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Australian Agriculture and the Carbon Economy by lindayy


Australian Agriculture and the Carbon Economy

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									               Australian Agriculture and the Carbon Economy
                A Changing Carbon Economy in a Changing Climate
                                            Friday 24th April 2009
                                          Rydges Lakeside, Canberra
      Registration Fees: $145 AIAST Members                          $195 Non-Members          $80 Students
                                                  (All Prices Include GST)

This symposium will discuss the prospects and pitfalls of voluntary and formal engagement of Australian agriculture
 in the carbon economy. It is being held in conjunction with an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the
agricultural consulting profession, which is being hosted by the Australian Association of Agricultural Consultants
(AAAC) on Thursday 23rd April 2009. AAAC is a specialist section within the AIAST.

Attendance at both events is open to members and non-members of the AIAST.

Consultants and their clients are embroiled in the national and international debate about voluntary and formal
engagement of agriculture in carbon markets. Worldwide, the voluntary carbon market is worth $US 40 billion per
year and agriculture is part of that market.

In some countries agriculture is likely to be included in national markets and in other countries it has been explicitly

Will the Australian government include agriculture in a formal system?

Speakers at this symposium will explore these issues and discuss the role of Australian agriculture in:
                       • emissions of greenhouse gases
                       • the potential for reduced emissions
                       • carbon sequestration
                       • standards and certification for carbon trading
                       • voluntary and legislated markets

Registrations can be made on-line via the AIAST web site:, or by completing the attached
registration form and returning it to the AIAST National Office. If you have any questions regarding registrations,
please telephone AIAST National Office in 02 6163 8122.
           Australian Agriculture and the Carbon Economy
            A Changing Carbon Economy in a Changing Climate
8.30am    Registration

9.00am    Climate Change and the Carbon Economy
          Dr Mark Howden
          CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems
          A polished overview of humanity’s impact on our climate and whether there is anything we can
          do about it, from senior scientist Mark Howden.

          Land System Accounting and the National Carbon Accounting System
          Dr Bill Slattery
          Department of Climate Change
          In order to understand the total impact of greenhouse gas emissions from the land sector a comprehensive
          accounting approach is required which includes nitrous oxide from fertiliser additions and methane from

10.30am   Morning Tea

11.00am   Gains and Losses in Soil Carbon and the Role of Biochar
          Dr Evelyn Krull
          CSIRO Land and Water
          A clear and objective look at the controversial issue of carbon sequestration in soil organic matter and the possible
          contribution of Biochar.

          Management of Plant Residues to Reduce Carbon Emissions
          Mr Clive Kirkby
          CSIRO Plant Industry
          New and exciting results from recent experiments.

12.30pm   Lunch

1.30pm    Standards and Certification for Agricultural Credits in the Carbon Market
          Dr Pep Canadell
          CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
          Why does the price of carbon vary? How long should carbon credits persist?

          Voluntary and Legislated Engagement in the Carbon Market by Australian Farmers
          Mr Mick Keogh
          Australian Farm Institute
          An emissions trading scheme: Can Australia make it work? Should agriculture be in or out?

          Summary including implications for AAAC clients and General Discussion

3.00pm    Conclusion & Afternoon Tea
                         Australian Agriculture and the Carbon Economy
                                             Friday 24th April 2009, 8.30am

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