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									Born in Twilight
Wings in the Night

Author: Maggie Shayne

He found her in an abandoned building, half-starved, her face chalk white yet strikingly beautiful. Those
violet eyes drew him closer, even though Jameson Bryant knew what she was. Even though she warned
him away. But it was too late. With one parting of her lips, the hungry creature of the night took him...
Nine months later, their tiny dark angel was twilight.
Author Bio
Maggie Shayne
Maggie Shayne began her writing career in kindergarten, when she painstakingly copied The Brementown
Musicians onto construction paper in full Crayola color, complete with illustrations of her own design, and
presented it proudly to her teacher. Of course this was not an exact copy. She had tweaked the story a
bit, improving it greatly, in her five-year-old opinion.<br><br>By third grade her tastes had matured. At
story hour, when it was her turn to choose the book from which the teacher would read, Maggie picked
Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart, which she proceeded to recite from memory as the teacher began reading. Far
from being suitably impressed, Maggie recalls her teacher seemed to pale a bit, and looked at her oddly
from then on.<br><br>Her fondness for the macabre stayed with her, as did her penchant for rewriting her
favorite stories. As a teen, while watching her beloved Universal Pictures Monster Classics over and over,
she became more and more certain someone had to fix the endings.<br><br>It was so obvious that
Dracula, the Wolfman, and the dusty Mummy had been cheated! These were not horror flicks, in her
teenage opinion. They were romances.<br><br>They portrayed a love that went beyond life itself. But the
endings were all wrong. Anyone could see the monster was supposed to get the girl!<br><br>Well, one
marriage and five daughters later, Maggie has made it her mission in life to see to it that old wrongs are
set right.<br><br>Her stories range from down-home westerns (Texas Brand miniseries, Silhouette
Books) to glitz (Million Dollar Marriage, 8/99) to modern-day fairy tales (her Avon contemporary
titles).<br><br>But her best love is the genre known as paranormal romance. And Maggie writes these
like no other author. No one else writing today manages to combine the hearts of two such diverse
genres as romance and horror, while still thrilling both segments of the readership with the stunning
results.<br><br>Shamelessly romantic, breathtakingly emotional, ch

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