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					                The Queen’s School Parent and Staff Association
    Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 15th November 2006 7.30pm

Members present: Suzanne Foxton, Jane Goodlace, Paige Manzo, Jude Tugman,
Ann Lefler, Tara Whyte, Ruth Gledhill Franks, Lila Fenton, Sarah Hamilton, Sharon
Beggan, Rowena Fuller, Cathy Renwick, Helen Bairamian, Matt Berardo, Kimberley
Foster, Marta Jordan, Sue Harwood, Jo Bushell, Kate Street, Cathy Tilly, Jill Rzym,
Karen Farr, Caitlin Mackesy Davies, Eleanor Garland, Jeff Grout Hugo Tugman,
Sarah Everall, K. Bird, Stephanie Bailey, Philippa Anderson, Catherine Bates, Sonia
Mulley, Jane Lawson, Claire Davies, Mary Lam, Rachel Waterston, Ruth Reqica,
David O’Hara, Clodagh Fitzsimmons, Susie Conner, Richard Laming, Phil Gillespie,
Caroline Hargrove, Mike Thexton, Mike Oxborrow, Gillian O’Keefe, Mony
Dimitroff, Ali Sapsford, Kajal Shah, Helen Crookes, Lynne Pressley, Richard Wright,
Ingrid Grylls, Ela Kaczmaska, Gaye Wolfson, Maria Carrasco, Annette Quayle,
Alison Murphy, Claire Comins, Rachel Neil, Elizabeth Bazalgette, Kathy Thexton,
Jan Deykin (3 names illegible)

Apologies received: Christine Judge, Mrs Stroud, Mrs Corpetti, Sharon Turner, Mrs
Martin, Mrs Ingham, Claire Lusted, Alex Blakemore, Mrs Walker, Gail Hiscock, Beth
Simmons, Lorna Bhasin, Katie Mortimer, Sue Murray, Kate Mockridge

1. Opening (Suzanne Foxton)
Suzanne opened the meeting with an appreciative overview of her experience as a
parent at Queen’s. She said that the past year as PSA Chair had been at times
challenging, exhilarating, hilarious and exhausting, and thanked everyone for their
support. Suzanne thanked Paige in particular and presented her with flowers.

2. Election of new trustees (Paige Manzo)
Paige proposed that the role of Class Representative Co-ordinator be formalised and
added to the PSA officers for this year. Motion CARRIED.

Nominations for officers were then invited:
 Paige Manzo was elected as Chair of the PSA for 2006 - 7
 Jude Tugman was confirmed as continuing Treasurer of the PSA for 2006 - 7
 Jan Deykin was elected as Secretary of the PSA for 2006 – 7
 Karen Farr and Sarah Everall were elected as joint Class Representative Co-
  ordinators for 2006 -7

3. Minutes from last PSA meeting (Paige Manzo)
The minutes from the last meeting were APPROVED.

4. A look at last year (Paige Manzo)
Paige paid tribute to the phenomenal effort of last year, which included 12 events and
raised a lot of funds. Paige thanked Suzanne for her passion, enthusiasm, ideas and
inspiration. She thanked Gillian O’Keefe for the great job she performed as Secretary
for the past two years, and thanked Jude Tugman for her work as Treasurer last year
and for continuing this year. Paige presented Suzanne, Gillian (later) and Jude with

Paige highlighted a few of last year’s events as particularly memorable:
   the Christmas Fair, which was a much improved event thanks to Gaye Wolfson
    and her team, supported by class reps and volunteers
   the fantastic Summer Fair which was good fun for all and organized so calmly by
    Sue Murray and her team.
   the Quiz Night which was very well attended by parents and great fun. Thanks to
    Kim Bloomfield, Suzanne and Christopher Foxton.
   Lastly the Speakeasy supper for which Kathy Thexton worked so hard.
   Gaye, Sue (later) and Kathy were presented with flowers.

Paige thanked all the class reps, who do an amazing job and deserve our recognition.

Paige highlighted a few of the issues that we are faced with this year, firstly to
improve communications to parents using all available tools. Secondly, following
through our fund raising activities and planning with action – getting traction.

5. Treasurer’s report (Jude Tugman)
Jude said that despite her original intentions to spend the accumulating funds, she had
spent just £6,454 in the past year during which £23,028 was earned. We now have
£41,749 in the bank.

This year, helped by the new structure, she hopes to spend well and wisely. The
accounts for the 10 months to 30-06-06 were circulated at the meeting and are
available from Jude Tugman.

6. Greeting (Jane Goodlace)
Mrs Goodlace thanked Suzanne for throwing herself passionately into the role of PSA
Chair, and for being our Roller Disco Queen.

Mrs Goodlace was very impressed to see so many people at the meeting, which she
felt shows how committed parents are to our school. She feels that Queen’s is a
listening school and she strives to be a listening Head, caring passionately about the
school and most importantly our children. She paid tribute to the incredible group
around her, who she said are a brilliant team of people.

Mrs Goodlace outlined the plans to spend more on the fabric of the school, including
the new Year 3 toilets, repainting of the front weatherboard, and a new heating system
for the Upper School Hall that includes cooling fans for summer. The junior
playground is to be re-surfaced and landscaping for the school as a whole is being
addressed by a working party set up by the Governors and includes Rowena Fuller-
Gale, Mrs Harwood and Mr Laming.

7. Plans for the 2006 / 2007 School Year (Paige Manzo)

7.a Creation of a PSA committee
     Paige began by saying how her overall aim is to make improvements and
     minimise the work for everyone. The first change is to create a PSA Committee.
     This is an idea that evolved after no-one came forward to take over running the
     PSA in September. A coffee was held to discuss a ‘group approach’ and 16
     people showed up. Over the next 6 weeks these people have met and thought
    through ideas. The benefit of a committee is that it represents a quorum when
    decisions are needed – a lack of a quorum at meetings was one reason that funds
    were not spent last year – and it will provide continuity of knowledge and
    resources from year to year even when officers change.

    Mrs Goodlace said that she supported the idea.

    Paige proposed that a committee of the PSA be created and this was CARRIED.

    Currently the committee comprises of 16 members that span all the school years.
    Paige welcomed anyone who wished to join the committee, and during the
    meeting several PSA members said that they would join.

7.b Creation of sub-committees
     Paige outlined the structure of the committee as falling into four natural sub-
     categories, around which a sub-committee has been formed to lead the thinking
     and action.
     The Events sub-committee will propose the social and fundraising events for
        the year, and form groups tasked with achieving these.
     The Annual Priorities sub-committee has the responsibility of spending the
        PSA funds after identifying the projects to be addressed. It will also influence
        the events for the year, eg an event to raise money for a specific project.
     The Communications sub-committee will work to use all available
        communications channels for information to and from interested parties ie
        parents, staff, school and governors. It will also give practical help to the
        events sub-committee.
     The Charities sub-committee aims to encourage charitable activities amongst
        our children and support the school in its charitable aims.

    A representative of each sub-committee then outlined its progress to date.

    Ann Lefler spoke for the Annual Priorities sub-committee which currently has
    5 members (Ann Lefler, Paige Manzo, Maddy Godlieb, Jude Tugman, Kimberley
    Foster). It will focus on spending projects, and recently it asked PSA members
    how they would like to see PSA funds spent. Mrs Harwood outlined the
    priorities expressed by staff as the playground (equipment, painting, drainage);
    carpets/flooring and classroom furniture. It was felt the latter two were more a
    school or Governor responsibility. Ann then gave the results of the 47 surveys
    returned from parents, which identified priorities as the playground; more extra-
    curricular activities (chess, dance/drama, computers, art); increase in number of
    school visits and minibus. The PSA will have annual priorities sub-committee
    representatives on the Governor’s playground work group.

    Paige proposed that an immediate £50 be given to each class for staff to use to
    address classroom needs. It was discussed whether that was sufficient, and
    concluded that it is double the figure from last year, and if teachers feel more is
    needed they can ask the PSA. Motion CARRIED.

    Rachel Neil spoke for the Events sub-committee, which currently has 5
    members (Sarah Everall, Sue Murray, Rachel Neil, Lorna Bhasin, and Kim
    Bloomfield). She proposed a series of events for this year, based on the events
    parents supported last year and which were successful financially. These are the
    Christmas Fair this term; next term a Quiz Night, a second hand sports
    equipment sale, the Roller disco, Lenter Trail, and Pancakes. In the summer
    term, the Summer Fair, a wine tasting and an end of year event.

    Karen Farr spoke for the Communications sub-committee which has 4
    members (Paige Manzo, Caitlin Mackesy-Davies, Jude Tugman, and Karen
    Farr). She said that Communications are a priority this year and it will be
    important to encourage two-way dialogue between parents, staff and governors to
    facilitate direct improvements. Immediate action is to add a suggestions box to
    the PSA noticeboard.

    Kathy Thexton spoke for the Charities sub-committee which has 3 members
    (Jude Tugman, Kathy Thexton and for the duration of the Christmas Fair
    planning, Ann Lefler). The committee is looking for charities that children can
    relate to locally and internationally. As the PSA is a charity, we can only give
    money to charity if it is advertised as such. So far planned activities are a food
    collection, mufti day near Christmas, shoebox collection and for the School
    Council to vote on a charity to support. One far-reaching idea is for each class to
    sponsor over time a child in a developing country to learn about differences,
    cultures and values.

7.c Group discussions
     The meeting then split into four groups that represented the four sub-committees
     and energetically discussed issues and priorities for 15 minutes. Each group then
     fed back a summary of its discussion.

    Conclusions of Communications discussion. (Jeff Grout)
     The PSA could be ‘branded’ separately from the school to improve
     The PSA noticeboard should be angled differently (Hugo Tugman offered to
     The school website should be revamped and publicised (Jo Bushell offered to
     Email could be used to communicate with parents with the possible
       establishment of a school-wide mailing list being discussed
     Success can be judged by attendance at events
     Volunteers have come forward to help on the committee: Eleanor Garland
       and Philippa Anderson.

    Conclusions of Events discussion (Rachel Neil)
     Dates of events should be known well in advance, perhaps on a calendar
     An introduction for Reception parents should be hosted early in September,
       possibly in the evening so that working parents can attend
     Future sale of tickets for Christ’s’ fireworks unresolved – Paige said that she
       had discussed with Jane Goodlace and it had been decided that Queen’s
       would no longer sell tickets but that the PSA would advertise the event in the
       Cake sales to be held more regularly throughout year. Proceeds could be
        given alternately to the school and a publicized charity (school council to
        nominate). This is to be discussed through the charity sub-committee
       The wine tasting could be combined with a BBQ
       The end of year event to be discussed further
       An end of year 6 school party / prom to be organized annually
       All these events take a lot of organization and marketing; any help

    A question was raised about the focus of events this year, if we already have a lot
    of funds in the bank. Paige responded that we will still need to raise money to
    refresh the funds and have a pot available for spending next year.

    Lynne Pressley asked whether the Year 6 schoolbook could be organized or
    funded by the PSA, requiring a minimum of £600 – 700 pa. This was felt to be a
    logical suggestion and Paige asked Lynne to put forth a proposal in writing.

    Conclusions of Annual Priorities discussion (Matt Berardo)
     All agree that the playground is a priority and lots of work is needed
       beforehand if the money is to be well spent
     It will take 1 – 2 years before completion so it will also be important to do
       something in the short term, so that the children see something is happening
     We will need to have budgets for the priorities of playground, annual projects
       (eg artweek) and reserve
     Perhaps do a follow-up survey of parents to continue until more
       representative response gained.

    Conclusions of Charities discussion (Kathy Thexton)
     Discussed the pros and cons of sponsoring a child
     A sports-related charity might appeal to some children
     Could organize some more visible activities such as a co-ordinated response
       to a Blue Peter appeal
     Worth consulting with St Anne’s and the other churches
     Rachel Waterston suggested taking children to sing at local OAP homes
     Overall aim is to get charity more into the life of children, bearing in mind
       the spectrum of backgrounds at the school

8. Other Business (Paige Manzo)
Paige announced small recent expenditure by the PSA:
    purchase of a glockenspiel for Mary Noyes’ music department
    proceeds from gift wrap sales to be spent on KS1 literacy
    a new outdoor toy shed to be purchased for the infant playground
    a contribution to be made for the staff Christmas party

Paige thanked everyone warmly for attending the meeting and participating
enthusiastically in the discussions.

The meeting concluded at 9.35pm.

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