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Applying for the Organisational Leadership Excellence for by lindayy


Applying for the Organisational Leadership Excellence for ...

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									Applying for the Organisational
Leadership Excellence for Aboriginal
Leaders and Managers                                 About Tranby Aboriginal College
                                                     Tranby is an alternative and independent learning
Fill out section below and send or fax by 28         environment for adult Aboriginal and Torres Strait
February 2010 to:                                    Islander people.
Student Support Officer                              Part of the Co-operative for Aborigines Ltd., the
Tranby Aboriginal College                            college is located in the inner-Sydney suburb of
13 Mansfield Street, Glebe NSW 2037                  Glebe and was established in 1958.                    Tranby Aboriginal College
Fax: 02 9660 1924                                    Over 100 students attend the college from all over    Striving for Educational Excellence and Self Determination
Email:                           Australia each year, developing the knowledge to
                                                     empower both themselves and their communities.
                       (PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY)                                                              In partnership with
First Name:                                          About Executive Central                               Executive Central—Unlocking Potential

                                                     Executive Central’s objective is to assist leaders,
(Known as):                                                                                                Organisational Leadership
                                                     managers and their organisations to achieve
Surname:                                             excellence in leadership.                             Excellence for Aboriginal
                                                     The Executive Central team comes from a strong
                                                     background in senior leadership roles across
                                                                                                           Leaders and Managers
                                                     a broad range of sectors, and has extensive
City/Suburb:                                         experience working with senior Aboriginal leaders
                                                     in both group leadership workshops and 1:1
Postcode:                                            leadership coaching.

Phone (work):

Phone (home):

Phone (mobile):




Application forms are also available online at

Organisational Leadership Excellence                      Group Workshops
                                                                                                                   The program provides an environment for Aboriginal
                                                                                                                   leaders and managers to discuss and resolve the
for Aboriginal Leaders and Managers                       The group will attend 6 half-day block sessions spread   different range of issues that they face, that their non-
                                                          out a month apart (commencing April 2010).               Aboriginal colleagues do not encounter.
It is estimated that Aboriginal managers are 5
times less likely to progress to senior management        The following modules will be covered:                   The Program is designed for Aboriginal senior
roles within mainstream organisations. This                                                                        managers who:
                                                          1. The Journey to Leadership— Leadership
program uses a pragmatic approach to exposing
                                                             theory, concepts and frameworks                       • want to increase their leadership skills from
participants to a broader range of perspectives
and experiences, an understanding of leadership           2. Self Awareness and Management                         both a theoretical point of view and also make
theory and issues and opportunities in                                                                             real changes in their work environment and
                                                          3. Leading People
organisations other than their own, and a pool of                                                                  career prospects;
participants from different sectors with whom to          4. Power, Influencing, Communication and
                                                                                                                   • want to develop a strong network and
network.                                                     Networking
                                                                                                                   relationships with other Aboriginal people
                                                          5. Leading and Managing Change and Reform                working in a diverse range of environments.
                                                          6. Career Management                                     Assessment
Participants should be in management roles with
15 or more staff, with 2 years experience or Have         Following the needs analysis phase — these               There are no exam or assessment requirements
the leadership qualities and ambition to be in a          modules will be tailored to the needs of the group.      for this program.
leadership role in the future.
                                                          1:1 Coaching                                             Participants will be considered to have successfully
Cost of Course: $10,000 per person                        Following each of the first three modules the            completed the Program through full participation in
                                                          Program Facilitator will meet with each participant      each component of the Course Content.
Essential Course materials (eg relevant readings,
                                                          to focus on the application of knowledge learnt in
course notes, workbooks etc) are provided to                                                                       Course Delivery
                                                          the group sessions and to prepare an individual
each course participant.
                                                          leadership plan.                                         Experienced and professional guest speakers will
Selection Process                                         1:1 Mentoring                                            attend each group workshop to talk about their
                                                          Following modules 4, 5 and 6 and beyond the              leadership journey and their perspectives on the
1. Initial application received
                                                          program, participants will be matched with a             topic being covered in the module.
2. The Program facilitator will contact you via
                                                          mentor who will provide on-going support and             Participants will attend the College for 6 half-day
   phone for an informal interview about your
                                                          advice to continue their learning.                       group workshops conducted monthly over a six
   management experience and future goals
                                                                                                                   month period (March to August).
3. Successful applicants will be notified in March 2010   What can I expect from the Organisational
                                                          Leadership Excellence for Aboriginal Leaders             In between group workshops participants will be
Course Content:                                                                                                    expected to complete their individual learning
                                                          and Managers                                             actions and meet with their Program Facilitator or
Individual Needs Analysis
                                                          Participants will develop new and sustainable            Mentor once between each session.
Each participant will undertake an on-line leadership     leadership skills due to its emphasis on the
survey using the Human-Synergistics International Life    individual practical application in their everyday       Attendance
Styles Inventory®                                         work environments.                                       Attendance at each of the group workshops is
Each participant will also undertake a self               Participants will experience a leadership program        mandatory.
assessment with their manager/supervisor to               that is delivered in a safe environment that             Workshop dates will be provided at the
identify specific learning goals.                         encourages expression of thoughts and ideas.             commencement of the Program.

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