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					DataDot DAAC Robot Launch
 Prix Car, Melbourne, Australia
MEDIA RELEASE: MR 120                                           Embargoed until 16 August

                              “IDENTIFIED in 60 SECONDS”

            “Car Security Breakthrough to Tackle $300 million Racket”

A major breakthrough in car security was announced today in Melbourne with the launch of
the world’s first automated application of microdot vehicle identification technology. The
Robotic Microdot Applicator is a fully automated system that will spray 7,000 tiny microdots
onto a car in less than 60 seconds. Each microdot carries the 17-digit vehicle identification
number (VIN) that uniquely identifies every individual car. Up to 38 panels and components
on each car are sprayed in between 30 and 50 seconds.

“Profit motivated thieves are stealing around $300 million of cars each year to feed the re-
birthing and illicit parts market. We need to make this illegal disposal just too difficult and
too risky for thieves to want to steal the car in the first place,” Ray Carroll, Director of the
National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, said today. “Police and transport agencies
are playing their part in trying to stop the illegal laundering of cars and parts, but the lack of
secure identification on cars makes their task very difficult.”

Assistant Commissioner Ken Lay, Victoria Police, agrees. “Police are keen to shut down
professional car theft rings, but almost without exception our investigations are made that
much harder because of the difficulty of satisfactorily proving the real identity of a re-birthed
car or the origin of parts that we suspect are stolen”, he said

VIN Microdots were first developed by Australian company DataDot Technology Ltd., and
have been applied using a hand-spray system. This breakthrough automated robot process
now makes this security system available to mass production processes, such as vehicle
assembly lines and import centres. Microdot technology is currently being used by BMW,
Mini, Audi, HSV, Subaru, Porsche, Lexus, Ford Performance Vehicles, Mitsubishi EVO and

But according to Ray Carroll, local manufacturers, Holden, Ford, Toyota and Mitsubishi
have resisted calls by authorities to adopt this important theft deterrent for their volume
models. According to Carroll, manufacturers’ reluctance to apply microdot identification to
volume models centres on a lack of consumer demand, adding to the cost of the car, and
up until now, the labour intensive manual spray process that hasn’t been suited to their
automated production lines.

“The consumer demand issue is really one for us to deal with as we need motorists to
better understand how improved identification can protect their car and perhaps even avoid
a confrontation with a car thief who wants their keys. But with the development of this robot
DataDot have produced a solution to manufacturers’ production objections, and in the
process made it more economically attractive for them to take it up.” Carroll said.

Assistant Commissioner Lay added, “Our investigators are telling me that professional
thieves are largely avoiding microdotted cars, and where they have appeared in police
investigations, having microdots has allowed the very quick and easy identification of the
various parts involved and significantly increased the likelihood of achieving successful
prosecutions. This is something that all Australian police services are behind and we would
certainly like to see it adopted by all car manufacturers.”

Ian Allen, CEO, DataDot Technology Ltd, said today, “This is a big step forward for us. The
Robot answers the problem of being able to apply our dots in a fast and economical
manner. As volume manufacturers come on board the real benefits from our efforts will flow
through to police investigators and everyday car owners in the form of improved personal
safety and lower insurance premiums. We have always worked very closely with authorities
to ensure our products and processes meet their needs and we are very pleased to have
had their support in the development of the robot.”

DataDot Technology’s $3 million 2-year development of its Robot has been supported via a
partnership with the NMVTRC, Machinery Automation and Robotics Pty Ltd and the
Australian Government’s AusIndustry Commercial Ready Grants Scheme.

For further information:

Ray Carroll, Executive Director, NMVTRC
T: (03) 9348 9600, M: 0408 379 349, E: :

For DataDot Media enquiries:

Anthony McClellan     AMC Media     Mob: 0419 229 271

Fact Sheet Follows:

    In Australia during 2006:

           •   64,000 passenger and light commercial vehicles were reported stolen. Of these
               14,500 at an estimated value of $160 million were never recovered and a similar
               number and value were recovered stripped of substantial parts.
           •   Of all stolen vehicles 17,900 were less than 10 years old and over 4,400 of
               these were not recovered.
           •   The value of the missing passenger vehicles under 10 years old was
               approximately $80 million.

    Most Stolen not Recovered Models under 10 Years Old in 2006

           •   Holden Commodore              644
           •   Ford Falcon                   282
           •   Mitsubishi Lancer             126
           •   Holden Commodore Ute          125
           •   Ford Falcon Ute               110
           •   Toyota Land Cruiser           110
           •   Toyota Corolla                109
           •   Hyundai Excel                 101
           •   Toyota Hilux                   98
           •   Toyota Camry                   79

    There are approximately 70,000 new passenger cars sold each year in Australia
    protected by microdots. Vehicles currently using microdot identification:

           •   BMW                           All models
           •   Mini                          All models
           •   HSV                           All models
           •   Subaru                        All models
           •   Audi                          All models
           •   Porsche                       All models
           •   Lexus                         All models
           •   Ford                          Ford Performance Vehicles only
           •   Mitsubishi                    EVO only
           •   Lotus                         All models

    The NMVTRC evaluation of the theft performance of BMW, HSV and Subaru marked
    vehicles compared with control groups of the same brand vehicles manufactured
    before marking began expressed as stolen not recovered per 1,000 registered

           BMW -       Marked vehicles showing a 79% reduction over unmarked vehicles
                       after 63 months of exposure.
           HSV -        Marked vehicles showing a 79% reduction over unmarked vehicles
                       after 63 months of exposure
Subaru -   Marked vehicles showing a 86% reduction over unmarked vehicles after 48 months
           of exposure