Impounded vehicles auction notic by liwenting


									Impounded vehicles auction
Wednesday 14 April 2010 noon
Gold Coast City Council Depot Bailey Crescent, Southport
Gold Coast City Council will offer the following impounded vehicles for sale by public auction
on the above date. If you wish to claim ownership of a vehicle please contact Council
immediately (proof of ownership and fees apply).

Auction conditions: viewing available from 10am - noon. Vehicles sold in current condition
and unregistered. Full payment in cash or certified bank cheque required by 2.30pm the same
day. Vehicles to be collected by 3pm the next day, or deposit forfeited. Children (under 16
years), animals and alcohol are not permitted in depot grounds. Enclosed footwear is
compulsory. Access unavailable via Olympic Circuit.

For more information contact Council on (07) 5581 6284.

This auction is in accordance with powers vested under the Transport Operations Road Use
Management Act 1995.

                                                                                TRACKS: #22531536
                                                                            Notice to auction impounded vehicles

        Auction list
           Lot     AV NO.        MAKE & MODEL                TYPE       COLOUR     REGO NO.     STATE
              1.            Pile of wrecks
              2.            Pile of wrecks
              3.            Pile of wrecks
              4. 14304 Ford Falcon                         Sed        White       785JGF      Qld
              5. 13524 Nissan Navara                       Ute        Silver      651LYA      Qld
              6. 13774 Toyota Camry                        Wgn        Blue        371FAE      Qld
              7. 14600 Toyota Corolla                      Sed        Red         425JZC      Qld
              8. 13696 Daihatsu Charade                    Sed        White       418QAI      Qld
              9. 13523 Hyundai Excel                       Sed        Green       612LLL      Qld
              10.14295 Holden Nova                         Sed        Red         811CVU      Qld
              11.7497       Mazda 121                      Sed        Red         311COR      Qld
              12.13181 Ford Laser                          Sed        Red
              13.11388 Toyota Camry                        Sed        White       532IHH      Qld
              14.11240 Toyota Camry                        Wgn        Red         030JXA      Qld
              15.14714 Mitsubishi Lancer                   Wgn        Grey        730IPK      Qld
              16.15362 Holden Commodore                    Wgn        White       619LLA      Qld
              17.13190 Suzuki Swift                        Sed        Grey        553KAE      Qld
              18.13772 Suzuki Swift                        Sed        Blue        697KVZ      Qld
              19.14160 Mazda 626                           Wgn        Blue
              20.14527 Honda Prelude                       Cpe        Red         715HVF      Qld
              21.12991 Toyota Camry                        Sed        Red         622JOP      Qld
              22.12104 Ford Falcon                         Sed        Gold        067LXT      Qld
              23.1369       Ford Falcon                    Sed        Silver      332LSZ      Qld
              24.11848 Hyundai Excel                       Sed        Red         840DZN      Qld
              25.11880 Hyundai Excel                       Sed        Green       322JXT      Qld
              26.11159 Mazda 323                           Sed        White       950LAB      Qld
              27.11856 Holden Commodore                    Wgn        Purple      303IJE      Qld
              28.11806 Holden Gemini                       Sed        Green
              29.11914 Honda Jazz                          Sed        Black       588KVA      Qld
              30.12252 Ford Falcon                         Sed        White       217LSU      Qld
              31.13692 Ford Falcon                         Sed        Blue        025KQZ      Qld
              32.13884 Ford Courier                        Ute        Grey        949EZV      Qld
              33.12691 Nissan Silvia                       Cpe        Silver      197GDP      Qld
              34.13658 Holden Apollo                       Sed        Red         061INM      Qld
              35.13219 Daihatsu Charade                    Sed        White       308BDW      Qld
              36.14008 Ford Fairlane                       Sed        Green       619JFL      Qld
              37.14812 Saab 900 Turbo                      Sed        Grey        362LZR      Qld
              38.14699 Holden Astra                        Sed        Cream       010JUF      Qld

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                                                                            Notice to auction impounded vehicles

           Lot   AV NO.          MAKE & MODEL                TYPE       COLOUR     REGO NO.         STATE
              39.14289 Toyota Camry                        Sed        Blue        499IBS      Qld
              40.12921 Toyota Camry                        Wgn        White       015LUE      Qld
              41.12931 Toyota Corollla                     Wgn        White
              42.14871 Ford Falcon                         Sed        White       508BXA      Qld
              43.12246 Ford Telstar                        Sed        Blue        593JBD      Qld
              44.12694 Mitsubishi Express                  Van        Yellow      418KEA      Qld
              45.14738 Hyundai Excel                       Sed        White       416JXB      Qld
              46.13738 Mitsubishi Lancer                   Sed        White       119FVN      Qld
              47.11163 Mitsubishi Magna                    Sed        Green       372LFK      Qld
              48.15279 Toyota Camry                        Sed        Blue        87KMH       Qld
              49.11875 Daihatsu Feroza                     4WD        Green       174LEH      Qld
              50.12808 Saab 900I                           Sed        Grey        PRU198      NSW
              51.13173 Ford Laser                          Sed        Cream       AA46IW      NSW
              52.12627 Toyota Corolla                      Sed        Blue        WTT427      Vic
              53.12146 Mazda 626                           Sed        Green       745ESG      Qld
              54.13221 Holden Commodore                    Wgn        White
              55.11376 Holden Rodeo                        Ute        White       737HDJ      Qld
              56.13035 Toyota Lexcen                       Wgn        Red
              57.14665 Ford Explorer                       Wgn        Blue
              58.12111 Daewood Nubira                      Wgn        Blue        UOJ485      NSW
              59.11175 Toyota Spacia                       Van        Silver      255CNW      Qld
              60.11541 BMW 318i                            Sed        Grey
              61.10792 Nissan Patrol 4WD                   Ute        White       203FFQ      Qld
              62.11004 Ford Fairmont                       Sed        Green       020GGR      Qld
              63.15267 Toyota Camry                        Wgn        White
              64.14927 Nissan Skyline                      Sed        Silver
              65.6208     Suzuki Swift                     Sed        White       AK28LC      NSW
              66.14806 Holden Camira                       Sed        White       486HAR      Qld
              67.3986     Mazda                            Ute        White       AU35CD      NSW
              68.7271     Toyota Hilux                     Ute        Red         436HBR      Qld
              69.10532 Nissan Navara                       Ute        White       162IGW      Qld
              70.14845 Nissan Pintara                      Sed        Cream
              71.7122     Toyota Hilux Surf                Wgn        Red
              72.14148 Toytoa Hilux Twin Cab               Ute        White       VZV571      NSW
              73.10627 Ford Courier                        Ute        White       417LGY      Qld
              74.12232 Ford Falcon                         Ute        Red         788JLG      Qld
              75.14748 Mitsubishi Magna                    Sed        Silver      123LNR      Qld
              76.15120 Mitsubishi Magna                    Sed        Red
              77.15270 Ford Falcon                         Sed        White

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