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					                      MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF
                            THE BOARD OF EDUCATION

                                          December 14, 2009

 The meeting was called to order by Leightan Wishart, Chairperson of the Board of Education, at the
 school district administration office, Port Hardy, B.C. at 6:30 p.m. with the following in attendance:
           Jeff Field, Trustee                 Absent: Victor Tracy, Trustee
           Eric Hunter, Trustee                         Ann Hory, Trustee
           Werner Manke, Trustee
           Carol Prescott, Trustee

APPROVAL OF                    Manke/Field:
MINUTES                        That the minutes of the November 9, 2009 meeting be adopted as
188/09                         presented.

ADDITIONS TO THE               2009/2010 Funding / Amended 2009/2010 Budget
AGENDA                         Threat Assessment
                               Financial Disclosure Act Statements

ADOPTION OF                    Hunter/Manke:
AGENDA                         That the agenda be adopted with the additions.      CARRIED

PORT HARDY                     Ms. Bedard, Superintendent of Schools introduced Steve Gray,
SECONDARY SCHOOL               Principal of Port Hardy Secondary School. She stated she was
PLAN PRESENTATION              pleased with the welcoming culture at PHSS and the leadership
                               provided by Mr. Gray to ensure a safe and respectful school. Mr.
                               Bedard also recognized Mr. Gray for establishing a Distance
                               Learning School.

                               Mr. Gray began his presentation by presenting statistics showing
                               that more students had made the Honour Roll (90% average or
                               better) and more students had also attained an average of 80% or
                               better. He also recognized that the school was experiencing less
                               student suspensions when compared to prior years. He was very
                               pleased with the trends and stated that there is a growing positive
                               attitude in the school and students are responding to it. He noted
                               that it takes time to move to a more academic school, but he is
                               pleased that it is slowly evolving.

                               He reported that there were now six courses available on line
                               through the school‟s new Distributed Learning School. He was
                               looking forward to being able to offer more courses to provide
                               students with more choice and to help them reach their educational
         MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING – December 14, 2009 - PAGE 2

                       Through a PowerPoint presentation with insertion of video clips
                       voiced by students, he provided an insight into “Life at PHSS”. He
                       touched upon junior and senior volleyball and soccer, student
                       guitar, spirit days, the school‟s drama program, healthy eating and
                       Maggie‟s Room, and new courses being offered such as, Family
                       Management 12, Drafting, Earth Science 11, and special projects
                       such as students building a two-storey storage shed. He stated he
                       was very proud of the „storage shed project‟. Not only was it
                       keeping students attending school, but, it provided students a hands-
                       on way to explore many skills and take pride in their work.

                       Mr. Gray also relayed the opportunity for hands-on learning in his
                       Biology class when the Humboldt squid arrived on the shores of
                       Port Hardy Bay.

                       The school is working at all times to include the district‟s
                       Enhancement Agreement goals into all levels of the curriculum and
                       made reference to English 12 using the book, “Three Day Road”.

DISBURSEMENTS          Manke/Prescott:
NOVEMBER 2009          That the November 2009 disbursements statement be approved.
190/09                                                                CARRIED

AMENDED 2009/10        Mr. Martin, Secretary-Treasurer reported that he had received the
BUDGET                 district‟s 2009/2010 amended funding of $18,378,215, noting that it
                       was $55,000 higher than expected. Trustees will be asked to
                       approve the 2009/10 Amended Budget Bylaw in three readings at
                       the February 8, 2010 meeting.

PHSS – FIELD TRIP TO   Ms. Katherine McIntosh, Director of Instruction presented a request
CHINA                  from Port Hardy Secondary School to travel to China during spring
                       break 2011.

191/09                 Manke/Prescott:
                       That a Port Hardy Secondary School spring break 2011 out-of-
                       country cultural field trip request to travel to China be approved in

MINISTRY               Mr. Wally Wright, District Principal, Special Services attended the
ACKNOWELDGEMENT        meeting to advise that the Ministry of Education had contacted the
– SPECIAL NEEDS        school district to acknowledge that, after its recent analysis of
STUDENTS               provincial trend data, School District 85 (Vancouver Island North)
                       consistently performed above the provincial average in the
                       following areas:

                       Students with learning Disabilities:
                           Grade 10 English Pass Rate
          MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING – December 14, 2009 - PAGE 3

                                    Grade 10 Science Pass Rate

                           Students with Behaviour Disorders:
                               Six Year Completion Rate
                               FSA Grade 4 Reading Composition Participation

                           As a result, Mr. Wright reported that the school district special
                           education staff were asked to participate in an Effective Practices
                           Enquiry written report. The data being collected will be analyzed
                           and reported to BCCASE. The information gathered will be
                           distributed across the province. Mr. Wright recognized and thanked
                           his LART and SEW staff as well as school principals and vice-
                           principals for their work on behalf of district students.

THREAT ASSESSMENT – The Director of Instruction, Ms. McIntosh reported that a very
NEXT STEPS          successful Threat Assessment Workshop (Building Safe Schools for
                    Everyone) was held on November 23, 2009 (Implementation Day)
                    at the Port Hardy Civic Centre. The presenter, Ms. Teresa
                    Campbell, provided a full day session on threat assessment with
                    over 216 people in attendance which also included representatives
                    from the district‟s partner groups.

                           The District Principal, Special Services, Wally Wright provided
                           some background and philosophy into the threat assessment work
                           being done in Alberta and British Columbia. The work involves a
                           collaborative approach to preventing violence.

                           Ms. McIntosh announced that an in-depth level one, two-day
                           training session was scheduled in district for June 8 and 9, 2010.

SUPERINTENDENT’S           Ms. Bedard, Superintendent of Schools presented for approval the
ACHIEVEMENT                Superintendent‟s Report on Student Achievement. She advised it
REPORT                     had been collaboratively written by the District‟s Education Team
                           made up of herself, the Director of Instruction, the District
                           Principal, Special Services and the District Principal, First Nations
                           and Educational Initiatives. The following are excerpts taken from
                           the report that were outlined by Ms. Bedard at the meeting:

                           The report on student achievement has two main purposes:
                                To ensure transparency and accountability for the school district’s
                                   ongoing responsibility to improve student achievement.
                                To provide information to shape and influence plans at the school
                                   and district level that focus and support improvements in student
                           The report focuses on student achievement results in literacy, numeracy,
                           and school completion, as well as on aboriginal student achievement. Both
                           provincial and local data are referenced.


                Improving Areas of Student Achievement
           1.   Graduation and Completion Rates
                   Six-Year Completion rates for Aboriginal students improved from 50%
                    to 57% in the last three years.
                   Six-Year Completion rates for students with Behavior
                    Disabilities/Mental Illness improved from 39% to 59% over the last
                    three years.
                   First-Time Graduation rate for all students has improved from 76% to
                    85% in the last five years.
                   First-Time Graduation rate for students with Special Needs has
                    improved from 63% to 80% in the last five years.
                   First-Time Graduation rate for Aboriginal students has improved from
                    50% to 75% in the last five years.
                   Science 10 Provincial exam pass rate for all students, including
                    Aboriginal and Special Needs students, has improved in the last three
                   Social Studies 11 Provincial exam pass rate for all students, including
                    Aboriginal, has improved in the last two years.

           2.   Literacy
                   Grade 2 PM Benchmark results show increases for boys, girls and
                    Aboriginal students in reading over the last three years.
                   Grade 4 FSA Writing results show an increase for girls from 2008 to
                   Grade 7 FSA Writing results improved for all students including
                    Aboriginal students from 2008 to 2009.
                   English 10 Provincial exam pass rate is at 100% for students with
                    Learning Disabilities in the last two years.
                   English 10 Provincial exam pass rate for female students increased
                    from 81% - 95% over four years.
                   English 10 Provincial exam pass rate for Aboriginal students improved
                    from 65% - 71% over four years.
                   Communications 12 Provincial exam pass rate for all students
                    improved from 81% to 93% over 5 years.
                   Communications 12 Provincial exam pass rate for Aboriginal students
                    improved from 70% to 93% over 5 years.

           3.   Numeracy
                   On the grade 8 DMA, Aboriginal boys’ results for meeting the district
                    standard in math improved by 32% in the last two years.
                   Principles of Math 10 pass rate for Aboriginal students improved by
                    17% over four years.

                Challenging Areas
           1.   Completion Rates
                   Even though the completion rates for Aboriginal and Special Needs
                    students have improved, we are not satisfied with our current results.
                    Current Aboriginal student six-year completion rate is 57% and the
                    07-08 completion rate for students with Special Needs is 56%. We
                    continue to focus on these as areas for further improvement.
                   Grade 10 and 11 transitions for Aboriginal and female students show
                    downward trends. In the last five years, Aboriginal student grade-to-
                    grade transitions have declined by an average of 9% and female
         MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING – December 14, 2009 - PAGE 5

                             student grade-to-grade transitions have declined by an average of 5% .
                            Despite our focus on improving literacy, reading comprehension
                             results on the DART and FSA assessments are not improving as
                             anticipated. In order to show trends over time in DART results for all
                             students at grades 3, 6 and 9, we need at least one more year of
                             assessment information. However, over three years, Aboriginal student
                             results have declined for grade 3 and grade 6 by 11% and 17%
                             respectively. Improving reading comprehension continues to be a
                             challenge for our district.
                    2.   Numeracy
                            District and provincial data indicate numeracy results are declining at
                             primary, intermediate and secondary levels. In order to show trends
                             over time on our district math assessment (DMA), and the revised FSA,
                             we need at least two more years of data. However, results for all
                             students at the grade 3 level indicate a decline by 14% over the last
                             three years. Only 34% of grade 8 students are achieving the district
                             standard of 60% or better. From 07-08 to 08-09, grade 4 FSA
                             Numeracy results show an alarming drop for Aboriginal students from
                             42% to 22% meeting expectations. Further analysis is required at the
                             school level to identify what the problems are and how they can be

                         The report also contained the district‟s comments in answer to
                         questions from the Ministry of Education regarding children and
                         youth in care. The full report can be viewed on the district‟s
                         website at
                         That the Superintendent‟s Report on Student Achievement be
                         approved and that it be forwarded to the Ministry of Education by
                         January 31, 2010.

SUPERINTEDENT’S          The Superintendent of Schools, Ms. Bedard provided an update
REPORT – GOALS           regarding the progress to-date re: her 2009-2011goals in the areas of
                         Learning, Capacity Building, Evaluation and Strategic Planning.

FINANCIAL                Mr. Martin, Secretary-Treasurer reminded trustees about filing their
DISCLOSURE ACT           individual Financial Disclosure Act Statements with him prior to
STATEMENTS               January 15, 2010.

ADMINISTRATIVE           The Director of Instruction, Ms. McIntosh reported on her activities
REPORT                   during the past month:
                           Attended November 11th assembly at Sunset School;
                           Hosted two SmartBoard user group meetings;
                           Attended BCSSA‟s „Student Engagement Forum‟;
                           Attended SD85‟s Threat Assessment Workshop;
                           Spent a day at Eagle View, Cheslakees and Robert Scott
       MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING – December 14, 2009 - PAGE 6

                        Attended the Island Leadership Coalition meeting;
                        Attended a Mount Waddington forum on employment training
                         and strategic planning;
                        To attend upcoming school Christmas activities.

BCSTA REPORT         Chairperson Wishart reported on BCSTA‟s recent Trustee Academy
                     held in Vancouver December 3-5, 2009.

                     From one of the workshops she attended, Trustee Prescott made
                     note of the fact that only 20% of children in care in the province of
                     British Columbia graduate.

SCHOOL CHRISTMAS     Trustees were provided with a listing of the festive Christmas
ACTIVITIES           activities taking place at the local schools.

TRUSTEE SHARING      Trustee Prescott stated that a successful coffee house was recently
                     held at Sea View School.

                     Trustee Field noted that the Deputy Minister of Education was not
                     present at the recent BCSTA conference. He was pleased to see that
                     the academic success of children in care was discussed.

                     Trustee Manke reported that he expected that the Literacy Now
                     program will commence at Woss Lake School in January. He also
                     reported that he had taken a principal to lunch.

                     Trustee Hunter advised that he attended BCTF‟s November 14,
                     2009 conference in Vancouver regarding Foundations Skill

VINTA                Mr. Kevin Ogren, VINTA President reported that January 10, 2010
REPRESENTATIVE       is the date for FSA testing. He commented that because SD85 is a
                     small district, it does a good job of tracking and supporting children
                     in care.

                     He announced that the January 22, 2010 Pro-D workshop
                     information is available at and encouraged
                     trustees to attend.

                     Mr. Ogren referred to the feedback he‟d received since the district‟s
                     threat assessment workshop. He touched upon „closed‟ and „open‟
                     systems and how we all need to work together to be successful.

CUPE                 Ms. Jody Welch, CUPE Vice-President advised that she too
REPRESENTATIVE       attended the threat assessment workshop. She felt it provided
                     valuable information for bus drivers as they are often the first to see
                     students and need to involve us in what is taking place.
         MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING – December 14, 2009 - PAGE 7

QUESTION PERIOD         Mr. Lagrosse asked about the possible closure of Robert Scott
                        School and how it may affect students requiring special attention
                        already attending school at Eagle View School.

                        Chairperson Wishart advised that no decisions have been made at
                        this time to close any school for September 2010. The district will
                        not receive its funding figure from the Ministry of Education until
                        March 15, 2010. All district operations and staffing will be looked
                        at to balance the 2010/2011 budget. There will be public
                        community consultation meetings before any decision is made.

                        Mr. Lagrosse stated that the district should not accept cutbacks from
                        the Campbell government as they do not work for students. “Who is
                        there to negotiate for kids”.

ADJOURNMENT             Field:
193/09                  That the regular meeting of December 14, 2009 be adjourned.
                        (7:35 p.m.)

 ___________________________                          ________________________
      Chairperson of the Board                             Secretary-Treasurer