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									Minutes of the Virginia DECA Board of Trustees Meeting

October 16, 2009


The meeting was called to order on October 16, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. by Board Chair, Suzanne Campbell. The Friday
meeting was adjourned at 10:13 pm. The Saturday meeting was called to order at 8:50 a.m. The meeting adjourned at
4:45 p.m.

Board members in attendance were Sharon Acuff, Lisa Baynes, Suzanne Campbell, Jean Draper, Amy Granahan, Jennifer
Hendrickson and Sandi Tucker and the new DECA Specialist Ryan Witzig.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes were reviewed of the August 5, 2009 meeting. A motion was made to approve the minutes. The motion was
seconded and passed.

DECA Specialist/PVCC

Ryan Witzig was selected as the new Virginia DECA Specialist. Her start date will be October 30, 2009.

There is office space available at Piedmont Community College for both the DECA specialist and the HOSA specialist.
Currently there is a problem with the space available; in the fact the space is not secure. Sharon Acuff will make contact
with Valerie Palamountain, who oversees the grant at Piedmont to inquire about the space, the phone calls, and the lack
of security of the space. The space will not be used by the specialist, as an office. The space will be used for storage.

University Student Position on the Board

There are several colleges that currently have Delta Epsilon Chi chapters. Old Dominion University and James Madison
University have affiliated with National DECA.

It was cited that the vote to add a DEX member to the Board of Trustees, was not ratified by the state association.
Therefore a DEX member cannot become part of the board for the 2009-2010 school year.

It was discussed to possibly ask Sharon Davis, the DEX State Specialist for Virginia to consider running for the DECA

SLC Transportation in Norfolk

Vernon King has been asked to assist with negotiating with Trans Quest bus lines for SLC. Vernon has met with the bus
company, and they are awaiting information on the hotel alignment.

Virginia DECA paid $11,565 for busses for SLC 2009. More busses will need to be secured for 2010. Some schools will
bring their own busses for the weekend.

A plan needs to be developed once schools are notified of hotel selection. The number of busses should be based on
size of chapters at each hotel. Teams will be developed. Chapters will be notified of teams prior to SLC.
SLC Hotels and Contracts

Owen Hamilton from Conference Direct has been working with Sharon Acuff and the hotels in Norfolk. Owen has been
very helpful in securing hotel contracts.

The hotels that will be used are the following: Marriott Residence Inn- Brambleton, the Courtyard Marriott, Springhill
Suites on Newtown Road, the Waterside Marriott, the Waterside Sheraton and Tazewell. We will also use the Norfolk
Plaza (newly renovated and now a Crowne Plaza) located near the convention center.

The Virginia DECA Specialist will make contact with Owen to get updated on contracts, and will inquire about the
$35,000 food charge that needs to be used at the Waterside Marriott.

Ryan will contact Kristi Kennedy from the Convention Bureau to discuss Meeting Max, the hotel reservation system that
has been used in the past.

Sharon was notified by Owen Hamilton that Chrysler Hall may have been secured for the various ceremonies for SLC. It
is believed that the Conventions Bureau may give $7500 toward the use of Chrysler Hall.

Last year Virginia DECA paid $19,250 for the Scope for 2009.

Ryan will base numbers on approximately 2500 registrants.

SLC Coordinators/Series Directors Stipend Policies

A new judge coordinator will be secured for SLC 2010. The coordinator will receive a $599 stipend.

SLC series directors were identified. Ryan will extend an invitation to these individuals. Series Directors will receive
their conference registration waived.

The facilities director will receive a stipend of $599.

ICDC Stipend Policies

The event directors, the assistants and the voting delegate coordinator will have lodging and registration covered.
Registration, lodging, airfare and snacks will be covered for the Virginia Marketing Specialist.

Virginia DECA Foundation

The Virginia DECA Foundation has proposed that a new competitive event be offered to students for a competitive event
at SLC. The event title would be Public Awareness Community Service Learn and Earn Project. This competitive event
will not move forward as part of Virginia’s competitive events program.

The foundation will offer 16 scholarships this year.

The foundation would like to recognize Jeff Seaborn from Bode-Noell at SLC, who retired and was a founding member of
the DECA foundation. The foundation will pay for the plaque for Jeff.

Virginia DECA Travel Policy for Reimbursement

Mileage reimbursement:

Traveler must do a cost comparison if one-way mileage is more than 150 miles.

Whichever is less:

       Rental car at state rate (currently $32.65) plus gas and vehicle insurance (if your division does not already have
        an account with a rental agency). Car must be returned on the last day of the meeting/conference to ensure an
        extra day of rental is not incurred.

       $.55 mile traveled

If the lesser of the amounts is the rental car, and the teacher prefers to use personal vehicle, reimbursement will be at
$.24 per mile.

Meal reimbursement:

For overnight travel only. Receipts must be submitted. Reimbursement will be based on the state per diem or actual
expense, whichever is less, excluding alcohol.

A motion was made and passed to accept this policy effective November 1, 2009.

Facebook Page for Virginia DECA

A motion was made and passed for Virginia DECA to launch an “official” Facebook page monitored by the Virginia DECA

State Action Team/Program of Work

Sandi Tucker provided a report on the current standing of the State Action Team. The officer team developed a
template for requesting sponsorship money to support the Foundation scholarship program. This information can be
found in section D of the Chapter Management Guide. The letter will be promoted to the advisors, and via Facebook.
Donations will be used for scholarships for 2010-2011 school year.

Constitution and By-Laws

There are several changes that need to be made to the current constitution. Marshall DECA has agreed to propose the
following changes:

Votes –page 3 – Article V, Section 1

A constitution amendment to reapportion the following changes regarding number of votes per chapter, as stated

    Membership Votes

        1-100          1

      101-200          2

        201+           3

Board of Trustees – page 1 – Article III, Section 2

The wording needs to be changed to read “Two representatives from each of the regions who are current chapter
advisors and who are professional members of Virginia DECA.”

DLC Certificates/Trophies

Twenty-nine of the 30 districts responded to the request for supplies needed for DLC.

Financial Report

Sharon Acuff shared the financial report for Virginia DECA. The 2008 tax forms were submitted to National DECA on
October 14, 2009.

State Officer Handbook

A state officer handbook will be developed for the 2010-2011 officer team. Sandi Tucker will work in conjunction with
Ryan to revise and revamp previous handbooks. A Virginia DECA state officer code of conduct and due process will be
updated and added to the Virginia DECA website and Chapter Management Guide.

Board Member Recognition

A letter will be sent to the principal and CTE Director to acknowledge the efforts of the team during the VA DECA
Specialist transition.

Phone and Blackberry

The Virginia DECA specialist will be asked to use a land line phone as the major phone contact. The specialist will
purchase a blackberry for e-mail access, and will inquire with Piedmont Virginia Community College about how payment
will be made for the service.

Conference Registration Rate

After further review, the SLC conference registration rate will remain at $80.

Insurance Plan

Virginia DECA currently does not carry insurance for the state conference. Sharon Acuff received several quotes on
policies that would cover the state conference. A motion was made and passed to accept the Hartford Insurance Policy

A motion was made and passed for the Virginia DECA Specialist to be bonded.

Honorary Lifetime Award

An individual was selected to be an honorary lifetime member. The announcement of this individual will be revealed at

SLC Program of Activities

The DECA specialist will look at the following options for Saturday afternoon activities for students who are not
otherwise engaged: Movie or bus trip to Virginia Beach

SLC Teacher Assignments

Teacher assignments for SLC will be assigned at the series director meeting in February.

Future SLC Sites

Owen Hamilton will research the possibility of moving SLC to Virginia Beach in 2013. SLC will remain in Norfolk for 2011
and 2012.

Roanoke is unable to accommodate our dates for future conferences.

Web Site

Virginia DECA exceeded the bandwidth allotted by Go Daddy. Sharon worked with Go Daddy to expand the width. It
was recommended by Go Daddy to transfer the current website to an unlimited download transfer site. Piedmont
Community College is researching whether or not they will allow us to use space on their website. A motion was made
to stay with Go Daddy as the server domain for the Virginia Website until further options become available for
consideration. The motion passed.

DECA Membership

The National DECA High School Division by-laws state that active members shall be enrolled in high school programs of
Marketing Education. Several questions have been asked by teachers about whether or not students can participate in
DECA if they are not taking a marketing course.

DECA Region Realignment

Area/region realignment will be reviewed at the February Series Director meeting with 2009-2010 DECA membership by
school and county.

Scholarship Categories

The scholarship application will be reworded to allow for more scholarship applicants. Currently the application is
worded to limit the options to those students majoring in marketing or marketing education. The revised statement will
be : A student must have a career interest marketing, management, entrepreneurship or Marketing Education. The
career clusters Business Management and Administration, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism and Marketing will be
included. The essay will include three parts: career goal, how has marketing classes, employment and DECA led to
career choices, and plan to accomplish career goal through college education.

Board Rotation

Based on the board rotation schedule shown below, the following positions will be open for 2010-2011:

Eastern          3- year term
Northern         3- year term
Western          3-year term
Western          2- year term

                           Virginia DECA Board of Trustees 2009 - 2010

Name/Chapter                                                   Representation           2009 - 2010

Jean Draper/Atlee HS                                             Eastern Area              Year 1

Suzanne Campbell/King William HS                                 Eastern Area              Year 3

Sandi Tucker/Dominion HS                                        Northern Area              Year 1

Jen Hendrickson/ Marshall Academy                               Northern Area              Year 3

Lisa Baynes/ Tunstall HS                                        Western Area               Year 3

Open                                                            Western Area

Amy Granahan                                                  Local Supervisors            Year 1

Open (proposed)                                                Delta Epsilon Chi

Ryan Witzig (Consultant to the Board)                          DECA Specialist

Sharon Acuff (State Association Advisor)                     Association Advisor

Respectively submitted:
Amy Granahan


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