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The Spoiler
 For Those Who Have Lost The Plot
                                                               BABY FOR TOM Veritas                                                                     Melbourne’s Best TV-Radio Critic

Neighbours                                                                                                                                            Mitchell and the Minister
■ 6.30pm. Weeknights. Channel 10.                                                                                                                     ■ There was obvious delight yesterday (Tues.)
■ Monday, September 7. Elle discovers Donna has                                                                                                       when news came that State Minister Tim Holding
betrayed her; Kate struggles to cope with Harry; and                                                                                                  was found alive at Mont Feathertop, near Bright.
Toadie rejects Lucas' peace offering.                                                                                                                 Neil Mitchell (3AW) crossed to a number of re-
■ Tuesday, September 8. Kate learns the truth                                                                                                         porters on the scene ... but was quick to cut-off any
about Harry and is confronted by one of her own; and                                                                                                  callers who were critical of the Minister. Is Mitchell
Zeke struggles to deal with Dr. Karl at                                                                                                    getting too close to Government players? He re-
■ Wednesday, September 9. Karl takes over Zeke's                                                                                                      vealed that he had lunched with Holding in the pre-
radio shift; Steph's patience and managerial skills are                                                                                               vious week. The wily old political reporter Alan
tested by a customer; and Toadie and Elle discover                                                                                                    Reid use to warn scribes to “never get in the cage”.
the truth about Lucas and Sonya.                                                                                                                      It might be sound advice for Mr Mitchell.
■ Thursday, September 10. Steph proves her man-
agement potential in an unusual manner; Lyn returns;
and will Elle and Lucas get back together?
                                                                                                                                                      Eddie Everywhere
■ Friday, September 11. Donna struggles to cope                                                                                                       ■ Eddie McGuire is talking down 3AW ahead of
as the full impact of James' betrayal starts to sink in;                                                                                              his own breakfast radio program starting at Triple
and Susan is forced to come to terms with her fear of                                                                                                 M on Monday. McGuire teased AW for its granny
getting behind the wheel of a car again.                                                    ● Tom Elliott of 3AW                                      flat and White Lady Funerals ads. AW breakfast
                                                              ■ 3AW financial com-                                                                    co-host John Burns responded by pointing to the
                                                                                                                                                      number of number one surveys he and Ross
Home and Away                                                 mentator, and weekend
                                                              host, Tom Elliott, and his                   Media Flashes                              Stevenson have achieved. McGuire promises a
■ 7.00pm. Weeknights. Channel 7.                              partner Elise Mooney are        ■ Broadcast journalists seemed reticient to iden-       news-breaking program, and has snared producer
                                                              expecting a baby in Janu-                                                               Jay Mueller from Bank Street (see Page 6).
■ Monday, September 7. Charlie tries to find evi-                                             tify State Minister Tim Holding’s ‘partner’ in news        McGuire could fall into strife by his compari-
dence against Grant. Hugo plans to create a new               ary.                            reports prior to his rescue yesterday (Tues.). His
                                                                 The news broke yester-       partner is Ellen Whinnett, a journalist with the        sons to Collingwood and Channel 9. Not all his
dive attraction. Nicole continues to pursue Sid               day (Tues.).                                                                            activities at the Magpies or at Nine have been re-
■ Tuesday, September 8. Ruby isn't sure if she                                                Herald Sun newspaper.                                   sounding successes - despite the ‘spin’!
                                                                 The 3AW morning              ■ Norm Beaman, of Channel 7 News, was first to
believes Charlie or Grant. Hugo and John Palmer clash         program teased Elliott,         sight Mr Holding, from the TV station news heli-
over the schooner. Charlie meets with another of
Grant's victims.
                                                              who is son of controver-
                                                              sial businessman John
                                                                                              copter. Channel 9 sent e-mails to 3AW to push
                                                                                              the point that they too were in the area!
                                                                                                                                                      On a sad note ....
■ Wednesday, September 9. Charlie has kidnapped               Elliott, about whether          ■ ‘Outback Legend’ Nick Le Souef, heard on 3AW          ■ Veritas was sorry to hear the news of the pass-
                                                              there would be a wedding                                                                ing of Paddy O’Donnell, one of the 3DB team of
Grant and tries to get him to confess. Geoff tries to         soon.                           Overnighters, has returned from the Variety Bash,
convince Aden to work on the trawler with him.                                                which was featured in the Berald Sun on Monday.         the 1970s. Paddy was just 65, and succumbed to
                                                                 Ms Mooney works at                                                                   cancer.
■ Thursday, September 10. Aden and Geoff                      the Herald Sun.
struggle to work together on the trawler. Summer Bay
is introduced to Romeo Smith. Tony tries to spend
                                                                SO YOU THINK                                     Observer Reader Competition No 38
more time with Rachel and Harry.
                                                                  YOU CAN
                                                                                                              WIN LUNCH/DINNER AT
■ Friday, September 11. Romeo settles into the
Bay. Tony's understanding about Rachel and Andy
reaches breaking point. Nicole goes to extreme
                                                                                                              GLENCOE RESTAURANT
lengths to get to Sid
                                                              ■ Auditions for the next series of the
The Bill                                                      Network 10 program, So You Think You
                                                              Can Dance Australia, are to be held this
■ 8.30pm. Saturdays. ABC-1.                                   month.                                                                                       To celebrate Glencoe Restaurant’s $29.50
    Sgt. Smith (Alex Walkinshaw) and PC Ben Gayle                All Australian dancers are invited to                                                     two-course menu, you can win a $59 voucher
(Micah Balfour) see a driver abandon a lorry and dis-         step up to the stage and audition to be                                                      to enjoy a Monday-Saturday lunch/dinner,
cover it contains illegal Afghan immigrants. Four of          part of the biggest dance forum in the                                                       in this special Melbourne Observer compe-
                                                              country.                                                                                     tition.
the refugees make a run for it, but Smithy finds a               The past two series has seen thou-                                                            Sample Morocan chicken breast, freshly
young girl trapped inside under a shifted load. As he         sands of dancers audition for a coveted                                                      prepared fish of the day, mushroom and sage
frantically tries to free her, he notices another man         position in the Top 20, all vying for the                                                    fettucini, or the eye fillet on garlic and pars-
barely alive, and another already dead.                       opportunity to work with the best Aus-                                                       ley mash. Savour the chef’s pudding of the
    The critically ill man - who turns out to be the girl's   tralian and international choreographers                                                     day!
father - later dies in hospital, but the girl tells the       plus the chance to become Australia’s                                                            Simply post the entry coupon to Glencoe
                                                              Favourite Dancer and win hundreds of                                                         Competition, Melbourne Observer, PO Box
police that she has an aunt in London, and to their           thousands of dollars in prizes.                                                              1278, Research, Vic 3095, to reach us by first
delight, reveals the name of the truck driver.                   This year’s winner, Brisbane balle-                                                       mail, Friday. (Sept. 4).
    Police discover the driver has links to Jason Devlin      rina, Talia Fowler stunned a US audi-                                                            The winner’s name will be announced in
(Guy Flanagan) and his father Matthew (Danny Webb),           ence of eight million viewers when she           766 WHITEHORSE RD, MONT ALBERT              next week’s Melbourne Observer.
who are housing illegals in shocking conditions nearby.       made her solo debut on the US Grand                       PHONE: 9898 5188                       Our usual competition rules apply.
                                                              Finale of So You Think You Can Dance.
Smithy sees this as his chance to get this father and            Pre-registration is essential to secure
son team, who he believes, are also responsible for           a place at our auditions – dancers will                Melbourne               Post Coupon To:
a recent brutal assault.                                      be guaranteed a specific time to audi-
    In an attempt to win the trust of the suspicious          tion, but only if they pre-register.                                           Glencoe Competition, Melbourne Observer,
Afghan community, Smithy visits a refugee centre,                “Auditioning for SYTYCD was eas-                                            PO Box 1278, Research, Vic 3095
and they agree to help. But when a cagey Jason Devlin         ily the best decision I ever made,” Ms
tries to evict illegals to distance himself from the
people-smuggling, a riot breaks out.
                                                              Fowler said.
                                                                 “After so many years of hard work to
                                                              become a dancer, being part of the show
                                                                                                              GLENCOE RESTAURANT COMPETITION
    DC Stevie Moss (Lucy Speed) leads Devlin away             was so amazing. It gave me the support
for his own safety, but when she tries to look in the         and confidence I needed to fulfil my           Name:
trunk of his car, he bashes her to the ground. When           dreams. Then the unbelievable happened
Smithy walks into the parking lot to see Devlin stand-        and I was voted Australia's Favourite          Address:
ing over Stevie, he loses it...                                  “The ultimate experience was per-
    The Bill goes back to one episode per week                forming on SYTYCD in the US. It was                                                   Phone:
only and is no longer repeated on ABC2. The new-              a once in a lifetime experience I will         Glencoe Restaurant is at 766 Whitehorse Rd, Mont Albert. It is open 7 days a week for lunch
look Bill format starts on Saturday, October 10 at            never forget. If your dream is to dance        and dinner. Their fixed price lunch is 2 courses for $29.50 (Mon.-Fri.), and 3 courses for
8.30pm.                                                       then go for it, you never know what can        $39.50 (7 days). The competition voucher is for $59, available Monday-Saturday.

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