ARTICLE I – APILSA BOARD MEMBERS

Section 1: Executive Members and Chairs
   a) Executive members are the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, the
       Secretary, and the Events Director.
   b) The duties of the executive branch members shall be attached as listed in Article
       V of these By-Laws. These duties shall be reviewed annually and revised as
       needed by a majority vote of APILSA membership.
   c) One week after the new President has been elected, at that time he/she shall
       choose what and how many chairs will be on the new board.
   d) Chairs are chosen as a collective of the President-elect, Vice-President-elect,
       Treasurer-elect, Secretary-elect, Events-Director-elect, and Current APILSA
   e) The Webmaster is the only Chair position that can be combined with any
       Executive position, any other chair, or Elder appointment.
   f) Elders are appointed by President.
   g) All members are subject to removal from office by a majority vote of the APILSA
       membership and is subject to the provisions for Impeachment. See Article I,
       Section 4.

Section 2: Liaison and Elders
   a) Liaisons are comprised of Asian Bar Association of Washington (ABAW),
       Korean American Bar Association of Washington (KABA), and Vietnamese
       American Bar Association, (VABA).
   b) These 3 liaisons are treated in every aspect as Board Chairs.
   c) The position of any Liaison can be overlapped with any Executive Position or
       Chair or with another Liaison position.
   d) It is actually recommended that some positions overlap as to keep the APILSA
       board to a minimum.
   e) Look to Article V, Section 10-11.

Section 2: APILSA Committees
All APILSA committees can be created by any Board member and participants must
include only paid APILSA members. Although committee members once appointed to a
committee may attend APILSA Board members, they do not have voting rights.
Committee Chairs are appointed as a collective of the committee.

Section 3: Vacancies
A position will be declared vacant if the person filling that position:
    1) fails to attend two meetings consecutively (both Board meetings and General
        Body meetings);
    2) fails to attend APILSA events without good reason;

    3) fails to fulfill mandatory tabling hours pursuant to Article V; or
    4) fails to reasonably fulfill the respective duties of an officer pursuant to Article V.

Vacancy of a position may be declared by any Board member. Execution of this
provision may be stayed upon a two-thirds vote of the quorum of the APILSA
membership for a maximum of two more meetings.

Section 4: Impeachment
   a) The failure of any executive member to comply with the basic job description in
       Article V or any gross neglect of the provisions of these By-Laws shall be
       grounds for Impeachment;
   b) The Impeachment process shall be initiated by proposal calling at any APILSA
       board meeting and shall be commenced at the next APILSA general meeting.
   c) The executive member who is the subject of the Impeachment shall have the
       opportunity to appear before the APILSA executive board in an emergency board
       meeting for his/her defense.
   d) Following the presentation the APILSA Board will vote to continue the
       Impeachment process. Upon 2/3 of the Board vote the Impeachment vote will go
       to the APILSA general membership at the next general meeting.
   e) Upon the next APILSA general meeting the Impeachment will be final upon a 2/3
       vote of the entire PRESENT APILSA membership.

                         ARTICLE II – ELECTION GUIDLINES

   Section 1: Officers and Board Chairs
   a) The elections for the officers shall be held the last full week in March. New
      officers and board chairs shall attend APILSA meeting during the month of April
      as non-voting members.
   b) To be declared the elected vice-president or treasurer, there must be a simple
      majority of all votes cast for that office; If one candidate does not receive a simple
      majority, the two candidates with the highest number of votes for that office will
      go into a run-off election.
   c) To be declared the elected president, with more than two candidates running;
      there shall be an automatic run-off election of the two candidates with the highest
          a. With only two candidates or the automatic run-off election, if the two
              candidate’s votes are only separated by 20% or less of the total votes, both
              candidates shall share the presidency as Co-Presidents. If the separation is
              more than 20%, the candidate with the majority shall be declared
          b. If during a run-off, one candidate withdraws from the election prior to the
              run-off election, the candidate with the next highest vote for that office
              shall be placed on the run-off ballot.
   d) One week after officers are elected, the president-elect shall choose how many
      and what board chair positions he/she will have on their new board. At which
      time board chair position shall be open to members.

   e) Board chairs will be appointed by all the current APILSA board and officers-
      elect; each having one vote to whom will receive board positions.
   f) The President, Vice-President, and Treasurer shall be referred to as the
      “Executive Board” and all officers and board chairs shall be referred to as the
   g) The term of officers and board chairs shall run from June 1 to May 31 of the
      following year.

Section 2: Board Voting Procedures
   a) Executive Board members: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and
       Events Director have voting rights on all major APILSA issues.
   b) All chairs, liaisons, and elders may put input into all discussion and may vote on
       minor issues and only when asked by the executive board.

                        ARTICLE III – DUTIES OF APILSA

Section 1: Yearly Agenda of APILSA
   a) Mandatory events are as follows:
                   1. One group/general membership volunteer activity a year.
                   2. One event where a portion is given to a local API charity a year
                   3. In accord with SBA guidelines, two speaker events/career panels,
                      one each semester.
                   4. Karaoke Night is mandatory during Fall semester.
                        1. Bidding on Professors optional, however, if done all
                            proceeds must go to a local API charity.
                   5. 3L dinner is mandatory during Spring semester.
                        1. It is optional whether or not to require 3L to pay for their
                            own meal.
                   6. Optional events include: Luau, Best Bake Sale Ever, APILSA
                      book Scholarship, and all other presented events.

Section 2: Affairs of APILSA
   a) In any event where it is listed or presented as “all proceeds going to charity or
       scholarship,” ALL monies shall go to the listed event, even if the event’s revenue
       creates an odd number of monies collected or a loss of in the total proceeds (no
       money shall be used to even up how much APILSA has put in to the event).
   b) All email messages to the Listserver shall be approved by the President. Unless
       to remind of a special event or emergency, all emails shall be sent in a Wednesday
   c) All emails sent to the Listserver shall be reasonably sent by or Emails may be signed by writer’s name and/or title on the
       APILSA board.
   d) The APILSA email accounts cannot be used for personal use and especially not
       for employment causes.

                       ARTICLE IV – BUDGET GUIDLINES

Section 1: Membership Fees:
   a) Members of APILSA shall pay a yearly fee of $10 to support the APILSA general
   b) Amendments to this Section are subject to a 2/3 vote of present general
       membership at any general meeting.

Section 2: Monitoring of Spending:
The APILSA Vice-President shall monitor all APILSA spending and report any
unexpected or significant deviations to the Executive Board.

Section 3: Budget Report
The Vice-President and Treasurer shall make a joint report to the Executive Board after
every event, concerning expenditures with current state of account.

                       ARTICLE V – DUTIES OF OFFICERS

Section 1: PRESIDENT
   a) To call and preside over APILSA general and board meetings.
   b) To develop agenda for each APILSA meeting.
   c) To call, preside over, and develop the agenda for APILSA executive meetings.
   d) Required to clean out APILSA desk (student org room) from the last year and
       coordinate with SALSA President.
   e) President shall hold a copy along with the Historian all APILSA cd’s and all
       History of APILSA.
   f) The President is responsible for personal writing or appointing others to complete
       all Thank you letters and Tax ID letters.
   g) Required to buy all liquor licenses for any APILSA event with alcohol.
   h) To meet once a semester with the SBA Diversity Representative and APILSA
       faculty Advisors.
   i) Coordinate volunteers at table events. If a member does not show up to their
       appointed time, the President shall take place or be responsible for money or
   j) Send Wednesday Blast, unless Webmaster is asked to.
   k) Reasonably attend all Washington Bar events to promote the Law community to
       be involved in APILSA.
   l) Email Webmaster to put info on twen or APILSA website:
   m) Responsible for Listserver and adding and removing name. Also must have a
       current list of all members of the listserver.
   n) May elect to do fundraisers unilaterally.
   o) Govern all fundraisers unless a committee is formed.
   p) Coordinate the annual ABAW Banquet, including seating, SU Law paid seating
       with the Deans.
   q) Act as a liaison between Career Services and Admissions.

   r) In the event that the President chooses not to create a chair listed in these bylaws,
      the President shall take on the duties or distribute the duties of that listed chair.

   a) To act, in the absence of the President, as the executive head of APILSA.
   b) To oversee the Treasurer as he/she receives revenues and expends student body
       funds and double check all numbers from each event.
   c) Attend the SBA budget hearing meetings and advocate for APILSA
   d) An automatic member of the SBA diversity committee
   e) Will head on fundraiser and one speaker/career event a year.
   f) Will purchase and price all Alcohol at any APILSA event that requires such.
   g) In the event that the President has not relayed important information, the Vice-
       President may email emergency or reminder emails to the listserver (using an
       APILSA email account) with out Presidential approval.
   h) Shall contribute a minimum of 2 hours per table event, unless good cause can be
       shown to the President.

Section 3: TREASURER
   a) To sit as a voting member of APILSA Executive Board.
   b) Must hold documentation/copies of all receipts given for reimbursement.
   c) Liaison between Westlaw, Lexis, SBA treasurer, Barbri, and all other donors.
   d) Contact for reimbursements or donations and all changes in the APILSA account.
   e) Will give updates as to the balance of the APILSA account at every executive
   f) At all table events, the Treasurer shall make sure there is not an abundant amount
       of cash in the cash box at any time.
   g) Shall contribute a minimum of 2 hours per table event, unless good cause can be
       shown to the President.

Section 4: SECRETARY
   a) To sit as a voting member of the APILSA Executive Board.
   b) To assist any Board member when needed
   c) To take attendance and record to distribute to President to be filed and kept as a
   d) Attend and take minutes at all APILSA sponsored meetings
   e) Have minutes ready to post and email to Webmaster.
   f) To maintain an activity calendar and help Historian to post on the Bulletin Board.
   g) In charge of writing letters of participations and to distribute to Professors.
   h) Responsible for the collection of all RSVPs for all APILSA events which they are
   i) Responsible for all Repo Graphic documents, including Thank You cards, etc.
   j) Shall write all Bios for all speaker events
   k) Shall assist the Publicity Chair in writing PR articles
   l) Shall contribute a minimum of 2 hours per table event, unless good cause can be
       shown to the President.

   a) To sit as a voting member of APILSA Executive Board
   b) Coordinate all food at all events
   c) Coordinate and act as a liaison between Bon Apetit
   d) Coordinate and act as a liaison between SU Event Services
   e) Gather all price comparisons for all aspects of any APILSA event.
   f) Can create own sub committees with any APILSA members
   g) Shall work on budget with Treasurer and Vice-President
   h) Shall create a sub-committee and act as Committee chair for Thomas Tang
       Regional Moot Court Competition. Events Director shall act as a liaison between
       the Moot Court Board.
   i) Shall contribute a minimum of 2 hours per table event, unless good cause can be
       shown to the President.

Section: 6: PUBLICITY MANAGER (optional chair)
   a) Shall make all APILSA event flyers
   b) Shall work with the Historian to post flyers, and make classroom announcements.
   c) Coordinate all room reservations, all docket postings, and table reservations.
   d) After each event, the Publicity Manager shall write a blurb for the PR or ABAW
       newsletter and shall submit with approval of President in a timely manner.

Section 7: WEBMASTER (optional chair and only chair that can be combined with
any executive office or other chair)
   a) Oversee APILSA website, TWEN site.
   b) In the event the President or Vice-President is not able to send the Wednesday
       Blast, the webmaster shall send.
   c) Shall attend regular meetings.

Section 8: HISTORIAN (optional chair)
   a) Shall assist the Publicity Manager.
   b) Go to all classrooms to call events and help post flyers.
   c) Soley in charge of APILSA Bulletin Board in locker area, however, all campaign
       posters shall be subject to the approval of the President.
   d) Take and catalog pictures of all APILSA events.
   e) After each event, the Historian shall put together blurb and pictures for the
       Webmaster to post of the website.
   f) Keep scrapbook of pictures. (optional)
   g) Keep a binder of all posting/flyers/PR articles through out the year. The binder
       shall include copies of account info that Treasurer hands out, members list, and all
       documentation of APILSA events.
   h) Shall attend regular meetings.

   a) In charge of collecting all mailed and non mailed V/S/C info and distributing it to
       all members.

   b) Shall attend all general meeting to distribute information but may elect not to
      attend all APILSA board meetings.
   c) Shall make updates at all general meetings.
   d) Shall post new V/S/C info on twen or APILSA website via Webmaster.
   e) Administer APILSA Book Scholarship.
   f) Shall attend all Career Panels/Speaker Series and Catalog all speakers including
      their info for future reference accessible for any APILSA member.

Section 10: LIASONS
Liaisons shall attend their respective Bar Association meetings and open communication
for all APILSA events to be attended by Local Attorneys. In addition, the Liaison may
help find career speakers. Liaisons are not required to attend all APILSA board meetings.

Section 11: ELDERS
   a) Elders are an honorary position and have all and the same luxuries of the APILSA
       board, including complimentary seats at the annual ABAW banquet.
   b) Elders may attend APILSA Board meetings and give any insight to any event,
       however, Elders do not have any voting rights.
   c) The Board is not required to relay ALL information to the Elders, as they are only
   d) Elder positions may overlap with any chair position.
   e) Are required to sit at one table event a semester.


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