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                          AUGUST 12, 1993


OFFICERS            PRESIDENT:                        Terry Cunningham
                    VICE PRESIDENT:                   Larry Thompson
                    SECRETARY:                        Pat Bennet
                    TREASURER:                        Julie Phillips
                    VICE PRESIDENT ELECT:             Mark Dromgoole


                    MEMBERSHIP:                       Pat Noland
                    PROGRAM DESIGN:                   John Earley
                    LIAISON:                          Terry Cunningham
                    NOMINATING:                       Larry R. Thompson
                    NEWSLETTER:                       Laurie Chapman

Also present were other members of the User Group who wished to remain for
the Executive Board Meeting.

The meeting was brought to order by the president.

The first item of business was approval of the last meeting, August 21, 1992.
Julie Phillips (Huntsville, AL) made the motion that the minutes be accepted and
approved as submitted. This was seconded by Pat Noland (Murfreeboro, TN).
The minutes were approved by a vote of the committee.

Items of discussion were:

After a very brief discussion it was decided that the dues should remain at $50

Date for next annual meeting
A date of August 18-19, 1994 for the next meeting was recommended after
discussion by the group. A motion was made by Julie Phillips to accept this date.
Pat Noland seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous for this date.

Location of next annual meeting
The committee discussed and recommended having the next meeting in Atlanta,
Georgia at the Holiday Inn at Peachtree Corners (same location). Julie Phillips
made the motion to accept this location. The motion was seconded by Pat
Noland and the vote was unanimous in favor of this location.

Family Self Sufficiency Program
An informal commitment for this program was received from sixteen housing
authorities. It was decided that we would defer a decision on this until after more
information, demonstration and discussion with George Wright.

Audit of Teasurer’s Report
It was decided that the treasurer, Julie Phillips, would submit a copy of the bank
statement for the WDR User Group account along with the financial statements.
These are to be submitted to the president for review.

Amendment of the By- Laws
It was brought to the attention of the committee by Larry Thompson that no
provision was made in the by- laws to determine when the new officers will
officially take over the duties of their office. It was decided that the new officers
should begin their term on the last day of the annual meeting. An amendment to
the by-laws will be written to clarify this item; and it will be voted on at the next

Also discussed was the possibility of an additional meeting during the year if the
group felt it was necessary. No decision was made but the executive committee
will consider the possibility of having other meetings.

Larry Thompson made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mark Dromgoole
seconded the motion and the first day’s was adjourned.

Day Two – August 13, 1993

Vice President, Mark Dromgoole (Portland, ME), president over the meeting the
second day, as the incoming president, Larry Thompson (Marietta, GA) was
unable to be present.

George Wright made his presentation on some topics of primary interest to the
users group. Mr. Wright gave a demonstration and overview of the Family Self-
Sufficiency program. The program seems to be simple to operate and will have
the capacity to interface with Section 8 as well as Public Housing systems. He
answered questions for the group concerning its operation. The program design
committee will be negotiating with Mr. Wright concerning the “group purchase” of
this software package.

Other topics of interest were:
Form HUD-50058
        Mr. Wright stated that he would be attending a meeting on August 25,
1993 to get the final details concerning submission of the 50058 data. The new
ruling as it stands indicated that the National Data Center will not accept a fax or
computer generated version of the form, or electronic transmission (by modem or
tap). The update as designed by WDR will generate a form for the file.
Installation of the new program will be by modem. There will be no charge for the
program because it is a HUD mandated change.

W-2 changes
      W-2’s for 1993 have a new format. The changes are being made. Wallace
Computer Services ( a supplier of many of our forms) will have the updated W-

Changes in Software
     Future areas of possible updates:
            Fixed Assets
            General Ledger
            Tenant Accounts Receivable- Future Rent File
            Form HUD 50058- incorporated with Section 8 rent calculation
            Family Self- Sufficiency Worksheet
            Re-exam letters (Section 8 and Public Housing)

Scheduling – New Section 8 Program
        The majority of housing authorities have received the updated program.
Those remaining who do not have should start scheduling with WDR. Charges
for installation are based on time spent on site to convert files, train, etc.

New Occupancy Changes – Section 8
       Counselor File/Inspectors File will have scheduling capabilities for each of
these, beginning with Section 8 then Public Housing.

Next on our agenda was a presentation by Eric Wilkins and Heidi Mitchell from
Interactive Business Systems (IBIS). Eric talked to the group about new
hardware developments in the area of multi- processing systems.

Eric also discussed with us the various types of surge protectors on the market.
The equipment he recommended id manufactured by American Power Supply.
These units sell for approximately $25 each and come with a $1,000 insurance
policy to cover any damage that should occur. The company shows no record of
any damage claims to date, so the success rate seems very good.

A demonstration was given by Eric and Heidi of the Section 8 Inspection system
developed for Macon Housing Authority using the PIN based computer. The
system includes a small pin- based computer which displays the HQS inspection
form. A computer “pen” is used to complete the form and make notes. The
information from the pin- based computer is down loaded to the main system by
a special port attachment. The information loads to the inspection system which
then generates a hardcopy of the completed form and also prints letters to the
owners. The users group was excited about the prospect of developing this into
an inspection system for Public Housing as well as Section 8. We decided to ask
the Program Design committee to discuss these possibilities with IBIS and WDR.

Mr. Wright did express concern and cautioned the housing authorities about
companies approaching them about these type systems, claiming they had
worked with WDR on the software development. He has only worked with IBIS
on the package.

The meeting adjourned for lunch. A lunch meeting was planned for the Executive
Broad and Liaison committee to meet with George Wright and discuss our
concerns and ideas. Notes from this meeting were prepared by Terry
Cunningham, chairperson of the Liaison Committee and are attached.

After lunch, the entire group met once again to discuss the information gained
from the meeting with Mr. Wright. It was the decision of the group to proceed with
the Family Self- Sufficiency program for those housing authorities desiring it.
Installation will be determined by WDR based on needed. Housing authorities
already operating a FSS program will receive priority.

Mark Dromgoole, Vice President, gave the closing remarks and John Earley
(Columbia, SC) made a motion to adjourn. Ron Butts (Raleigh, NC) seconded
the motion and the vote was unanimous.

                           WDR USERS GROUP OFFICERS


PRESIDENT                  LARRY THOMPSON                    MARIETTA, GA
VICE –PRESIDENT            MARK DROMGOOLE                    PORTLAND, ME
SECRETARY                  PAT BENNET                        MARIETTA, GA
TREASURER                  JULIE PHILLIPS                    HUNTSVILLE, AL

                         WDR USERS GROUP EXECUTIVE BOARD


LARRY THOMPSON (Marietta, GA)                   LAURIE CHAPMAN (Macon, GA)
TERRY CUNNINGHAM (Macon, GA)                    JOHN EARLEY (Columbia, SC)
MARK DROMGOOLE (Portland, ME)                   RON BUTTS (Raleigh, NC)
JULIE PHILLIPS (Huntsville, AL)                 PAT BENNETT(Marietta, GA)
PAT NOLAND (Murfreesboro, TN)                   ROGER NAYLOR (Raleigh, NC)
                    WDR USER’S GROUP COMMITTEES


    MEMBERSHIP                                NEWSLETTERS
    Pat Bennett (Marietta, GA)                Cassie Hassel (Logan Metro, OH)
    Phyllis Pierce (Johnson City, TN)         Laurie Chapman (Macon, GA)
    Brenda Elliott (Asheboro, NC)             Julie Phillips (Huntsville, AL)
    Julie Phillips (Huntsville, AL)           Pat Bennett (Marietta, GA)
    Pat Noland (Murfreesboro, TN)             Brenda Jones (Marietta, GA)
    Diana Hawkins (Greenville, SC)            Ben Jones (Butler Metro, OH)

    Larry Thompson (Marietta, GA)
    Evelyn Campbell/Louise Kidd (Jonesboro, GA)
    Gaither Blackwelder (N. Charleston, SC)
    Roger Naylor (Raleigh, NC)
    Terry Cunningham (Macon, GA)
    Ron Weaver (Butler Metro, OH)
    Charlie Miller (Asheboro, NC)

    John Carroll (Lafollette, TN)
    Barbara Flannery (Kingsport, TN)
    Ron Butts (Raleigh, NC)
    Larry Thompson (Marietta, GA)
    Paul Moyers (Cumberland, MD)

    John Earley (Columbia, SC)
    Cheryl Mcvey (N. Charleston, SC)
    Ruth Cromer (Florence, SC)
    Mark Dromgoole (Portland, ME)
    Brenda Jones Marietta, GA)
    Ron Butts (Raleigh, NC)
    Keith Gunter (Durham, NC)
    Freddie Yarborough (Fayetteville, NC)
    Mary Rich (Asheboro, NC)

    Note: If you were not at the meeting but are interested in serving on a
    committee, please contact the chairperson or Pat Bennett. We can use your