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                  Nanyang Technological University
                              Division of Psychology

                           Research Participant Program

              Instruction Handout for Research Participants
                           Academic Year 2006/2007 Semester 2

RP Program starts: 24th January 2007
RP Program ends: 14th April 2007

Overview of program

The Research Participant (RP) Program is a scheme which requires ALL students reading
HP101 (Introduction to Psychology) to participate in approved psychological research studies
conducted by staff, graduate students and senior undergraduates of the division.

The main purpose of the program is to provide researchers with a pool of participants to draw
upon for their research projects. It also serves to give new psychology students a personal
experience of how psychological studies are conducted through participation in the various
studies as research participants.

Important things to note

 Participation in the program is compulsory for all students reading HP101 (Introduction
  to Psychology), unless students opt to write an essay as a substitution (details of essay
  provided by the instructor).

 As a Research Participant (RP), you must participate in enough research studies to
  accumulate a total of TEN (10) RP credits (i.e. 5hours – one credit for each ½ hour).

 Given that the number of studies available and the number of students reading HP101
  may differ across semesters, the total number of credits to be accumulated for a RP will
  differ accordingly. That is, the requirement to accumulate 10 credits mentioned above
  applies only to the current semester.

 Accreditation for participation in the program is on a half-hourly basis. RPs will get 1
  credit for participating in studies that take half an hour or less. Studies that take more than
  half an hour will be credited accordingly (e.g., a 45-minute study will give 2 credits).

 If you fail to fulfill the credit requirements, you will be penalized by having 1/2 mark
  deducted from your final course grade for every credit that you are short of.

 The deadline for completion of your RP credits is on 14th April 2007.

Things you need to do

1) Log on to: to find out what are the available approved
 You will be sent an email containing the user ID and password after the add-drop period
   is over. Please keep this information confidential. You may change your password after
   you login to the system.
 After you login, you MUST provide your full name, matriculation number and contact
   number when you request for an account. This is to ensure that the researcher can contact
   you whenever there is any last minute change.
 VERY IMPORTANT: If you did not receive an email informing you of the user ID and
   password by Friday, 26th January 2007, please send a request to the RP Coordinator
 The RP program will start on Wednesday, 24th January 2007. As the studies are posted
   as and when the researchers are ready to recruit RPs, please check the website regularly
   for any new studies.
 Please note that credits can only be earned by participating in the studies posted on this

2) Sign up for an approved study.
 Please carefully read all the instructions and note any restrictions (e.g. gender, age etc)
   that may disallow you from participating in that particular study.
 When you sign up, please choose a time slot that you are certain you are free to attend.

3) Take note of the details of the study.
 Upon signing up, you will receive a confirmation email providing you with the date, time,
   location, and name of researcher for the study. You can also review the information on
   the website when you log in.
 A reminder email will be sent to you a day before the session which you signed up.
 It is important that you keep a record of the date, time and venue of the study so
   that you will remember to attend the study. Failure to attend a signed-up session
   without valid reason will result in “No Show” penalty.

4) Turn up for the study on time.
 Please be punctual. More than 10 minutes late for a study without a valid reason will be
   penalized as a “No Show”. You will be required to do an additional one credit (over and
   above the 10 required RP credits) for every 1-RP credit study that stated you as “No
 When you turn up for a study, you must remember to give your informed consent to
   participate in the study by signing the RESEARCH PARTICIPANT ATTENDANCE
   LIST. If not, your participation will not be credited in the event that there is any dispute
   regarding your participation. However, should you, for any reason or at any time during
   the study, decide against proceeding with the study, you are free to do so without penalty.
 The credit will be awarded to you 3 days (72 hours) after you attended the session. You
   will receive an email notifying you that you are awarded the credit(s) designated for the
   study. If you do not receive such an email after 72 hours, please contact the researcher to

   enquire. If you do not hear from the researcher after repeated attempts, you can contact
   the RP Coordinator (Dr Venus Lee Sau-Lai; or the HP101 instructor
   (Dr. Joyce Pang Shu Min; for help.

5) The RP Program will end on 14th April 2007. Please make sure that you review your
   credit records online to find out the number of credits you would still need to fulfill
   before the end date of the RP Program.
 If you find any anomaly in your credit records, you must approach the RP Coordinator
   (Dr Venus Lee Sau Lai) within a week after the end of the RP Program. Any
   disagreement thereafter will not be entertained.
 If you disagree with the credit records shown online, you must be able to provide proof to
   show that you have done more than what the record is showing. Thus it is important to
   keep a record of the researcher’s information for all those studies that you have attended.
   Your dispute will not be investigated if you fail to provide any proof.
 Please note that if you fail to participate in any study by 14th April, you will be penalized
   with a 5-mark deduction from your final course grade.

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