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                                             Resume Service Exclusively for Six-Figure to $1M+ Executives

Professional Career Services                         At A Glance                                            Selected Customer Compliments
o   Complimentary Resume Critique                    o    Writing resumes professionally since 2001         "I'm blown away... my resume is freaking
o   Job Target Evaluation *                          o    Proven track record with 500+ client              awesome. I love it, love it, love it!!" - Liz H., 2008
o   Job Search Strategy *                                 projects
o   Professionally Written Resume                    o    40% of business is from referrals                 “Jennifer provided a unique view into my resume
o   Resume Variances                                                                                        and helped me to restructure the document into
o   Customized Cover Letter                          Clients                                                something clear, fresh, and modern. I truly
o   Cover Letter Platinum Pack                       o    Are CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, CIOs, VPs, and              appreciated her coaching and professionalism.”
o   Executive Bio                                         other top-level executives                        - Jonathan T., 2008
o   References Dossier                               o    Are leaders in their field who believe in
o   Reference Letter                                      excellence                                        “Jennifer really stood out with her ability to
o   Follow Up Letter                                 o    Are recognized as progressive thinkers and        respond quickly, her comments were insightful
o   Thank You Letter                                      known for innovation                              and meaningful. Many could learn from her
o   PDF & Plain Text Conversions *                                                                          obvious customer service orientation and market
o   Company Research                                 Why This Service Is Unique                             expertise. I will use her and recommend her
o   Recruiter Referral *                                                                                    throughout my career, as business opportunities
                                                     o    Up-to-date industry expertise
o   Online Networking Setup                                                                                 arise and informational changes need to be
                                                     o    No outsourcing (no run around)
* Included with every order                                                                                 addressed.” - Daniel T., 2008
                                                     o    Maintains confidentiality
                                                                                                            “My daughter is with [company name] and is an
At the executive level, it’s vital to                Business Philosophy
                                                                                                            MBA. She has her Undergraduate Degree in
demonstrate your value.                              o    Accept only assignments within realm of           Journalism and her Master’s in International
                                                          expertise                                         Marketing. She does branding and advertising
Professional resume writers are trained to           o    Never compromise quality for speed                and is the editor of one of [company name's]
leverage your best accomplishments and market        o    Exceed expectations and consistently deliver      monthly magazines. I just sent this to her and she
your unique selling proposition.                          superior results                                  thinks it is great! It was a sincere pleasure
                                                                                                            working with you…you do great work!”
Having your resume professionally written             For extraordinary success, let's get started today.   - Ray W., 2007
produces a strong personal marketing document
and gives you renewed confidence throughout
                                                               Contact Jennifer Anthony                     “Jennifer did an outstanding job on my resume. It
your job search.
                                                         Nationally Published Resume Expert                 was first class. Jennifer was timely, accurate,
                                                                                                            concise, and flexible. Anyone that I run into that
I have the cutting-edge knowledge and creative        Member: National Resume Writers’ Association
                                                                                                            needs a resume will be sent directly to Jennifer.
fire to drastically improve your job search                 E-mail: info@execresumeservice.com              Jennifer is an expert in her field, and produced a
results. You shouldn’t settle for anything                   Web: www.execresumeservice.com                 first class resume! Great job and thanks!"
less…unless you are completely content with              Phone: 888-295-4985 | Fax: 503-334-3930            - Phil F., 2006
being average.

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