Senior Thesis Process Steps to complete prior to the Thesis by guy25


									         Senior Thesis Process
              Steps to complete prior to the                           September &                                Important Due Dates . . .
                      Thesis I term:
                                                                      December 2008                                Please note: Dates posted from Summer 2008 and beyond are tentatively set subject to the Academic Calendar for 2008/2009. In addition, the
1.    One-on-one advisement with Thesis Advisor
2.    Proposed Thesis Assignment (PTA) Due                              Graduates                                  due date associated with Step 14 for June graduates is a REQUIRED date for participation in commencement. Step 15 is a REQUIRED date
                                                                                                                   for March & June graduation.                 September 2008                September 2008         December 2008         December 2008
3.    Proposed Thesis Assignment Approval
4.    Initial Contact                                                 Pocket Guide                                1.    One-on-one Advisement with Thesis        1.

                                                                                                                                                                       Winter 2007


                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Winter 2007       1.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Spring 07
5.    Plan of Attack                                                                                                    Advisor                                        (Jr II, AT)                                    (Jr II, AT)             (Jr II, AT)

                                                                                                                  2.    Proposed Thesis Assignment Due           2.    4/20/07                                  2.    4/ 20/07          2.    8/3/07
            Steps to complete during the                                                                                                                               (Jr II, WT)                                    (Jr II, WT)             (Sr I, WT)
                    Thesis I term:                                                                                3.    Proposed Thesis Assignment Approval      3.    6/1/07                                   3.    6/1/07            3.    9/14/07
6. Conduct Research                                                                                                                                                    (Jr II, WT)                                    (Jr II, WT)             (Sr I, WT)
7. Meeting (Thesis 1 or Thesis II term)                                                                           4.    Initial Contact with Faculty Advisor     4.    Summer 07                                4.    Summer 2007       4.    Fall 07
                                                                                                                                                                       (Sr I, AT)                                     (Sr I, AT)              (Sr I, AT)

              Steps to complete on                                                                                5.    Submit Thesis Plan of Attack             5.    Summer 07              PLEASE            5.    Summer 2007       5.    Fall 07
       academic term between Thesis terms:                                                                                                                             (Sr I, AT)               SE E                  (Sr I, AT)              (Sr I, AT)

8. Attend "Completing Your Thesis" meeting                                                                        6.    Conduct Research, Experimentation,       6.    Fall 07                T HE S I S        6.    Fall 2007         6.    Winter 08
9. Chapter 1                                                                                                            Design Work & Investigation                    (Sr I, WT)
                                                                                                                                                                       [Thesis I]
                                                                                                                                                                                             ADVISOR                  (Sr I, WT)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      [Thesis I]
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (Sr II, WT)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              [Thesis I]

                                                                                                                  7.    Meeting with Faculty Advisor,            7.    Fall 07                                  7.    Fall 2007         7.    Winter 08
              Steps to complete during the                                                                              Employer Advisor and Thesis Student            (Sr I, WT)                                     (Sr I, WT)              (Sr II, WT)
       Thesis II term and Final Academic Term:                                                                          (Thesis I or II term)                          [Thesis I]                                     [Thesis I]              [Thesis I]
10.   Submit Preliminary Thesis to Employer Advisor
11.   Submit Preliminary Thesis to Thesis Services                                                                8.    Attend "Completing Your Thesis "         8.    Winter 08                                8.    Winter 2008       8.    Spring 08
                                                                                                                        Meeting                                        (Sr II, AT)                                    (Sr II, AT)             (Sr II, AT)
12.   Preliminary Thesis Approval
13.   Title Pages & Eval by Employer Advisor Completed                                                            9.    Chapter One Submitted to Faculty         9.    2/22/08                                  9.    2/22/08           9.    5/16/08

14.   Final Thesis Due to Thesis Services                          Senior Thesis Project                                Advisor                                        (Sr II, AT)                                    (Sr II, AT)             (Sr II, AT)

15.   Final Thesis Approved                                                                                       10.   Preliminary Thesis Submitted to
                                                                                                                        Employer Advisor
                                                                                                                                                                 10.   4/25/08
                                                                                                                                                                       (Sr II, WT)
                                                                                                                                                                                           10.   2/22/08        10.   5/16/08
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (Sr II, WT)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        10.   8/1/08
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (Sr III, WT)
16.   Graduation                                                     To provide the Kettering student with a                                                           [Thesis II]                                    [Thesis II]             [Thesis II]
                                                                   capstone integrative experience, combining
                                                                                                                  11.   Preliminary Thesis Submitted to Thesis   11.   5/9/08              11.   3/14/08        11.   6/6/08            11.   8/15/08
                                                                        curriculum and work experience                  Services                                       (Sr II, WT)                                    (Sr II, WT)             (Sr III, WT)
                                                                                 into a significant                                                                    [Thesis II]                                    [Thesis II]             [Thesis II]
                                                                                 REAL WORLD
          Thesis Coordinators                                      professional project for the co-op employer.   12.   Preliminary Thesis Approval              12.   6/27/08
                                                                                                                                                                       (Sr II, WT)
                                                                                                                                                                                           12.   6/6/08         12.   9/12/08
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (Sr III, AT)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        12.   10/03/08
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (Sr III, WT)
                                                                                                                                                                       [Thesis II]                                                            [Thesis II]
        Students will be assigned a Thesis Coordinator upon                                                       13.   Thesis Title Pages & Evaluation by       13.   6/27/08             13.   6/27/08        13.   10/10/08          13.   10/03/08
 approval of their Proposed Thesis Assignment. There are                                                                Employer Advisor Completed                     (Sr II, WT)                                    (Sr III, WT)            (Sr III, WT)
 two Thesis Coordinators that assist all Kettering Univer-                Kettering University                                                                         [Thesis II]                                                            [Thesis II]
 sity Thesis Students.                                                                                            14.   Final Thesis Due to Thesis Services      14.   7/28/08             14.   7/28/08        14.   10/20/08          14.   10/20/08
       The Thesis Coordinator will conduct a format                                                                                                                    (Sr III, AT)                                   (Sr III, WT)            (Sr III, AT)
 review upon Faculty Advisor approval of the Preliminary
 Thesis and track the progress of the preliminary and final                                                       15.   Final Thesis Approval                    15.   9/19/08             15.   9/19/08        15.   12/12/08          15.   12/12/08
                                                                                                                                     (Sr III, AT)                                   (Sr III, WT)            (Sr III, AT)
 thesis submissions. The Thesis Coordinator will also
 forward the preliminary and final thesis submissions to the                        16.   Graduation Date                          16.   9/27/08             16.   9/27/08        16.   12/13/08          16.   12/13/08
 faculty advisor for review. The student will be contacted     Thesis Services Organization on Blackboard
 by the Thesis Coordinator when the review is complete.                 Phone #: (810) 762-9947                   Please note:                                                              Please note:
                                                                               Room: 3-322                        For due dates specified by term (Summer 2006), the event                  Students who are planning back-to-back terms, study abroad
         Thesis Coordinator   Phone #    Office #                                                                 can commence anytime during the term. Only exception is                   terms, and/or have their graduating term as a Thesis II term,
                                                                   Dr. W.L. Scheller: Thesis Director             the “Completing Your Thesis” meeting. Specific dates for                  please contact the Thesis Advisor to help you work out a time-
         Jackie Edgington     762-9516   3-322 AB                                                                 this meeting are posted on the website.                                   line tailored to you..
                                                                   Michelle Gebhardt: Thesis Advisor
         Lenore Myers         762-7920   3-322 AB                                                                 AT (Academic Term)
                                                                                                                  WT (Work Term)
What you need to know about the 16 Steps of the . . .                                       Senior Thesis Process.
                                                                                                                                      Steps to complete during the Thesis II term                         a.      Final Review Copy Submission Form (available on
 Steps to complete prior to the Thesis I term:                    while conducting testing, research, experimentation, design
                                                                  work and investigation that results in a solution for the co-op   and Final Academic Term:                                              b.      1 hard copy of Final Thesis
1. One-on-one Advisement with Thesis Advisor:                     employer.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          c.      Marked-up Preliminary Thesis
The first step to getting started on your thesis is to set up a                                                                     10. Submit Preliminary Thesis to Employer Advisor                     d.      3 title pages signed by student & Employer Advisor
one-on-one advisement session with the Thesis Advisor.            7. Meeting (Thesis I or Thesis II term):                          The student will need to submit one hardcopy of the thesis            e.      The Student Evaluation, Employer Advisor Evaluation
The Thesis Advisor will help you determine your thesis            Students should conduct a Meeting with their Faculty and          to his/her Employer Advisor. The copy will be reviewed                        and approval of the Thesis Abstract by the Employer
terms, when to submit your PTA, provide a timeline of due         Employer Advisors. This meeting provides an opportunity           and a determination will be made by the Employer Advisor                      Advisor should be completed in Co-op Navigator.
dates, work out a graduation plan and go over the 16 step         for the student, Employer Advisor and Faculty Advisor to          whether to approve the thesis. Upon approval, the Employer
thesis process. This advisement session is required for all       consider collectively the student's approach to the thesis        Advisor will need to sign the Employer Approval Letter.               The Thesis Coordinator will perform another format review
JRII students on their academic term.                             assignment. It should be held at the Employer Advisor's
                                                                                                                                                                                                          to ensure all formatting changes have been made. If further
                                                                  work-site, but if that is not feasible, it may be held at         11. Submit Preliminary Thesis to Thesis Services                      formatting corrections are needed, the student will be re-
2. Proposed Thesis Assignment (PTA):                              Kettering University or through a conference call.                The student should submit a completed draft of the thesis             quired to make the formatting changes prior to the Faculty
When students attain 88 earned hours, they will receive an        Arrangements for the meeting are prepared by the student.         (referred to as Preliminary Thesis) to Thesis Services to be          Advisor review. Upon approval of the Final Thesis by both
e-communication to electronically complete and submit the         The student should also facilitate the meeting. During this       reviewed by his/her Faculty Advisor. The thesis should be             the Faculty Advisor and Thesis Coordinator, the student will
Proposed Thesis Assignment (PTA) form on our secure               meeting, the student's work assignment, the time available        complete and in its final form, which includes all                    be notified to submit the Final for Binding.
Co-op Navigator website. In addition, students will also          for the testing and/or investigation associated with the          illustrations, content and pertinent data. It should be
complete and submit the Pre-Thesis Checklist and                  project, the facilities required, and the type of reports         grammatically and mechanically correct and should also be             Students should include the following for their Final for Binding
Graduation Plan on Co-op Navigator.                               expected by the advisors, among other items, may be               formatted according to the template available on the website          submission:
                                                                  discussed. Changes to the Plan of Attack can be made, and         under "Students" and then "Format of the thesis document".            a. 2 hard copies of Final Thesis
3. Proposed Thesis Assignment Approval:                           the final approach to the thesis must be agreed upon by the       Failure to do this could result in the Preliminary Thesis             b. CD of Final Thesis in required format
Once the PTA is submitted, the Employer Advisor will              conclusion of the meeting. A meeting may be conducted at          being unapproved by the Faculty Advisor.                              c.   2 copies of the Final Thesis Submission form
receive an e-mail to approve the PTA via Co-op Navigator.         the beginning of the project during the Thesis 1 term or at
                                                                                                                                                                                                          d. 1 hard copy of the Abstract form
Upon approval from the Employer Advisor, the PTA will             the end of the project during the Thesis 2 term.                   Students should include the following with the Preliminary Thesis
be forwarded to the students degree department to locate a                                                                          submission:                                                           15. Final Thesis Approval
Faculty Advisor. This may take up to six weeks. Upon               Steps to complete on academic term between                       a. Preliminary Company Approval Letter                                Missing the deadlines for the Final Thesis approval may
faculty acceptance, the PTA is processed, the student is                          Thesis terms:                                          (available on website)                                           jeopardize a student’s ability to graduate by his/her intended
registered for thesis terms and a confirmation e-mail is                                                                            b. Preliminary Thesis Submission Form                                 graduation date. Upon approval by the Faculty Advisor, the
generated out to the student, Faculty Advisor and                 8. "Completing Your Thesis" Meeting                                    (available on website)                                           student is issued a grade for the thesis. Faculty Advisors
Employer Advisor.                                                 Thesis Services offers a "Completing Your Thesis" Meeting.        c.   Abstract Form                                                    have the discretion to award "Pass," "Fail" or "Pass with
                                                                  The student should attend this meeting the academic term               (submit through Co-op Navigator & print 1 hard copy)             Distinction" grades. A student who has received a grade of
4. Initial Contact:                                               between their Thesis I and Thesis II terms. The meeting is        d    1 hard copy of your Preliminary Thesis                           "Pass" has fulfilled the thesis as a graduation requirement. A
It is the student's responsibility to make Initial Contact        focused on providing information about the writing and                                                                                  student who has received a grade of "Fail" will be required to
with the Faculty Advisor upon receiving notice that his/her       submission of the preliminary and final thesis including the      12. Preliminary Thesis Approval                                       select a new thesis topic and start over. A student who has
PTA has been approved by Kettering University. Typically,         formatting template. Meeting dates are posted on the              If the Faculty Advisor approves the Preliminary Thesis, the           received a grade of "Pass with Distinction" will have the
this step comes during the student's academic term prior to       website.                                                          Thesis Coordinator will conduct a format review of the                grade denoted in transcripts and will receive a certificate
beginning the Thesis I work term. This Initial Contact                                                                              Preliminary Thesis. The thesis will then be returned to the           expressing exceptional achievement.
should be an introduction of the student to the Faculty           9. Chapter 1:                                                     student. If the Preliminary Thesis is not approved, the thesis
Advisor. It presents a good opportunity for the student and       It is the responsibility of the student to ask the Faculty        will be returned without a formal review. The student will            16. Graduation
Faculty Advisor to briefly discuss the direction of the           Advisor if a Chapter 1 review is required. If so, the student     make the required corrections and resubmit the Preliminary            When all audits are completed and the student has met all
project and set up a meeting date and time for a Meeting          is to submit a completed Chapter 1 directly to their Faculty      Thesis.                                                               graduation requirements, the Office of the Registrar will
between both advisors and the student.                            Advisor. Chapter 1 will be reviewed by the Faculty Advisor                                                                              send a letter of verification to the student’s co-op employer.
                                                                  and returned to the student prior to the student’s Thesis II      13. Thesis Title Pages and Evaluation by Employer                     At that time, it is recommended that the student be
5. Plan of Attack:                                                term. Chapter 1 is the introductory chapter to the thesis and         Advisor Completed                                                 considered a full-time employee and no longer a co-op
Students should complete a Plan of Attack in preparation          should contain the following information:                         Prior to leaving your employment, you will be responsible             student, even though this change of status could occur well
for the thesis. A student will identify the various steps,        a. Problem Topic: A single clear statement describing             for getting three title pages signed by your Employer                 before graduation.
methods employed and timelines for completion of his/her                 the exact problem being addressed and the nature of        Advisor. As well, the Employer Thesis Evaluation should
thesis project. It should also reflect the student's ability to          the end result sought.                                     be completed by the Employer Advisor via Co-op Navigator              Additional Information:
analyze the problem and develop a logical approach to its         b. Background: Provide an orientation regarding the               and the Thesis Abstract approved.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Binding Procedures:
solution. Typically, students will create a Gantt chart                  problem being addressed by the thesis.                                                                                           Final thesis copies are sent to the binding company once a month and are dropped off
specifying the timelines and deadlines for thesis                 c.     Criteria and Parameter Restrictions: Identify the          14. Submit Final Thesis to Thesis Services                            the following month; therefore, there will be approximately a six to eight week time
                                                                                                                                                                                                          frame before sending the bound copies to the Employer Advisor. Two bound theses will
submission. It is suggested the Plan of Attack be completed              criteria and parameters of the project if the project      The Final Thesis submission follows the Faculty Advisor               be sent directly to the Employer Advisor - one copy for the employer and one copy
and e-mailed to the Faculty and Employer Advisors by                     involves the creation of a design. If the project does     approval of the Preliminary Thesis. Students must make all            intended for the student. However, it is up to the discretion of the student's employer to
week 1 of Thesis I. A sample Plan of Attack & Gantt Chart                                                                           content and formatting changes denoted on the Preliminary             provide the student with a copy. Kettering University will mail the student copy directly
                                                                         not involve a design, the heading may just be Criteria.                                                                          to the student if the company gives the university approval on the "Bound Copies Distribu-
are available on the website.                                     d. Methodology: Give the major steps of the procedure             Thesis before submitting the Final Thesis for Review.                 tion Approval Form" (available on website under "Employer" and then “Thesis
                                                                         used in solving the problem, so the reader will            Missing the deadlines for the Final Thesis submission may             Forms"). Extra bound copies can be made for students at a charge of $20. Extra copies
                                                                                                                                                                                                          will be sent to the employer advisor (unless direct shipment approval) and require
                                                                         immediately know the solution was achieved in a            jeopardize a student's ability to participate in commence-
  Steps to complete during the Thesis I term:                                                                                                                                                             approval on the “Bound Copies Distribution Approval Form”.
                                                                         systematic and valid way.                                  ment and graduate by his/her intended graduation date.
6. Conduct Research:                                              e.     Primary Purpose: State that the thesis presents the                                                                              To declare confidentiality, a letter of confidentiality must be received in Thesis Services.
                                                                         results of the investigation.                              Students should include the following for their Final Thesis Review   Until the letter is received, the thesis won’t be handled in a confidential manner. A form
The student should adhere to the timelines accordingly                                                                                                                                                    letter is available on the website under “Student” or “Employer” “Thesis Forms”.
                                                                  f.     Overview: Summarize the introduction.                      submission:

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