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									                                  BAND NEWS
Band Dates Term 1
Thursday Week 2           Concert Band rehearsals commence                               CB & TB 2006
Thursday Week 2           Hired instruments and books handed out (see below for times)   TB 2007 & TB/CB 2006
Week 3                    Training band Group Tutorials commence (TBC)                   TB 2007
Wednesday Week 5          Training Band rehearsals commence                              TB 2007

Welcome back to everyone and a warm welcome to all our new band members for the year. We hope you
have had a relaxing holiday. It’s time to get into the swing for the year and get out those instruments for
some fun and lots of learning.
We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Normanhurst West to our new conductors, Mr Ray
Hampton (Concert Band) and Mr Noel Annett (Training Band). Please feel free to come in at rehearsals
and welcome them to our school. They both bring a wealth of experience so I’m sure we will have a great
Band Vacancies: We still have room in Training Band for anyone interested in playing flute or trumpet.
Contact Ann Cassarchis on 9487 4149 to arrange a try out.
Concert Band: Rehearsals will start Thursday next week (Week 2) with Ray Hampton. All children from
Training Band last year should come along as well as current Concert Band members. Children should try
and arrive by 7.30am to help with set up and be ready to start rehearsal at 7.45am. Marg Burke will
continue this year as Concert Band Convenor but will need someone who is able to close up each week.

Training Band: We have a new conductor - Noel Annett. He is very experienced in starting Training
Bands and has worked in Sydney and country areas for many years. He has spent the last 5 years working
with the Australian Youth Orchestra and is now wanting to settle locally and get back into school bands.
Rehearsals will commence on Wednesday in Week 5.

Instrument Hire: Ann Cassarchis and Cathy Rickard will be giving out the hired instruments and
books on Thursday Week 2 from 7.45am - 9.00am and 2.00pm - 3.00pm. Any parent who can'make it to
sign loan agreements needs to ring Ann on 9487 4149. Please note instruments will NOT be given to
children without parents signing the loan agreement.
Training Band Tutrorials: Hopefully we will be giving out Training Band tutorials times next Thursday
as well. All going to plan, tutorials will start in Week 3, but this will be confirmed.

BAND COMMITTEE MEETING: All parents are invited to attend our first committee meeting, next
Thursday, 8th Feb, 7.45pm in OOSH room. We will be looking for a Treasurer, Training Band Convenor
and Band Camp Convenor. Please don’t stay away just because you don’t want to be on the committee.
Come along anyway !
If you need any further information please call me on 9484 9514,
Sue Corish
Band Convenor

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