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           Au Pair                                                        Camp America                                                       Global
     If you are looking for a fun way to live, work, travel and study
     in the USA, then this may be what you are looking for. Au Pair
     in America provides all this and more. Living and working as
     an Au Pair in America not only introduces you to the American
     culture – you will get to know so many other cultures through
     the friends you make during your stay. You will be one of
     over 4000 au pairs from more than 50 countries who travel to
     America each year – a real cultural exchange experience.
     Contact or 1300 889 067

              Camp                                                                                                                          Joe O’Neil is currently based at Scindia Boys School, Gwalior,

                                                                          Saying it loud and clear: Camp is a nine week adventure –         near New Delhi in North-West India – his placement organized
                                                                          it’s fun, it’s exciting and it may be the best trip you’ll ever   by Lattitude Global Volunteering. He is helping out with
                                                                          take. Since 1972 thousands of Aussies have participated           English teaching, sports and also drama at the school – as well
                                                                          on the Camp America program. The staff have been to               as having amazing experiences with the Indian culture and of
                                                                          camp so know exactly what anyone applying for the                 course all the students.
                                                                          program goes through. The excitement, the jitters, the               Joe has a blog which he keeps updated with stories of his
                                                                          planning – they understand it all because they’ve been            gap year. Joe’s first entry shows one of his reasons to take a
                                                                          there. As the longest running US summer camp program              gap year “It’s weird to know that in just over 40 hours I will be
                                                                          provider in Australia they promise fantastic service and          flying out of this country and beginning a journey that is sure
                                                                          the support when you need it.                                     to change my life.”
                                                                          Contact or 1300 889 067          or 9826 6266

                                                                         Teach English Aussies for
        If you are at least 18 years old, available for nine weeks
        from June through till August, want a fun and rewarding
        experience, and love working with children, then working
                                                                                                                                                      UK pubs
        at a Summer Camp in the beautiful great outdoors of
        America is for you.
            Working at Summer Camp is a great way for anyone
        to gain new skills and job experience. While you help the
        children grow and gain knowledge of your culture, you
        develop your own leadership and communication skills
        and leave knowing you have had a positive impact on the
        lives of many children.
        Camp Leaders provides:
        • Individual placement at an amazing American summer
        • J1 visa documentation and processing assistance               If the idea of travelling the world earning as you go appeals to
        • Three months comprehensive medical insurance                  you, then you should consider teaching English as a Foreign           The UK up-market pub sector is booming and demand for
                                                                        Language (TEFL). You’ll get amazing opportunities to embrace          Aussie workers on the increase. One sure way of getting
        • Accommodation and three meals per day for the
                                                                        local cultures and experience a world unknown to the average          a job and somewhere to live before you leave home is
          duration of your stay at camp
                                                                        traveler.                                                             with Aussie based company UK Live in Jobs in one of
        • Up to $1800 pocket money whilst at camp                           Teaching overseas is also held in high regard by employers        their popular ‘Gastro pubs’ which offer restaurant quality
        • Financial flights assistance options                          as it demonstrates initiative and independence, making you            meals in trendy relaxed environments. Why not kick off
        • Time to travel on your visa                                   more employable when you get home.                                    the overseas adventure with a bar, restaurant or kitchen
                                                                            The best thing about TEFL is that you don’t need any prior        job, training is provided. It’s a win-win – the pubs get
        • A life changing experience you will never forget              teaching experience and you don’t need to know the local              enthusiastic staff to keep the customers happy and you
        From New York to California – there are tons of positions       language. With 20,000+ jobs advertised around the world               get a hassle free job, somewhere to live and an instant
        available at so many different types of camps – they will       every month, the world really is your oyster.                         network of UK buddies.
        find the right camp for you.                                                                    
        Apply online at

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