Meat by P-TaylorFrancis


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Author: Nick Fiddes
Table of Contents

Preface Introduction PART ONE: Background 1. Food=Meat 2. A Brief History of Meat Eating 3. A Matter
of Taste 4. More Than a Meal PART TWO: Meat is Muscle 5. Evolution and Elevation 6. The Power of
Meat 7. The Barbarity of Meat PART THREE: Mixed Metaphors 8. The Reluctant Cannibal 9. Pets and
other Grey Animals 10. The Joy of Sex PART FOUR: Modern Meatologies 11. Economics 12. Health 13.
Ethics 14. Ecology 15. Conclusions Bibliography

This book is a broad-ranging and provocative study of the human passion for meat. It will intrigue anyone
who has ever wondered why meat is important to us; why we eat some animals but not others; why
vegetarianism is increasing; why we aren't cannibals; and how meat is associated with environmental

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