From Melos to My Lai by P-TaylorFrancis


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									From Melos to My Lai
Author: Lawrence A. Tritle
Table of Contents

1. A Twentieth Century American Odyssey 2. Listening to Theristes 3. Achilles and the Heroic Ideal 4.
Clearchus' Story: The Heroic Ideal Transformed 5. Penelope and Waiting Wives and Lovers 6. War,
Violence, and the 'Other' 7. The Historiography and Language of Violence 8. Rhetoric, Remembrance and
Memory 9. The Visibly Dead: Monuments and Their Meaning 10. The Unanchored Dead: Mental Cases
and Walking Wounded

From Melos to My Lai presents an erudite, provocative and moving analysis of the accounts of violence in
the literature and history of ancient Greece and in the film literature and veterans' accounts of the
Vietnam War. This comparative investigation examines the nature of violence, its impact on society and
culture, especially as reflected from the perspective of the survivors. The survivors include not only actual
combatants, but those with whom they interact: their comrades, their wives and children, families and
society as a whole.From Melos to My Lai provides a unique contribution to the study of the impact of
violence on its participants and its audience which combines an examination of the artistic
representations of violence and the real-life accounts of those involved in it.

Tritle shows, in horrifying and thought-provoking detail, how little has changed for the infantryman down
the centuries

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