Head of Visually Impaired Service by mifei


									                                               Visual Stimulation                         Liaison
Your child will have received some
home based support from the V.I.              In the form of activities and computer      With your consent we can liaise with
Service.                                      programs that encourage the use of          other professionals involved with your
                                              vision, develop scanning abilities and      child in order to ensure that all input is
By working with your child, talking to        hand-eye co-ordination.                     co-ordinated.
yourselves and health professionals
from the eye clinic, we will have              Resources and Equipment                    Low Vision Aid Training
information about your child’s vision
and how this may affect them in               This may include the provision of sloping   Training for pupils in the use and
Nursery/School.                               boards, CCTV loan and specialist            management of LVAs such as
                                              keyboard.                                   magnifiers and binoculars, where
This assessment of your child’s vision                                                    appropriate.
will be ongoing.
                                               Adapted Materials
We can offer:
                                              This could involve producing books in a
                                              large print size, adapting/modifying
 Advice and Training                         worksheets and other curriculum              Support
This will be offered to staff on how best                                                 Support is allocated according to your
to include your child in all aspects of                                                   child’s level of vision as determined by
Nursery/School.                                                                           the Service’s Support Packages. In
                                                                                          most cases once your child is settled
 Direct Teaching                                                                         in Nursery/Foundation the role of the
                                                                                          V.I. Service will be to offer training and
This may include individual or small                                                      advice to staff.
group situations. It will also cover
teaching of specialist skills e.g. Braille,                                               Your child will be visited at agreed
use of low vision aids.                                                                   intervals and progress and access to
                                                                                          activities will be monitored.
 Transition                             For further information contact:
We provide liaison and support at
                                         Children’s Specialist Service
times of transition e.g. between         Prince Edward Primary School
                                         City Road                               SPECIALIST
Nursery and Primary, Infant and Junior
provision.                               S12 2AA

                                         Tele: 0114 2398336                       SERVICES
This will include advice and
information to receiving staff and
familiarisation with new buildings,
classroom, dining room and

                                         Head of Visually Impaired
                                         Marion Broadhurst                     Children’s Specialist
                                         Tele: 0114 2671414                    services for Nursery
                                                                            and Primary children with a
                                                                                Visual Impairment.

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