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									 ISP-I™ Femto
 In-Life Service Quality Reporting

ISP-I™ for Femtocell is a complete customer experience management solution for
mobile operators with femtocells deployed on both their own and un-managed third-
party broadband networks.

Active ISP-I™ probes generate real customer      Last Mile Management                             Active testing agents provide on-going link
femtocell call traffic, routed over any                                                           quality and performance measurements for
broadband delivery network, and report           The link between the femtocell CPE and the       femtocell-based services by initiating
service quality and benchmarking Quality of      core cellular network should be tolerant to      femtocell-initiated calls between hardware
Experience (QoE) metrics in real-time - 24 x 7   packet loss, jitter and network delay. In        robots and pre-defined termination points
x 365. This capability provides mobile           scenarios where your femtocell device is         anywhere inside or outside any national or
operators with insight into several key areas;   relying on an un-managed third-party party       international network.
                                                 broadband network this may not be possible
                                                 and the effects of any ISP network issues        ISP-I™ Femtocell will objectively determine
Quality of Experience (QoE)                      need to be closely monitored, managed and        voice quality from the all-important
                                                 communicated to customers.                       subscriber perspective. The system uses
To ensure an acceptable Quality of Service                                                        standards-based Perceptual Evaluation of
(QoS), voice and video traffic traversing the                                                     Speech Quality (PESQ ITU P.862) to provide
consumer broadband connection should be          Extensive Voice Quality Analysis                 an automated, MOS-based objective voice
prioritised above less sensitive applications.                                                    quality score from the customer's
In scenarios where the femtocell is deployed     ISP-I™ Femto provides continuous, real-time      perspective.
in an unmanaged third-party broadband            visibility of the health and status of the key
network this may not be possible.                elements of your femtocell infrastructure and
Additionally the effects of any changes in       industry-standard PESQ-MOS ratings of
third-party ISP traffic management policies      voice calls to and from the handset. The
need to be closely monitored and                 software as a service (SaaS) solution
understood.                                      provides monitoring and reporting across
                                                 any call-path (including IP, TDM & Cellular)
                                                 and provides a single, real-time
Service Optimisation                             consolidated view of all QoE/QoS metrics.

Femtocells must work for all broadband
subscribers regardless of the broadband
technology in place, and contention between
femtocell-based voice traffic and traditional
and future Internet traffic in the home needs
to be fully understood and closely managed.
                                                                          Pre-qualify underlying Broadband network quality
Epitiro’s renowned report generating capability allows
any user to quickly and easily see test performance                       • Throughput
data in the format of their choice. The powerful and                      • Packet Loss
flexible report generation, including Web browser                         • Latency
access to all reports, enables the following views;

• Trend Testing - Profile the behaviour of your                           Speech Transmission - PESQ (ITU standard P.862)
  hardware with continuous long term testing at
  different times of the day, week, or month.                             •   Mean-Opinion-Score (MOS) Rating & E-Model Integration
                                                                          •   P.862.1 is the ITU-T standard mapping for PESQ to MOS-like scale
• 'At a glance' insight of your competitors strengths                     •   PESQ-LQ gives a quality score on a MOS-like scale
  and weaknesses                                                          •   PESQ-Ie is the impairment factor, Ie, which is an input to the E-model
                                                                          •   Speech Activity
• Multiple levels of drill-down detail right down to a                    •   Speech Power
  single femtocell test call                                              •   Loss
                                                                          •   C-message noise
• Remote-control and real-time availability reporting                     •   Wideband noise
  of all agents

                                                                          Echo Detection (ITU G.131)
Look Who’s Talking
                                                                          • Echo Return Loss (ERL); echo attenuation in dB
Epitiro’s clients include top ISPs, regulators and telcos.                • ERLs and echo delays for multiple echoes
Companies such as BT, Tiscali, Ofcom, Virgin, Telecom                     • Perceptual estimation of echo annoyance (ITU-T G.131)
New Zealand, Telefonica O2, Orange and others use
Epitiro’s technology and Software as a Service (SaaS)
capability to measure and manage customer                                 HSPA Module available to test data capabilities of femtocell and
experience.                                                               includes metrics for:

                                                                          • Packet Domain Stats including Negotiation Time, Authentication and
                                                                            IP Address Assignment
                                                                          • Raw TCP/UDP Performance - On and Off Network (International
                                                                            Peering Points)
                                                                          • HTTP Performance
                                                                          • FTP Performance
                                                                          • PING testing
                                                                          • DNS testing
                                                                          • Packet Loss Reporting


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