global implementation of SAP
                                                                                     ERP Human Capital Management, a programme extending
        •	 Worldwide	master	database
                                                                                     over 9 years. This session is about managing the programme
        •	 Long	term	strategy	to	harmonize	all	HR	IT	systems                         and the stakeholders, not about the technology.
        Dr. Christian Raabe, Merck KGaA                                              Arthur Williamson, Programme Manager HR-IT,
        Director & Head of HR-Information Mgmt & Reporting,                          SHELL

 9:45     cASe STudy ING General Introduction, her                          13:15 Closing Panel Discussion: Future Prescriptions:
        activities, focuses, set up of the global                                  Forming a Proactive Strategic Plan for 2010
        organisation, etc.                                                         and Beyond
        ING Group HR Strategy                                                        •	 Leveraging	existing	HR	technologies	to	promote	innovation	
        - Insight in Work Force Admin at ING vs. Work Force                             and reduce HR systems complexity
          Development and Work Force Analytics.                                      •	 Aligning	HR	with	business	strategy	to	advance	corporate	
        ING	HR	IT	in	practice	–	relationship	with	NorthgateArinso                       sustainability
        - Introduction to Global Service Delivery Model (incl.                       •	 Proactively	defining	the	biggest	challenges	for	2010	and	
          Offshore locations; explanation of Blended Service Delivery                   beyond
          Model with Onshore and Offshore consultants).
                                                                                     Amy Barrett, UCB GROUP
        - Why is Global Service Delivery Model successful at ING?                    Global HR Solutions Director
        -	Global	Service	Delivery	Model	roles	and	responsibilities	–	                Yvan Marquis, DISCUSSHR
           Projects	vs.	Maintenance	teams,	Delivery	Management,	
                                                                                     HRSC Director, CHEVRON and Founder & director
           Global Account Management, Strategic Sponsors (at both
           ING and NGA; being clear point of de-escalation).
                                                                            14:15 Chairman’s Closing Comments
        Rob Visser, ING BANK
        Manager OPS & it Banking / Group Services/ HR IT                             Chairman: Colin Coulson Thomas
                                                                                     POLICY PUBLICATIONS LTD., Chairman

                                                                            14:30 Farewell Lunch

The Jacob Fleming Group
Jacob Fleming is one of the world’s leading business intelligence companies producing business-to-business events with strategic orientation.
Jacob Fleming Apex Summits are top of the line events designed to maximize the time and investment of our sponsors by giving them direct
access to the apex of industry decision makers.
Over the course of three days and two evenings we enable our sponsors to have face-to-face meetings with potential clients. We facilitate
networking opportunities through a series of formal and informal activities to create the ideal environment in which to sell, engage and inform.
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                   MEET OUR VALUED SPONSORS                                                                                                   James Sharpe
                                                                                                                                              James Sharpe is Senior Vice President of Global Solutions for PDI Ninth House and is responsible for global solution portfolio
                                                                                                                                              management including offering management, engineering, and technology/learning services. Prior to joining PDI Ninth House in
                                                                                                                                              2007, James was IBM’s lead global executive in developing and executing IBM’s worldwide learning strategy. He has a broad portfolio
Northgate Artinso                                                                                                                             of global experience and focuses on collaborating with clients in the Americas, Europe and Asia to apply technology that will transform
NorthgateArinso is the specialist HR, Payroll, Pensions and Reward division of Northgate Information Solutions. We provide software           human performance and accelerate leadership effectiveness. He brings more than 28 years of experience in developing operational and
and outsourcing solutions to SMEs, large blue chip and public sector bodies - satisfying any HR, Payroll, Pensions or Reward requirement.     thought leadership strategies to key markets. In addition, James holds several patents including Operationalizing a Learning Solution,
Our clients benefit from Northgate Arinso‘s 40+ year pedigree. We offer a wide range of solutions internationally which include inhouse       Knowledge Management System Automatically Allocating Expert Resources, and Blended Learning Experience Tools and Method. He
HR solutions and Payroll solutions through to full HR and Payroll outsourcing services. Our solutions are available through a range of        is founder of the Customized Learning Experience Online (CLEO) Lab, a research collaboration initiative between Cisco Systems, IBM,
deployment options and are supported by some of the leading HR, Payroll, Pensions and Reward industry experts.                                Microsoft, and Thomson. He has won numerous industry awards and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events.

Infohrm                                                                                                                                       Sian Thomas, NHS Employers, Director
Infohrm is the global leader in workforce planning, reporting, and analytics. We give business leaders the tools to improve the quality       Sian Thomas was appointed director of NHS Employers in May 2009. As director Sian has overall responsibility for the NHS Employers
of their data-driven human capital decisions. These tools range from enablement technology, human capital dashboards, strategic               work including the delivery of the Department of Health contract as well as development and management of additional products and
consulting, HR professional development, thought leadership, to human capital benchmarking. Infohrm partners achieve success                  services for trusts and developing subscription services in a new business model for NHS Employers. In addition, Sian is a director of
by using information to gain greater insight into their workforce to allow for greater business impact across the organisation. A             the NHS Confederation, a member of the Cabinet Office Public Sector Employers Forum, the NHS Professional Stakeholder Forum, the
known market leader, Infohrm shares its unique philosophy with over 160 public, private, and non-profit sector organisations. Our             Employers‘ Forum on Disability Board, and an Advisor to the South West London Healthcare Leadership Academy. Sian joined NHS
clients include many of the world’s leading organisations, such as Insurance Australia Group, Nokia, and Starbucks. By aggregating,           Employers in 2005 from Ashford and St Peter‘s Hospitals NHS Trust where she was director of HR and organisational development. She
publishing, and analysing workforce data, Infohrm improves the quality of their partners’ human capital decisions, increases the              has worked in the NHS at director level for nearly ten years, working across mental health, primary care and acute organisations. In
role of HR as a strategic business partner, and allows for more effective implementation of HR and business strategies. Whether an            2004, the Association of Healthcare Human Resource Management named her HR director of the year.
organisation is in the early phases of workforce planning, human capital measurement, reporting, or seeking a partner to conduct in-
depth workforce modelling, Infohrm has the skills and expertise required to improve performance. With over 25 years of human capital
measurement experience, Infohrm has developed a reputation for the integrity and quality of data capture and analysis, exemplarily            Dr Christian Raabe
client partnerships, and commitment to building a community of highly skilled HR professionals                                                Dr. Christian Raabe, born 1964, studied Mathematics in Darmstadt and Hamburg. He had a teaching assignment at the university
                                                                                                                                              Hamburg and worked as an IT specialist for Hoechst-Roussel in New Jersey. He joined Merck KGaA in 1991 and held different positions
                                                                                                                                              in IT, Controlling and Finance. Since 2006 responsible for the set up of the organizational structure and the worldwide HR master
Stepstone                                                                                                                                     database.
StepStone operates some of Europe’s largest talent networks, accurately matching employers with potential employees, and
provides a complete suite of Human Capital Management software solutions. StepStone’s on-demand (SaaS) software and services
enable organisations to implement efficient processes, including; attraction and hiring, post-hire talent management, performance             Flooris Van Der Walt
management, compensation management, skills and competency management, career and succession planning, training and                           Being the iconic image of boundryless – Flooris is both South African and Swiss, and has lived and worked in both countries. After
development management. At the end of Setember 2009 more than 1,600 organisations, including many of the world’s leading                      graduating first in Psychology and then in Education, he started his career as a psychotherapist. On joining industry he did a MBA and
businesses, use StepStone software and services. It operates in 17 countries and employs around 800 people. Its global customers              followed it up with the AMP at Harvard. After gaining experience in general HR at both Head Quarters as well as Plant environments
include Aviva, Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, McDonald’s, Telefonica, ThyssenKrupp and Volkswagen.                                    in South Africa, he was transferred to Switzerland as an international consultant in Management Development and Management
                                                                                                                                              Education. In these positions, he gained experiences in Asia-Pacific, Central Europe and North Americas. In 1999 he left Holcim (then
                                                                                                                                              Holderbank) to become the Head of an Academy at Cofely (ex Axima / Sulzer Infra). He returned to Holcim as Head HR Management
Acerta                                                                                                                                        of Holcim Group Support Ltd and was since 2004 back in the international arena as Head Corporate Recruitment and Appointments,
Acerta is an human resources company offering a complete range of services and products relating to the employment of personnel.              where he oversaw the recruitment and selection of Top and Senior Managers. In 2005 he became responsible for People Development
The company provide their clients with service & consultancy, training courses, research and audits, and automation solutions, in the         issues worldwide, within the IT and Internal Auditing functions, as well as the gateway for Processes in HR for the Holcim Group. As
areas of people & organisation, tax & legal and payroll processing. Acerta is based in Belgium                                                of 2008 he is VP Global HR Business Processes and is looking after global HR Processes, -Systems, -Communication & Knowledge
                                                                                                                                              Management, -Controlling, Values implementation and a HR Development Program.

PDI Ninth House
PDI Ninth House is the premier global leadership solutions company with distinctive expertise in accelerating leadership effectiveness        Henrik Ranzau Hansen, MEDTRONIC, Manager HRIS International West
to maximize organizational performance. We have more than 40 years of experience in helping clients identify, manage, develop,                Henrik has been working in he HR/IT field for many years. He has worked on multiple global HR systems implementation within big
and promote superior leaders across all levels of the organization. PDI Ninth House uses a unique combination of innovative, field-           organizations like Shell, Nestle and Zurich Insurance. In 2007 he joined Medtronic where he is leading the HRIS function for the
tested strategies; state-of-the-art technology; and proven processes to tailor specific solutions for our clients. PDI Ninth House partners   International West region. In this region that covers 30+ countries, his team is responsible for all HR systems support, new projects,
with the world’s leading organizations, enabling them to address critical leadership challenges with innovative solutions. Our aim is         deployments and enhancements. This covers all HR process areas i.e. Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, HR data processing and
simple—the well-placed confidence that clients’ current and future leaders are distinctively stronger than their competition, resulting       Manager and Employee Self-service solutions etc. Henrik holds a BS.c in Business Administration from the Aarhus School of Business
in sustained, superior performance.                                                                                                           (DK) and a MBA from University of Lincoln (UK). Henrik is Originally from Denmark but has been living out side Denmark since 1998
                                                                                                                                              in respectively the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Beeline International
Beeline International is the global leader in Vendor Management Software (VMS), headquartered in London. Beeline’s VMS automates              Dave Dunbar, BT, Senior Business Director
the process of procuring, managing and analysing contingent and project-based labour. Through Beeline‘s VMS, companies can                    Dave began his career in heavy industry, automating assembly lines and creating test environments, before moving into telecoms
budget, track and pay time and material and fixed-price milestone payments through consolidated invoicing. Beeline manages                    and IT where he focused on networks and switching systems, including the first commercial fibre optic LAN’s, . From here Dave
complex services spend following best practice methodology and blending technology with best in class human capital management.               moved onto Contract Managing of some of BT’s largest outsource and managed service contracts, both within the public and private
The tool enables companies to procure their contingent/contract and project-based labour through automated job or project                     sectors, over a six year period. Following this, he moved into BT Property with responsibility for all of BT’s flexible estate and its home
requisitions, electronic approval workflows, automated interview scheduling, filtered screening and evaluation, and streamlined               and mobile working programme. As well as managing one of the most successful Flexible Working regimes in Europe, part of the role
candidate processing. Through the vendor-neutral procurement, approved vendors receive requisitions simultaneously and respond                was the creation of externally facing property-based propositions in support of BT’s core services. This resulted in the creation of BT
automatically resulting in lower time to fill ratios, increased quality, and overall improved vendor performance.                             Workstyle, which evolved a predominantly external focus as it became more successful. BT Workstyle now offers a range of managed
Beeline’s web based tool provides the most powerful and robust reporting engine enabling full visibility across financial, compliance         services around agile working for mobile & home enabled workers as well as those operating within the fixed estate. Alongside his
and vendor performance. Through graphical dashboards and visualization, users can easily identify and interpret critical data across          practical experience, he has separate degrees in Electronic Engineering and in Psychology along with a Henley MBA. He brings this
multiple dimensions. Beeline‘s intuitive reporting interface allows customers to organise and analyse complex data quickly and to             eclectic approach to Flexible Working where Technology, People and Organisational Processes combine with space to produce agile
identify valuable trends and insight into the overall programme. Most important of all, Beeline’s Vendor Management Software                  organisations
interfaces seamlessly with common office and enterprise ERP solutions and is known throughout the industry for its ease of use.
                                                                                                                                              Amy Barrett
Ingentis                                                                                                                                      Amy is currently Director Global HR Business Systems at UCB SA, based in Brussels, Belgium. Amy and her team have recently achieved
Launched in 1997 as a group consisting of six IT experts, Nuremberg based Ingentis Softwareentwicklung GmbH has evolved into                  a global system transition from PeopleSoft HR to SAP HR complete with simplified and redesigned global business processes. The
one of Germany‘s most innovative service providers in the IT sector. The services provided range from individual applications that are        team is now working to fully integrate HR into the Global ERP system at UCB. Additionally, she leads a Business Process Offshoring
tailored to customers‘ needs - such as process automation or information management - to software engineering of databases and                (BPO) team based in Bangalore, India. Amy also partners with the Global SAP Program Team to work on change management and
internet/intranet applications and two standard software products in the HR area.The flagship product is Ingentis org.manager®, a             communications throughout the organization. Amy started her career at Matria Healthcare, Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia USA.
tool for automated organizational chart design. Ingentis org.manager is a plug and play solution and enables direct SAP® connection           She started out her career specializing in compensation and benefits. Amy then moved to UCB, Inc. based in Atlanta to launch a
as well as open data interfaces for all major personnel administration systems like Oracle® or PeopleSoft®. Besides automated org             PeopleSoft implementation in 1999. In 2002, she took an international assignment in Brussels with UCB and has held various jobs
chart creation, Ingentis org.manager meanwhile also offers features which support visual HR management and controlling. The second            in the company since then. In the last 6 years Amy has worked in IT, Communications and Human Resources. Amy is also certified
product in the HR area is called Ingentis easy.pes. The tool supports HR professionals to plan and evaluate assessment centers and            as a Quality Improvement specialist and trainer. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Central Michigan
personnel development seminars. A sophisticated routine to automatically create time schedules and multiple graphical reports support         University, Mt. Pleasant, MI USA.
the whole process of such events. Meanwhile Ingentis and their cooperation partners in several countries serve over 450 customers on
four continents, such like Hewlett Packard, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Nestlé, Coca Cola, Lukoil, BMW, Volkswagen and many more.
Certifications by e.g. Microsoft, SAP or Oracle underline the professional and technical competences of the company.
                                                                                                                                              Arthur Williamson
                                                                                                                                              Arthur Williamson is the Program Director for HR-IT in Shell. He has been working SAP HR projects for 16 years. Arthur initiated
                                                                                                                                              the development of a single global system for Shell HR, and worked on this programme from concept to completion over a period
                                                                                                                                              of 10 years. He recently led a worldwide team to upgrade Shell‘s global HR system from SAP‘s 4.6C to the latest Enterprise release

                                      SPEAKER PROFILES                                                                                        completing this in 2009.

Denise Miles                                                                                                                                  Yvan Marquis
                                                                                                                                              Yvan started his career within the Banking industry working on significant organizational change & systems projects. He joined HRMS
Denise has worked with Beeline International for 2 years and brings with her over 15 years experience developing client solutions.
                                                                                                                                              Consulting in 2001 with a view to focusing on projects with more exposure to HR and systems development. Today Yvan is an
After graduating, Denise joined Baxter Healthcare Corporation working in various Training and HR related roles, before making the
                                                                                                                                              independent HR contractor who has held international HR related consulting and management positions for the past nine years. During
change to Resourcing. Denise joined Adecco in 1990 as both Sales and ISO Quality Champion for the Southwest Region, United States.
                                                                                                                                              this time he has been responsible for implementing HRIS systems for major companies in industries as diverse as Pharmaceutical, Oil &
During this time, she was responsible for the development of all new business and the management of Allergan Pharmaceuticals, the
                                                                                                                                              Gas, Banking and Automotive. In 2007 Yvan took part of the European HR Service Centre implementation within Chevron which was
area’s first on site Managed Services Programme. After six years, she accepted a role within Manpower, New Zealand as National
                                                                                                                                              awarded the HROA ´Shared Services Project of the Year´. The same year Yvan and his business partner launched www.DiscussHR.com
Operations Manager and was subsequently promoted to National Business Development Manager, Sales. For the next 5 years, Denise
                                                                                                                                              with the idea that an online forum could assist HR colleagues who are faced with the need to transform HR.
led the development and implementation of Manpower’s strategic solutions clients including Westpac, National Bank NZ, EDS, Fujitsu,
American Express and more. Denise has resided in the UK for the past 7 years and is responsible for the creation of technology led
Vendor Neutral Managed Service solutions across Europe                                                                                        Peter Howes
                                                                                                                                              With over 30 years experience in human resource management, founder and Inform Chief Executive Officer Peter Howes has a
                                                                                                                                              distinguished global reputation as a consultant in HR metrics, analytics and workforce planning. Peter‘s major area of consulting over
Colin Coulson-Thomas                                                                                                                          the past 20 years has been in workforce planning and HR/HCM analytics, reporting and measurement. Peter has extensive experience
Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas an experienced consultant, independent director and chairman of award winning companies is a member
                                                                                                                                              in developing HR information and measurement systems and processes, and over the past 10 years he has developed the Inform
of the business school team at the University of Greenwich. He has helped over 100 organisations to improve director, board and
                                                                                                                                              Business Impact Program, which has clients in Australia, North America and Europe. For the past five years he has spent most of his
corporate performance and has been the process vision holder of major transformation programmes at home and abroad. The author
                                                                                                                                              time consulting to global companies in North America and Europe.
of over 40 books and reports, including “Winning Companies; Winning People” and “Developing Directors”, and a fellow of seven
chartered bodies, he has held professorial appointments in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, India and China, and             Peter is a member of the School of Management Advisory Committee at the Queensland University of Technology and in 2003,
spoken at over 200 national and international events in 40 countries. Colin can be contacted via http://www.coulson-thomas.com and            was awarded the Outstanding Alumni award for the Faculty of Business at QUT. Peter has been a Fellow of the Australian Human
his recent books can be obtained from http://www.policypublications.com                                                                       Resources Institute for the past 20 years and is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a member of the Institute
                                                                                                                                              of Management Consultants.

Michael Grimm
Michael Grimm is one of the founders and member of the management of Ingentis. After graduating from high school Mr. Grimm                    Danny Temming
completed his IT studies in 1994. Prior founding Ingentis he worked as a developer and later on project manager at a leading German           Since 1996, Danny has worked in the HR area in various Business Development, Program Management and Consulting roles, focusing
software company in various projects. An expert in information systems design and development, Mr. Grimm was responsible for                  on global companies. Experience gained working in EMEA, the Americas as well as Asia.
developing and managing individual software solutions for international customers like Hewlett Packard and Siemens. In 2002 he                Danny joined NorthgateArinso in 2003 as Key Account Manager, with an objective to assist in managing the company‘s rapid
transitioned to a new role as product manager for Ingentis easy.pes and manager for international sales and partnering at Ingentis. In        growth in International Accounts. Between 2004 and 2008, Danny was responsible for Shell, NGA’s largest customer. As of 2008,
2008 Mr. Grimm changed his role from sales to marketing and became product manager for Ingentis org.manager as well. Mr. Grimm                he has combined his role of Key Account Manager with responsibility for EMEA and LATAM Account Management, a role which he
has travelled over 20 countries in the last years and gave HR related lectures at various events and summits.                                 is conducting today.