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Band Dates Term 4
24th November             End of Year Music Night                                      Training & Concert Bands
29th November             Last Training Band rehearsal & return of Instrument          Training Band
                          Loan Agreement
13th December             Last Concert Band rehearsal – WEDNESDAY morning              Concert Band
13th December             Presentation Night                                           Concert Band
14th December             Return of Instrument Loan Agreement or music folder &        Concert band
                          hired instrument for Year 6

Weekly Awards Week 5
Training Band
Samantha Rickard – for enthusiasm and expertise on the clarinet
Codi Ramsay - for enthusiasm and effort on the clarinet
Concert Band
Tom Campbell – Great solo work on his saxophone
Louis Burke-Xie - Excellent work on the drums

Assembly Awards Week 5
Training Band
Carter Zhou -for his perseverance and hard work and for being a good team player
Concert Band
Alicia Langbein- for her sparkling manner and excellent flute playing
Alexandra Waird - for consistency in band attendance and being a positive band member

Term 4 Invoices - Reminder
Please make an effort to pay fees by 1st December. Credit card payments can be made the last two weeks
in November on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. If you have any queries please contact Paul or
Melissa Johnston on Ph 9484 9569.

End of Year Arrangements
All band members keeping hired instruments over the holidays will not be charged hiring fees but will be
expected to have the instruments serviced at their own cost. The committee has decided to subsidise the
cost of servicing for anything over $50 so that those with larger instruments which cost more to service will
not be disadvantaged. All you need to do is present us with the receipt for over $50 and we will re-imburse
you. The Loan Agreements will be handed out to Training Band this week and Concert Band next week at
TRAINING BAND: The last rehearsal for Training Band will be Wednesday 29th November (Week 7). At
this rehearsal you will be given a required list of pieces to practice over the Xmas holidays. You must also
return the loan of instrument agreement you were given this week.
CONCERT BAND: Concert Band will finish for the year on Presentation Night. Your last rehearsal will be
on Wednesday 13th December, the morning of Presentation Night. Year 6 students will be required to
return your music folder and instrument (if it is hired) to school at 8.30am on Thursday 15th December after
Presentation Night. Those keeping their instruments will need to return the Loan of Instrument Agreement
you will be given next week.

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