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Introduction ..................................................................................... 4

What are Auto Blogs Exactly? ........................................................... 5

The Autoblogging System ................................................................. 7

Choosing a Niche .............................................................................. 9

Setting Up Your Blogs ..................................................................... 14

Monetizing Your Blogs .................................................................... 30

Getting Content .............................................................................. 36

Sending the Traffic ......................................................................... 38

Flipping Your Blogs for Cash ........................................................... 45

Automated Software Tools.............................................................. 48

Conclusion ...................................................................................... 50

Welcome to “Auto Blogging Uncut”, during this course I will be showing you

how to setup your very own Auto Blogging Empire and why it’s necessary to

build out your virtual empire. I created this ebook in a step by step format

so that it will be easier for you to understand the material and put it into


All this information does you no good if you don’t put it into action. If you

follow this information you should have a complete auto blogs setup in less

than 2 hours.

Since most of us are visual learners I will give screenshots to lead you along

the way. That way there is no question that this ebook is a SOLID read!

If you’ve been looking for a way to make some extra income or finally create

a living online then you’ve found with “Auto Blogging Uncut”. I’ve spent

close to three months perfecting this system so that it is easily understood

by others.

Another quick note before we get started. I suggest reading the entire ebook

before completing any of the action steps so that you have a clear

understanding of all the material.

That is all! Let’s get started with the basics….
What are Auto Blogs Exactly?

I felt that is was important to actually give the definition of “autoblogging”

because if you do a Google search will you see blogs about cars and such.

Autoblogging is just what it sounds like, an “auto blog” or an automated


In a normal situation you would have to post content to your blog just about

every day to maintain a good readership. You would also have to build links

and do various marketing methods to make sure your blog is receiving a

constant stream of traffic.

These days with the advancement of internet technology, it is possible to

automate this process and rinse and repeat however many times you like for

different niches.

To setup your autoblogs you must have an entrepreneur’s mindset and the

right set of software tools to really see results. What I mean by the

entrepreneurs mindset, is that you must know how to setup S.Y.S.T.E.M’s
Lucky for you I will be providing the same system that I use to crank out

autoblogs in less than 2 hours!

When you become an autoblogger you’re not going to be focused on creating

one huge blog that has some of the best content on the web, you can do

that in your free time. ☺

We want to focus on quantity of quality because I truly believe success is a

numbers game, the larger your numbers the more successful you are. This

also leaves room for failure, so you have to do is keep moving forward. This

is a very profitable way to make money as long as you work the system.

Alright that’s enough of the “what” autoblogging is, let’s get into the “HOW”

by showing you the system!
The Autoblogging System

It’s important to grasp the whole system because essentially this is the

blueprint you will be using. Some of you may be able to look at this system

and need no further guidance, BUT it is not advised, I relieve a lot of new

techniques and software that you will need to get things rolling in the right


Step 1: Choose Your Niche – Choosing the right niche will make the

difference between no profit and large profits. Some niches simply are not

profitable while others have a TON of rapid buyers.

Step 2: Setting Up an Auto Blog – I will go over how to setup one

autoblog manually and then once you get good and know the process you

can crank out as many as you like in no time.

Step 3: Monetizing Your Blog Properly – You must figure out what’s the

most profitable way to monetize your blog. Some say Adsense, Affiliates or

even Ebay ads. Ultimately it depends on what niche you’re in. I will give you

the full scoop!

Step 4: Setting Up Automatic Content – This is the fun part, before you

would have to spend hours or a lot of money to get good content posted to

your blog, now there are many different ways to get this accomplished. I will

be covering a few different ways.
Step 5: Drive Constant Traffic – Driving traffic is the lifeblood of your

blogging empire. I’m sure you’ve heard that traffic is the most important

piece to the puzzle because it is. You can have the worst site on the net but

if you have traffic it will still make money!

Step 6: Rinse & Repeat w/ Software Tools – Now once you have

completely built one blog, it’s time to scale up and create a machine that

churns out blogs with little effort. We will be using a few software tools to

accomplish this.

Step 7: Choose Profit Strategy – Now when it comes to online marketing

there are many different ways in which you can profit from your efforts. It’s

sort of like real estate, you can “hold” your property for long term profits or

you can “sell” for quick cash. In this case, I’m referring to either flipping

your blogs for quick cash or keeping them to build long term residual


Now that you know the system, let’s get into how to choose a solid niche!
Choosing a Niche

This can be the toughest part about the whole process, but when I’m

searching for a niche to enter, I normally go after niches that have a lot

rapid buyers or people actively searching for information.

This means that there is a lot of activity like, a bunch of people paying for

advertising, lots of forums on the topic, a lot of searches, basically

something that is VERY ACTIVE!

Niche’s such as these are said to have a lot of competition, but that is what

we want because that lets us know that there is money to be made. To

make sure there is competition and people paying for advertising, I usually

use the Google’s Traffic Estimator:

The image below shows that “canon digital camera” receives a lot of traffic

from Pay Per Click, so that means this is an active market. That’s over 6,000

clicks per day, but our objective is to get the SEO rankings.
We always want to make sure that people are spending money in the niche

that we choose to market to. To do this we want to do a little niche research

at sites where people go to spend money.

Later, I will give you a list of potential niches that are proven winners. You

can narrow them down into sub-niches if you like.

We want to stay far away from niches were people can do a simple Google

search and pull up all the information they need for FREE, because in most

cases, sites such as Wikipedia & eHow are already all over it.

There are generally three main sites that I visit to ensure that people are

spending money. I’m going to show you two ways to find out if a niche is

actively spending money.

So here are the details to navigating through each.

eBay -
      After you have chosen a niche you can search eBay’s completed

      listings to see what sold and what didn’t. The more listing you see for

      your keyword is a good indication that you niche has a lot of active


      When doing autoblogging in most cases we want to focus on physical

      products because people usually pay more for ads and commissions

      are pretty nice too!
When doing your search you want to click “Advanced Search” and you

want to make sure “Completed Listings” is checked.

Here are the results for “canon digital camera”

As you can see this is a HOT market, with over 10 listings selling

within the past hour!

You can also check the amount of eBay stores there are related to

your niche to see if anyone is actually making money in your said


Google Sponsored Ads

    Before I stated that if people are paying for advertising then that’s

    another way of knowing that you niche is full of rapid buyers. The

    more ads you see the better.

    Even though we will be using free Search Engine traffic it is still good

    to know that the keywords you will be ranking for will be bringing you

    targeted traffic free of charge!
List of Proven Niches

Here is a short list of proven niche markets that are known to have rapid

buyers and enthusiasts within them. Just have a look; you can probably use

this list to profit!

   1. Computer Hardware

   2. Apple Mac related Information

   3. Xbox Games

   4. Game Reviews

   5. How To" ex. Plumbing

   6. Parenting

   7. Vacations i.e. Honeymoons

   8. Wedding Planning

   9. Special Diets i.e. Atkins Diet

   10.        Weight Loss
Setting Up Your Blogs

Alright so this is where the system comes into play, you must set everything

up one good time so that all of your other blog setups will go smoothly. The

idea here is to have all your plugins, wordpress themes and other settings

already in one folder so you don’t have to keep looking for the same things

over and over again when you upload/ftp files to your server.

Step 1: Setup Your Folders

I created a folder called “Wordpress Stuff” to keep everything organized, so

that I just have to come to one place to get everything uploaded to a new


Once you have that folder setup you want to make the following subfolders

within it.
   •   Plugins

   •   Themes

   •   WP Install

   •   Ping Sites

Here is an image of what my subfolders look like, just to get you an idea…

It’s also a good idea to get a software tool called, “Roboform” to save all your logins and passwords for you. Otherwise

you will need to create a notepad or txt file to save your all your Wordpress


Step 2: Choosing a Domain

Finding a good domain name is not that hard, you just have to ensure that

your domain is keyword rich so it will help with your Google rankings.

To find a good domain name that is keyword rich, simply follow this process.

   1. Use the Google Keyword Tool so it can find at least 200 related

       keywords. Enter you main keyword.

   2. Export your keywords in a .txt file so you can copy & paste them.
3. Head over to to use their “bulk register” feature.

4. Copy & Paste your keywords inside the box click your preferred TLD,

   such as .com and enter the security code. The bulk register feature will

   let you know which domains are available from your keyword list.

5. It return results that look like so:
      Wherever you see “error”, that means the domain name is already

      taken, the domains that are in the box are available and as you can

      see, if I was going after the “canon digital camera” niche I have a

      bunch of good domain names to choose from.

I suggest purchasing 3 to 4 domains to start out with, and then you can

scale up once you have a good rhythm down.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Hosting

This is the easy part because most hosting companies these days are

straight forward. If you don’t have hosting already, I recommend you can get hosting for pretty cheap there.

It would be a good idea to get the reseller package if you intend on building

a lot of sites and blogs because there’s nothing worse than running out of

server space when you want to get started on a project.

After you have your servers’ setup you want to go back to your domain

registrars and change your nameservers so they point at your own. You

should have received an email from your hosting company that tells you

what your nameservers are.

Here is an example: NS34.HOSTGATOR.COM & NS35.HOSTGATOR.COM
Step 4: Installing Wordpress

There are two ways you can do this, you can do it the simple way by using

cPanel from your hosting company or you can download Wordpress and

upload to your server yourself. I will explain each.

Using cPanel

To go to your cPanel back office, simply enter:

(of course, replace your domain with actual). Then enter your username and


Once you login look for the “software/services” section and click “Fantastico

De Luxe”

On the next screen you want to click “Wordpress” and then follow the steps

to getting wordpress installed on your domain.

This is an automated way of doing things and it’s 10x faster than uploading

all the files manually.
Manually Uploading Wordpress

In many rare cases some hosting companies don’t provide cPanel or for

security reasons you want to upload Wordpress to a secure server. This is

how you would do it.

You simply go to to download the Wordpress

software/script. Then use your FTP program to upload to whatever directory

you like.

Here are more details on installing wordpress this way.

Uploading Your Wordpress Themes

We need to have a few themes uploaded to Wordpress so that we look

professional. There are a ton of FREE templates out there that look very


Here are a few sites where you can download free Wordpress themes.
Don’t go too over the top with the designs, I some of them may be eye

catching but we want to make sure that we don’t lose focus and that’s

making money!

Download your Wordpress themes and place them inside your labeled,

“Themes” so that you can upload them to your server.

Here’s how to upload these to your blog:

1. Make sure you have a FTP program such as FileZilla – www.filezilla-

2. Log into your server with the information your hosting provider gave you.
3. Locate the following file below

4. Simply drag and drop the themes you downloaded into the “themes”

folder on your server. Ensure that each theme is in a separate folder.

Next we will optimize Wordpress to ensure that we get some good search

engine traffic and visitor usability.
Step 5: Optimizing Wordpress

There are a few options within Wordpress that you must change in order for

you to receive the maximum benefits from this blogging platform.

Installing Wordpress Plugins

We need to install a few plugins to optimize Wordpress even more. With the

new Wordpress you are able to install plugins right from your Wordpress

back office, online!

Click on “Plugins” then click “add new”

Once there you want to search for the following plugins. I put a link next to

each one just in case you want to install them manually. I suggest

downloading each one and placing it in your “Plugins” folder on your

computer so this process will be faster for your next blog.
1. WP O Matic -
  This plugin is the basis of autoblogging; you can automatically create blog

  posts by tapping into RSS feeds.

2. Platinum SEO Pack –

  This plugin will optimize your blog for the web automatically. I will be

  going over in detail what this plugin actually does in the “On Page SEO”


3. Google XML Sitemaps –

  XML sitemaps makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site. It

  gives the search engine spiders a bird’s eye view of all the pages they

  would like to include in their search results.

4. Google Analytics –

  Installing Google Analytics on Wordpress used to be very difficult because

  you had to go into the css/html files and change around the codes. With

  the plugin you just enter the right information and it installs it for you.
5. MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer –

  With older versions of Wordpress, the blogging platform would ping your

  blog post every time you make a change to it. This will cause a lot of

  pings and get your blog marked as spam over time. This plugin

  straightens that out so it only pings when you first create the blog posts.

6. Wordpress Duplicate Content Cure –

  Duplicate content cure is a very simple, yet effective SEO plug in that

  prevents search engines from indexing wordpress pages that contain

  duplicate content, like archives and category pages. This prevents your

  blog from suffering the duplicate content penalty.

7. WP Auto Tagger –

  This plug in uses the Yahoo API to suggest tags based on the post

  content. You have the option to automatically tags posts on save or get

  tag suggestions with a single click. Auto Tagger will not replace your

  existing tags.
8. Related Posts Plugin –

  Wordpress Related Posts Plugin will generate related posts via Wordpress

  tags, and add the related posts to feed.

Once you have installed all your plugins, you need to go back and activate

each one of them.

Simple Wordpress Tweaks

  1. Set your Permalinks so that your blog posts are actual words and not

     dates & times.

     Go to Settings    Permalinks and select “Custom” & enter:

2. Update your ping list by going to “Settings” and clicking on “writing”,

   scroll down to the bottom and you will see an area that says, “Update

   Services” enter the following ping sites, so that more websites will

   know when you publish new content.

3. Go to the link section and delete all the default links.

4. Setup your admin pages

   About Us – Google and your site visitors will be looking at this, it is

   important that everyone knows what your site is about. It simply

   establishes more credibility. Long gone are the days where you can

   setup a poorly designed site and still be able to make money.

   Contact Us – Your visitors and potential partners need a way to

   contact you. If you’re receiving enough traffic, you can see a lot of

   great opportunities hit your email inbox.

   Sitemap – Use the sitemap plugin to have it create a sitemap for you.
Disclaimer – It is always safe to add a disclaimer to your sites, just to

protect yourself. Below is one that I use for all my sites.

The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only.
The information is provided by YOURDOMAINHERE and whilst we endeavor to keep
the information up-to-date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of
any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability
or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or
related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on
such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. In no event will we be liable
for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or
damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits
arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website.

Through this website you are able to link to other websites which are not under the
control of YOURDOMAINHERE. We have no control over the nature, content and
availability of those sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a
recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.

Every effort is made to keep the website up and running smoothly. However,
YOURDOMAINHERE takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the website
being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

Privacy Policy – This is a must also, here is the same template I use


Thank you for visiting our web site. This privacy policy tells you how we use personal
information collected at this site. Please read this privacy policy before using the site
or submitting any personal information. By using the site, you are accepting the
practices described in this privacy policy. These practices may be changed, but any
changes will be posted and changes will only apply to activities and information on a
going forward, not retroactive basis.

You are encouraged to review the privacy policy whenever you visit the site to make
sure that you understand how any personal information you provide will be used.

Note: the privacy practices set forth in this privacy policy are for this web site only.
If you link to other web sites, please review the privacy policies posted at those

Collection of Information

We collect personally identifiable information, like names, postal addresses, email
addresses, etc., when voluntarily submitted by our visitors. The information you
provide is used to fulfill you specific request.
This information is only used to fulfill your specific request, unless you give us
permission to use it in another manner, for example to add you to one of our mailing

Cookie/Tracking Technology

The Site may use cookie and tracking technology depending on the features offered.
Cookie and tracking technology are useful for gathering information such as browser
type and operating system, tracking the number of visitors to the Site, and
understanding how visitors use the Site. Cookies can also help customize the Site for
visitors. Personal information cannot be collected via cookies and other tracking
technology; however, if you previously provided personally identifiable information,
cookies may be tied to such information.

Aggregate cookie and tracking information may be shared with third parties.

Distribution of Information

We may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting
us in fraud prevention or investigation. We may do so when: (1) permitted or
required by law; or, (2) trying to protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud
or unauthorized transactions; or, (3) investigating fraud which has already taken
place. The information is not provided to these companies for marketing purposes.

Commitment to Data Security

Your personally identifiable information is kept secure. Only authorized employees,
agents and contractors (who have agreed to keep information secure and
confidential) have access to this information. All emails and newsletters from this site
allow you to opt out of further mailings.

Privacy Contact Information

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our privacy policy you may
contact us using the information below:

By e-mail: Contact Us

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy.

Any changes to this policy will be posted.
Monetizing Your Blogs

At this point you should have everything setup and ready to go. Now we

need to choose our monetization strategy for this particular blog. The goal is

to monetize every visitor that hits our site.

We want to monetize this site as much as possible, because not all visitors

have the same intentions. We also don’t want our blog to look like one big

advertisement, that’s just a turn off and you will lose a lot a visitors by doing


So let’s go over a few monetization strategies.


When autoblogging this is usually my last option because you can only make

big money with Adsense when you have a lot of daily traffic coming. I’m

talking 500+ daily visitors to make the paychecks worthwhile.

It doesn’t hurt to have an adsense account, if you don’t have one. Once you

get that type of traffic, you can add it as a secondary source of revenue and

be able to make anywhere from $10 - $20 per day.

There are other similar services out there like Google Adsense, which pay

you each time someone clicks on your ads. Here they are:
Adbrite –

AdToll –

Bidvertiser –

Clicksor –

Affiliate Marketing

You can earn decent profits from Clickbank and Paydotcom depending on the

niche that you're in. If you're in a niche where information products sell very

well you can make quite a bit of money as an affiliate.

Here are a few strategies that you can implement on your blog.

Post Affiliate Links within Your Blog Posts

Here you want to write blog posts that are related to the product you are

promoting. I would say enter you affiliate link for that particular product

about 2 times within the article.

Affiliate Banners

These days you will see ads all over high traffic because this is most

profitable way to monetize a site. Whether these are you own ads or people

are paying you for these ads, there both profitable.
Here is an example of how one blogger uses his 125x125 banner section to

promote Clickbank products.

Those are by far the most effective ads you can use because they don’t take

up much space and your viewers eyes usually focus on your sidebar when

they enter your site.


Stand for Cost Per Action. The beauty of this is that you don’t need to sell a

thing you simply have to get your visitors to either sign up or register for

certain offers.

The likelihood that your visitors will click on the ad and perform the desired

action will depend very much on how relevant the ad is to your content. For
example, a site about digital photography may do very well showing digital

camera CPA ads. Some sites are much better suited for CPA ads. Consider

whether any CPA ads would add value to your visitors.

These ads will come in the form of banners that you can post on your blog.

Here are 3 newbie friendly CPA Networks:

1. Commission Junction –
2. AzoogleAds –
3. NeverBlueAds –

NOTE: There is an approval process, so it is important to look professional

so that you will get approved. These networks are looking for seasoned

marketers that generate a lot of traffic. So you have to give them that

impression and they will usually approve your application.

Ebay/Amazon Product Plugins

You can become an Ebay or Amazon affiliate and sell physical products on

your site. There are so many plugins that will automate posting the product

reviews and information from Amazon and Ebay.

The first thing you need to do if you choose to go this route is signup to

become an Amazon and Ebay Affiliate.
     •   Amazon

     •   Ebay

         Ebay is also has an approval process, they want to make sure

         you’re an established marketer and you know how to drive traffic to

         their offers.

Amazon Plugin

This plugin allows you to easily insert products in the Amazon marketplace

that you will earn commissions on.

You can get more information about the plugin at the developer’s site:
Ebay Plugin

There are many Wordpress plugins you can use to display your eBay listings

but the most reliable one is called, “PHPBay Pro” -

Below is an example of what your site will look like if you were to use this


It acts and functions like a normal blog but on your home page you will have

your related Ebay listings. You get paid if someone bids and successful wins

an item from the Ebay marketplace.
Getting Content

Alright, so we’ve covered a lot of ground, everything on your blog should be

setup and ready to go, including your monetization strategy. Also be sure

that you made all the necessary Wordpress tweaks so that you site can

easily get indexed in the search engines.

Now we need to make sure that our blog is receiving enough automatic

content to our blog. We do this by using the “WP-O-Matic” plugin so we can

turn RSS feeds into content. Once we set this up we can forget about it.

So the only thing we need to do is find relevant blogs that have a lot of good

quality content.

NOTE: Make sure the blog you choose is related to your niche.

I normally go to these three places to find RSS feeds.

Google Blog Search

You can simply enter your keyword and a ton of blogs will come up. You

simply visit their blog to find there feed URL and input it in the WP-O-Matic

The easiest way to find a blogs RSS link is to look at the URL bar and you

will see a RSS button, click on it and select “Subscribe to …. –RSS”


Blog Catalog

Visit each site or find a few RSS feed links and put them into WP-O-Matic to

begin generating new blog posts for your autoblog.
Sending the Traffic

Now where ready to start sending the traffic! This is where your income

producing activity really starts! In the beginning you will see a bunch of

income coming in that will turn into automated income streams.

Social Networking

Here I don’t mean submitting a bunch of content to Web 2.0 sites. Social

networking is actually interacting with people in order to help each other


Networking with other niche bloggers is going to be a very crucial part to

gaining more traffic to your blog and building a good readership. This is good

because other blogs in your niche already have the readers that you are

looking for.

By tapping into other blogs in your niche your traffic will increase and your

regular visitors will increase. The hard part is getting noticed by these niche


Here are a few ways you can put yourself in a position to network with these


   1. Leave a lot of Blog Comments – make a list of all the high traffic
        blogs in your niche and be one the first to comment as soon as they
        make a post. This is powerful because their blogs are receiving a ton
      of traffic and if you’re the first to post a comment you will get some of
      that traffic.
   2. Link to other blogs – Every site/blog owner loves a new link to their
      site and by putting a link on your blog to theirs, you have just made a
      new friend. You don’t want a link in return, you just want to network
      with them.
   3. Genuinely Join the Community – Just about every niche these days
      has a forum or social network. Join in on the discussions to get
      noticed, not to post links like crazy, it is counterproductive.

   Networking with other bloggers has to benefit not just yourself but the

   other blogger in question as well.


It’s no secret that Twitter is a great source for more traffic! I’m sure there

are millions of users by now and I see more companies like, VH1, MTV and

others display ads to follow them on Twitter!

It’s a good idea to harness all this media to your advantage and siphon

some FREE traffic from it. Twitter is a place where you can tell people about

anything you want at any time (as long as you’re connected to the web).

Your traffic for the most part will come from the amount of followers you

have and how well your relationship is with these follower. The more loyal

followers you have the more traffic you will receive.
I will outline how to setup your account get loyal followers that will serve as

more traffic to your blogs later on.

   1. Be sure to put the URL of your blog in your profile.
   2. Find people that are interested in your niche by search twitter for your
      main keywords. Once you find these people you want to follow them,
      in most cases they will follow you back. Later I will show you how to
      automate this entire process for you so you gain more followers on
   3. Integrate your RSS feed to Twitter so every post that is made on your
      blog will be posted as a Tweet in your Twitter account. This syndicates
      your content even more.

      To integrate you RSS feed you would simply visit Twitterfeed

      Enter your rss feed information and Twitter account information and it

      will handle the rest!

   4. Make frequent tweets – you can do this manually (which sucks) or you
      can use tools such as to schedule your tweets to
      go out at certain times.

To get a boatload of followers on complete autopilot there are tons of

automated software tools on the market that do just that.
Here is a couple:

   1. Tweet Adder –

   2. Twollow –

That was just a primer on Twitter traffic generation; there are many courses

out there that will go really in-depth.

Here is my TOP recommendation:
Pay Per View

PPV is a very cheap way to get TON traffic, but before I tell you how to drive

traffic this way I want to explain what it is.

PPV or Cost Per View is basically adware that is installed on someone’s

computer, as this user surf’s the internet, the keywords and sites that they

visit will make an ad appear related to what they are searching.

Now don’t confuse adware with spyware, adware is a supported program

that people have agreed to download and installed on their computer.

You can bid on keywords and domains for your ad to appear, this is in most

cases 10x cheaper than Google Adwords. You can get a TON of traffic for

cheap and in turn you will make more from affiliate sales than you spent.

So now that you know what PPV is all about, here is how you go about

getting the traffic.

First, you need to sign up to some networks to get started.

   •   Media Traffic –
   •   Traffic Vance –
   •   Zango –

Once you have signed up you will want to create your campaigns and bid on

your main keywords, you will start receiving traffic in a matter of hours.
Article Marketing

Article marketing is still a great way to grow your online business if you’re

doing it correctly. In order to get actual results from article marketing as

part your online marketing strategies and achieve significant one way link

building, you need to submit your articles to at least 400 article directories.

You’re probably thinking, “How can I submit that many articles to that many

directories?” The answer is automatic article submitters. These help you

achieve a massive amount of traffic and backlinks to your site.

Let’s say it takes you 10 minutes to submit an article by hand and your want

to submit to over 400 directories. This would take you over 40 hours to do,

which is working all week at a FULL time job. Now let’s say you have an

article submitter that can do this same task in about an hour and a half.

Do you see how powerful that is? That means you can build more links per

minute and focus on other ways to bring traffic to your site.

The software tool of choice is Automatic Article Submitter –
Traffic Related WSOs

I pick up most of my traffic tactics and techniques by visiting the Warrior

Special Offer forum. This is a place where internet marketers sell some nice

software tools and information about making money online.

I usually browse through the offers and buy up everything that looks new or

something that I haven’t heard of before. Some of these methods and

software tools work and some don’t, you just have to try them out for


Use your best judgment searching WSOs. Ask yourself questions like:

   •   Have I heard of this before?
   •   Is this similar to…
   •   What kind of proof does the owner have?

You can check WSOs yourself here:
Flipping Your Blogs for Cash

Now, if you’ve followed all the steps with a vengeance, then you should have

an autoblogs setup that is receiving traffic and making pretty decent money.

I suggest selling your blogs for 6 months worth of profit. So if your blog is

making $200/mo, times that by 6 to come up with your sale price. That’s

over $1,200 in your pocket.

Once you get good at creating these blogs and sending the traffic you will be

on easy street. You can easily create and market one of these blogs within 3


Anyway, here are a number of places that you can go to sell your autoblogs.

1. Flippa –

   This is a spinoff of the old Sitepoint Marketplace and they charge a $19

   listing fee so that cuts down on the amount of junk sites being posted.

   Instead, you can browse through their selection with ease, but be careful

   to always evaluate for yourself any site that you do end up considering.
2. Digital Point Forums -

  Although Digital Point is more of a forum than an actual marketplace, the

  fact of the matter is that it is heavily used by people looking to sell their

  websites, and therefore a great place to go.

  Also, you’ll find that although you may have to wade through a lot of

  worthless websites, you may find some really undervalued websites here

  simply because there is no fee for the listings.

  End of the day, while you might need to spend more time on the forums

  to find what you’re looking for, you stand a good chance of finding a rare


3. NamePros -

  Just like Digital Point, NamePros is another forum that shares the same

  advantages by merit of being so.

  If you’re willing to spend the time leafing through listings, and separating

  the ones that are downright useless from the potentially good ones, then

  you should definitely check out this forum too.
4. eBay -

  eBay sells pretty much anything – and websites are not an exception to

  this rule.

  However, although this is true, due to the sheer number of listings on

  eBay, you’re going to be lining yourself up for a huge task to go through

  all of them. But that said, the sheer amount of listings also represent a

  huge potential to find something truly great.

  In essence, it boils down to a tradeoff – although eBay is not the most

  convenient option out there, it does have a lot of potential.
Automated Software Tools

It’s always important to have a few automated tools in your arsenal, this

makes for easy profits and empire building. If you’re serious about creating

a bunch on income producing blogs, then these software tools are almost


SENuke –

I’m sure most of you have heard of this tool before, but if you haven’t then

you am in for a treat because this is pretty much an all-in-one marketing

tool. You can do every from submit articles to submitting videos within this

tool. I usually use SENuke to get indexed and start the traffic building

Firepow –

This is a blog management tool that I use most of the time to build all my

autoblogs. This online tool will:

   •   Build Your Blog

   •   Add Content

   •   Build Backlinks to Your Site

   •   And a whole bunch more!

You can easily crank out 10 blogs a day on autopilot using this tool. They

currently have a $1 trial going on. I would suggest taking advantage of it

while you can.

RSS2Blog -

This is similar to the WP-O-Matic Wordpress plugin. I only advise purchasing

this software if you want to have more than one tool to do your automatic

blog posts.

Armed with the information in “Auto Blogging Uncut” you can easily go out

and create a nice automated income online. You can use this formula in just

about any niche you choose and completely DOMINATE!

Remember, you just have to put in the work one good time and then that’s

income for life!

If you’ve made it this far, I would like to say thank you for reading and be

sure to TAKE ACTION on the information you’ve just read!

To YOUR Success

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