Rome Visitor�s Guide by guy25


									Rome: Visitor’s Guide
You will be taking a trip to Italy in a few weeks but you don’t
know what to do while you are there. You will only be in Rome
for a day so you need to create a travel brochure to help you during
your brief trip.

A. Your mission is to create a travel brochure for visitors to Rome.
   Your brochure should be colorful, neat, creative, accurate and
   free of grammar or spelling mistakes.

B. Fold a blank piece of paper into thirds. You will put your
   information on five of the panels that are created – the cover,
   inside flap, and three inside panels when opened.

C. Your cover should say “Rome” and have an illustration. You
   can draw or use one of the pictures you are provided.

D. The other four panels need to include.
    a. Geography
            i. Physical description
           ii. Climate
          iii. Importance of location in fending off invaders
    b. Human and Cultural Characteristics
            i. Achievements of Rome (at least 4)
    c. Sites to See
            i. You must have at least 2. Think about what sites
               you would like to see if you only had one day to visit
           ii. Include a physical description and the significance of
    d. Historical Timeline
            i. Make a timeline including five important events
       Points                  10                     8                     6                      4                     2            0
     Geography                               - physical            - physical            - climate              - only 1 element     None
                     -   physical            description           description           - importance of
                         description         - importance of       - climate             fending off
                     -   climate             fending off                                 invaders
                     -   importance of       invaders
                         fending off
    Human and        -   5 characteristics   - 4 characteristics   - 3 characteristics   - 2 characteristics    - 1 characteristic   None
    Sites to See     -   2 sites listed      -   2 sites listed    -   1 site            -   1 site             - 1 site listed      None
                     -   description for     -   description or    -   description       -   description or     - no description
                         each                    significance      -   significance          significance       or significance
                     -   significance of         for one
      Historical     -   5 events            -   4 events          - 3 events                 - 2 events        - 1 event            None

Geography: _________
Characteristics: _________
Sites: _______
Timeline: _______

                                                                                                               TOTAL: ____

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