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									Her Husband's Christmas Bargain
Marriage and Mistletoe

Author: Margaret Mayo

The Italian’s marriage demand…When Italian businessman Luigi Costanzo discovers that Megan, his
beautiful estranged wife, is also the mother of his child, he is incensed! She’s left him no alternative: he
will do anything in his power to possess his wife and child.Megan is less than impressed when Luigi
turns up on her doorstep—the week before Christmas! Luigi is as arrogant as ever—and still as
impossible to resist. But Luigi is adamant…Megan will be a wife to him—in every way—once more!
Author Bio
Margaret Mayo
Margaret is a hopeless romantic who loves writing. She falls in love with every one of her heroes and likes
to boast about how many "love affairs" she's had. It was never her ambition to become a writer, although
she always loved reading, even to the extent of reading comics out loud to her twin brother when she was
eight years old. In fact, her only writing experience was in letters to various pen pals around the world.
She has, unfortunately, lost touch with them now and often wonders whether any of them have ever
discovered that her chatty letters were the forerunner to her writing career. She was born in Staffordshire,
England, and has remained within the country all of her life. She left school to become a secretary, taking
a break to have her two children, Adrian and Tina. Once they were at school she started back to work
and planned her further career by becoming a bilingual secretary. Unfortunately, she couldn't speak any
languages other than her native English, so she began evening classes. It was at this time that she got
the idea for a romantic short story-- to this day she doesn't know where the idea came from or why, but
she thanks her lucky stars because it kick-started her career. Margaret, and her mother before her, had
always read Mills & Boon romance novels, and to actually be writing one excited her beyond measure.
Her first two submitted novels were accepted simultaneously, and now she has over sixty-five to her
credit. When she looks at them lined up on her bookshelf she wonders how she has managed to write all
those millions of words. "My life began at forty" is another one of her favourite sayings because that is
when her first book was published-- two-and-a-half years after she first set pen to paper (that first book
was written long before she felt confident enough to send it off). Having those books accepted was the
happiest and most exciting day of her life. She waltzed her husband around the room and their two
children thought they'd gone

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