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					                                                                                         Keeping our children safe
                                                                                         Baby Car Seats
Types of baby car seats             Where to get more information

Baby Car Seat                       Motor Vehicle Registry
                                    To find out about putting in anchor points in your
                                    car contact the Motor Vehicle Registry.
            For babies up to
            6 months of age         Alice Springs: 8951 5297
            - (up to 9 kilos).      Katherine:       8973 8790
                                    Darwin:          8999 3133
Baby Seat/Convertible               or your community police station that has Motor
                                    Vehicle Registry services.
            Baby Seat               A list of inspectors in the Northern Territory can
            Babies to               be found at
            toddlers -
            (up to 18 kilos).
                                    Road Safety
                                    To find out why baby car seats are important,
Young Child Seat                    Phone: 8924 7019 or 1800 720 144
            Child Seat
            Up to 5 years
            - (14 to 26 kilos).     Community Health Clinics


             Everyone must always
             wear a seatbelt.
Why baby car seats should be used                     Where to buy a baby car seat                       How to fit a baby car seat

New road laws in the Northern Territory say           Baby car seats can be bought from large
children under one year must be carried in            department stores and baby shops in towns
a baby car seat when travelling in a car.             and some community stores.
                                                      Ask at the shop for help, to make sure you are
Baby car seats are used to protect babies and         picking the right baby car seat.
small children when travelling in a car and may
save their life, if they are in an accident.

Baby car seats should always be used and
must be joined to the proper place in the car.

Baby car seats are the best way to stop little
children from getting badly hurt in a car accident.

                                                      Road Safety’s choice…
Everyone should always wear a seatbelt.

                                                      It is a good idea to buy a “convertible” baby
                                                      car seat because you can protect your baby
                                                      for longer.
                                                                                                         Most cars already have places to join the
                                                      Convertibles are suitable for babies from birth    baby car seat. These are called anchor points.
                                                      to young children up to five years or 18 kilos.     The locations of anchor points are sometimes
                                                                                                         different, but they are usually behind the back
                                                      Always place children in the back seat of a car.
                                                                                                         seat. If you can not find the anchor points,
                                                      The back seat is much safer than the front seat.
                                                                                                         the local mechanic may be able to help.

                                                                                                         If you need help putting in a baby car seat
                                                                                                         go to the local mechanic.

                                                                                                         Road Safety and the community health clinic
                                                                                                         can also help with your questions.

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