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					                                                      AS A PARENT HOW CAN I HELP?                               Albany Creek
 HOW ARE STUDENTS ASSESSED?                           • Reassure your student that they will not be
   • Objective/short answer tasks
   • Extended response tasks
                                                        proficient in all of the skills needed straight away
                                                      • Encourage your student to read widely on the topic
                                                                                                               State High School
   • Response to stimuli tests                          and to visit the State or university libraries
   • Written research assignment                      • Become involved in topics studied by students by
   • Non-written presentation                           encouraging them to watch relevant programs on
                                                        television and discussing these with them

                                                                                                                 Knowledge Pride Tolerance

                                                      Excursions will vary from year to year depending on
                                                      the availability of a suitable exhibition, film or
                                                      museum display.



Students must achieve a sound level of
achievement in both English and S.O.S.E.                                                 For more
Students must possess proficiency in reading
and writing skills since much of the assessment          Albany Forest Drive
of this subject is in the form of extended writing.                                       al
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                                                                                                         WHAT DO STUDENTS STUDY?
                                                                                                         YEAR 11
WHY STUDY ANCIENT HISTORY?                                                                               Students will examine ancient history across
Through the study of Ancient History, we can
                                                                                                         a range of societies and timeframes.
understand how the modern world has been
influenced by the people and achievements of the                                                            1. Is history set in stone tablets?
distant past. Through a study of early people and                                                              (archaeology focus)
cultures, we can understand the processes of                                                                2. From the cradle of civilization
change and continuity that have shaped today’s                                                              3. The footprints we leave.
world, their causes, and the roles people have                                                              4. Who can you trust?
played in those processes.                                                                                     Representations of history.
In our everyday lives, including in our work we                                                          YEAR 12
need to understand situations, place them in a
long-term perspective, identify causes of change     WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS FOR THE
and continuity, acknowledge the viewpoints of                                                               1. Challenging the Pharaoh’s Power
others, develop personal values, make judgments                                                             2. Political structures: Power over the
and reflect on our decisions. These are the skills   Through studying Ancient History, students                people or power for the people?
developed in a study of Ancient History.             will:                                                  3. The Crusades: Many conflicts in one.
                                                                                                            4. How did the eastern world adapt
                                                     • Understand that history is an interpretative,           religion to suit cultural context.
                                                       explanatory discipline
                                                     • Become proficient in the processes of
                                                       historical inquiry and explanation
                                                     • Understand the forces and influences that
                                                       have shaped the modern world
                                                     • Critically evaluate heritages and traditions

                                                     Ancient History teaches students to:

                                                     •   Investigate issues
                                                     •   Plan and organise their research
                                                     •   Use a variety of learning media
                                                     •   Think critically
                                                     •   Communicate their ideas in a variety of

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