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									Feed Your Family Right!
Author: Elisa Zied
Author: Ruth Winter

With nutritional guidelines and recipes designed to make family meals simple, healthy, and delicious,
this indispensable guide shows how to make a nutrition plan for each member of the family, set realistic
goals, achieve and maintain a healthy weight, make fitness fun, and eat healthy at home or at
Author Bio
Elisa Zied
ELISA ZIED, M.S., R.D., is a registered dietitian, a national spokesperson for the American Dietetic
Association, and the coauthor of So What Can I Eat?! Her work has appeared in Weight Watchers
magazine and in Seventeen magazine, where she was a contributing editor. Zied is frequently quoted in
national publications and she appears regularly on CBS's The Early Show. Visit her Web site at

Ruth Winter
RUTH WINTER, M.S., is an award-winning science and nutrition writer. Her books include A Consumer's
Dictionary of Food Additives. Visit her Web site at brainbody.com.

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