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									C360 Email Marketing Premium Edition
                      Advanced eMarketing for Dynamics CRM

In a world where he who shouts the loudest often gets heard, it is reassuring to know that when it comes to
marketing, it is an intimate knowledge of the target audience and personalised communication that is proven to
achieve the best results.

The last ten years has seen the widespread use of CRM technology to assist a business in finding and winning new
customers. Advice on the best sales techniques to deploy and the essential 360° view of the customer to ensure
that all parts of the business have access to profile and transactional information. This is where many businesses
stop. This wealth of rich information has largely been ignored when it comes to marketing campaigns. A simple
export of names and addresses to an email blast tool has sufficed, with appalling results. As SPAM filters become
more stringent and customers needs more sophisticated it is not surprising that unless your email follows best
practice guidelines for design and content it will be treated in the same way as SPAM and not reach its intended

The highly profiled data held in Microsoft CRM and transactional data from integrating ERP and Financial systems
such as Dynamics GP can provide emarketing tools with the rich data that is required to ensure that campaigns are
highly personalised and targeted to a specific audience, the essential ingredients that separate permission based
campaigns from SPAM.
The eConsultancy roundtable briefing in October 2007 confirms this shift.

Market Trends

•    Competition is driving greater take-up of more strategic services over and above broadcast of email.
•    More widespread take-up of best-practice email marketing as industry matures.
•    Relevant and targeted email becoming a reality.
•    Greater sophistication in terms of integrating email marketing within the wider marketing mix, including more integration with web
     analytics tools.
•    New web mail filtering tools increasing focus on deliverability, email certification systems and reputation management.
•    Importance of (campaign design) rendering increased by uptake of mobile devices.

Profiling your audience
In order to achieve this it is essential that the CRM database and eMarketing tools are seamlessly integrated. It is because the c360 Email
Marketing (EMM) software is an integral component of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM that closed loop emarketing is possible. From within
one application c360 EMM will take you through all of the steps to prepare, execute and analyse your marketing campaigns without the
need to transfer data between applications or to outside service providers.

In the case of EMM from c360 it is the Dynamics CRM database that
is used to profile customers into meaningful segments. Tools within
Dynamics CRM such as Advanced Find allow these queries to be easily
written by marketers and saved for reuse making the process of audience
creation completely painless.

As relevance becomes the key word for successful campaign delivery the
more important sophisticated data segmentation becomes. This can be a
complex and time consuming task to ensure that the correct query is ap-
plied to the data to create narrow segments. EMM V2 boasts a new query
tool, Communication Audience that automates complex and recurring
queries to ensure that accurate and up to date customer data is always
available for the next campaign.

A range of new rules provide greater flexibility in data profiling than is possible within the standard Advanced Find function.

Criteria such as “contacts who have visited the page {page}”, “contacts who have received emails in the last {N} days”, “contacts who have
not opened the email from communication, {communication}”, “leads that are a member of marketing list {list}”, “contacts where {field} is
true” have now been implemented.

The Dynamic Communication Audience entity will allow users to build up a combination of rules to determine who should receive a com-
munication based upon the English language rules. For example, “send an email to the members of this marketing list but only if they have
not received another communication in the last 10 days”.

 These rules are then evaluated at the time the communication is executed. This allows criteria for repetitive campaigns such as newslet-
ters to be created once then evaluated many times as part of successive communications rather than needing to repeat the many steps
involved in creating marketing lists for each successive communication using Advanced Find.

With these tools to ensure that campaigns are based on precise data segments, directly from Dynamics, more time can then be devoted
to the design of the campaign. The look and feel of campaigns is not only important from an aesthetics perspective, but more and more is
becoming an essential factor in eCampaigns reaching their target audience.
Email Template

C360 EMM now includes a HTML editing tool that allows the marketer to
simply edit content that is being applied to the HTML template, thus reducing
design time and negating the need to edit the HTML directly.


Unlike many eMarketing tools, EMM is not based on a single email page.
The HTML template is a package of any number of micro web pages. This
is critical both in terms of measuring the success of the campaign and also
arranging content to get through SPAM filters.

Careful structuring of the micro pages means that it is possible to measure precisely the
actions of the recipient. Which pages did they visit, what responses did they make? This rich
data is automatically displayed back in your Microsoft Dynamics system, not on a 3rd party
web site. This means that updates to personal profiles, responses to surveys and event
bookings all happen where the information is most required. For the marketer this is revolu-
tionary, lead generation is automatically tracked and responses to campaigns are available
to be profiled for the follow up campaign.

Higher delivery rates are the other big benefit from Micro Pages. No longer does
all of the content and images need to be crammed into the email page. Not only
does it look better but the rules that SPAM filters are based on can be defeated by
reducing the number of images, the amount of text and the size of the file. With
direct click throughs to the Micro Pages, all of the colourful images and offers can
be held on the c360 server away from the prying eyes of the filters.

The design of campaigns has become a much more scientific process. A simple
clean appearance is still important, but so is the way the HTML is created and
the ratio of text and images, as mentioned above. What looks great in the design
studio or in your test campaign to Outlook may not be so great when received in
Hotmail on a home PC.

Deliverability Services

Deliverability is the cornerstone of your email marketing strategy. All of your time spent creating high quality, targeted, e-campaigns is
wasted if your messages don’t get past ISP filters and don’t look good when they arrive in your customers Inbox.

By providing detailed analysis of how your campaign would theoretically get caught in SPAM filters the Deliverability Analysis tool allows
you to fine tune the design and reach the Inbox. Furthermore it will render the email in up to 30 different Inboxes from Outlook to Yahoo
mail and AOL to Hotmail allowing you to be certain that when it reaches the customer it not only gets to their Inbox but it looks good too.

c360 EMM Premium Edition now provides two new services which will improve the deliverability of your campaign.
Content Analyzer

Content that triggers spam filters is not always obvious. Content Analyzer
tests your message for spam filter triggers and advises you of possible prob-      Key Benefits
lems before you send your campaign. It also checks for issues in the email
header that you may not even realize are important.
                                                                                   •   Checks your message for attri-
Having prepared and tested your eCampaign within EMM, Content Analyzer
tests your message against more than 30 different spam filters. The service            butes, keywords, and other content
then provides you with a report which highlights any specific content issues           typically associated with unsolicited
within your campaign.
                                                                                       commercial email (“spam”).
Content Analyzer uses a scoring system to rate the SPAM Content of your
message. In some cases it can even indicate which elements of your mes-
sage are most representative of unsolicited mail.                                  •   Enables you to modify text, links, or
                                                                                       other message elements that are
                                                                                       likely to set off anti-spam filters and
                                                                                       block your mail.

                                                                                   •   Provides comprehensive coverage
                                                                                       by evaluating your message against
                                                                                       more than 30 different filters such a
                                                                              and McAfee.

 Inbox Review

Remember the personalised HTML design you produced for your last cam-
paign? It looked great on your monitor, but how compatible was it with the
dozens of different email clients your list members use?

You could send that message to your own personal email account to check
how it renders, to see if all of the graphics display properly, but which one do
you use? Do you have the time and patience to do it with a dozen or more
different email clients?

Inbox Review makes this process so easy you’ll have no excuse not to
check every message for email client compatibility.
How It Works
                                                                                     Key Benefits
EMM Premium Edition sends your email to “seed” accounts. Once the emails
are delivered and the results received, Inbox Snapshot generates several
reports. One shows you how your email will render in each of the over 50             •   The only automated, real-time email
email clients we test against.                                                           client compatibility tool currently avail-
Inbox Review will also display the HTML, spell check it, show you where your
message may have issues so you can correct them before you send to your
                                                                                     •   Highlights any HTML formatting prob-
entire list.
                                                                                         lems your message may have so you
Inbox Review audits your message in popular email clients such as Outlook,               can make corrections and mail to your
Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, GMail, and 50 more!                                                live list with greater confidence.

                                                                                     •   Covers over 40 different email clients,
                                                                                         including Outlook, AOL, Yahoo! and

                                                                                     •   Shows how your message looks in
                                                                                         both the “preview” and full reading
                                                                                         panes. Checks your spelling, and the
                                                                                         validity of your HTML and hyperlinks
                                                                                         so you don’t have to do so manually.

                                                                                     •   Checks your spelling, and the validity
                                                                                         of your HTML and hyperlinks so you
                                                                                         don’t have to do so manually.

Quick Campaign Copy
Quick copy is the simplest way to create variable content for different micro segments. By attaching multiple audiences to the communica-
tion, the Quick Copy facility allows you to instantly create a separate communication for a different audience segment. By changing the
content and uploading new images you instantly create variable content for micro segmented audiences. So, whether you segment against
age, sex, post code etc....and deliver a subtly amended message specific based on your defined criteria. Do women respond differently to
men? What content and images do they respond best to?

From a reporting perspective you can compare and contrast the response rates from each micro segment by overlaying the campaign
statistics providing instant visibility of which message works best to which audience segment.

A new Surveys module has been implemented that will allow users to
design, deploy and analyse surveys as part of EMM Premium Edition.

Surveys are made up from a number of sections (pages) each of which
can contain questions. The answer to a question can determine whether
a follow-on question is necessary.

This allows structures such as “Have you used our support service?”, if
Yes then “How would you rate their response?”, if the rating is “Poor” then
a follow on question can be asked… “Why do you rate their response that

Surveys are delivered as an integral part of email communications. The
style and presentation of the survey can be completely controlled by the
HTML template you have designed for the campaign that contains the

Four new entities are provided, Survey, Survey Question, Survey Re-
sponse and Survey Answer.

The Survey entity allows the user to design, publish, import or export
a survey definition. The other three entities allow survey results to be
viewed and analysed in Dynamics through their relationships to the
communication and the recipient. Survey Questions are created when a
survey is published.

When a Survey is completed by a recipient a Survey Response is created.
Optionally, to allow for anonymous surveys it this is detached from the
recipient. Survey Answers are created for each question answered and
are related to the Survey Response.

The standard edition of EMM form contains a view of the overall cam-
paign statistics. Through the new Survey entities, more sophisticated
reports can be generated from the data.

The new Dynamic Communication Audience function and standard
Advanced Find both allow survey answers to be used to create future
audiences for communications.

The real value of EMM is its ability to immediately measure the success of cam-
paigns as they are delivered. The online analysis provides you with an up to the
minute view of campaign responses as they happen. The statistics show how many
mails have been delivered, the number of bounces, invalid email addresses and un-
subscribes. The stats also drill down into the specific nature of responses that have
been made, the micropages visited and click throughs to linked web sites. With
clever structuring of pages it is possible to get an exact measure of the success of
the campaign.

In addition to the at a glance stats, EMM also provides a complete audit trail of
every click through by every participant including updates to their own profile and
responses to your call to action.

 Follow up lists are automatically created and in conjunction with the workflow tools
in built within Dynamics, it is possible to automatically create new sales opportuni-
ties and place then in teh appropriate saleman’s workplace.

Marketing is not a one off event, and in this closed loop environment the Microsoft
Dynamics CRM database becomes increasingly valuable as it is continuously
enriched by data fed back from customers. This ability for a customer to keep their
own personal details up to date, to provide you with direct feedback, updates to
their profile and to respond to surveys is what ensures that subsequent campaigns
are even more successful with even higher response rates.
Mobile Marketing

C360 EMM has incorporated a mass SMS broadcast facility for some time, allowing campaign audiences to receive simple messages
to their mobile phones in the same way as the publishing of email messages. EMM Premium Edition takes this basic functionality and
extends it significantly to achieve the same levels of personalisation and clickstream analysis that is possible with email to PC campaigns.

                                                 Email to mobile

                                                  With the advent of email for mobile devices it is now possible to publish email based
                                                 campaigns to the mobile device. EMM Premium Edition will recognise the device type and
                                                 render an email and landing pages specifically for the mobile device. The new functional-
                                                 ity allows you to send the campaign once and depending on the device that the campaign
                                                 is opened on, will render an email and automatically open landing pages on the phones
                                                 browser that are specifically designed for the mobile device.

                                                 Clickstream Analysis and campaign responses operate in exactly the same way as for cur-
                                                 rent PC based campaigns. As email to phone has no separate delivery charge campaigns
                                                 can be delivered to a mobile audience at no additional cost. Using c360’s template design
                                                 service, once you have created specific campaign templates for mobile devices there is no
                                                 additional cost over existing PC based delivery.

Multi Media Messaging (MMS) / Internet Campaigns

Using WAP-Push technology, c360 has further extended its campaign capability to mobile phones. In the modern world, and particular
when marketing to a younger audience, email enabled mobile phones are not necessarily the norm. This generation are huge users of
SMS based messaging and more recently have started to become sophisticated users of mobile Internet applications, where the attraction
of social networks such as Facebook has enormous appeal for a new generation of mobile internet users. Exciting new devices such as
Apple’s Iphone have dramatically increased the use of mobile internet over recent months.

MMS, a more sophisticated form of already familiar SMS communication has allowed EMM Premium Edition to publish to a mobile device
using a simple text message, but, with the huge advantage of providing a direct link to a micro web page accessed by the mobile phone’s
browser. This breakthrough allows EMM Premium Edition to deliver the same sophisticated campaigns, including personalisation and
clickstream analysis to landing pages within the phones browser WITHOUT the need for email on the mobile device.

 Due to be launched in early 2008 this new functionality will allow marketers for the first time to deliver sophisticated eCommunications
irrespective of device type, all for the cost of an SMS message.

Back in Microsoft Dynamics CRM the Communication entity provides a similar reporting facility for MMS messages as is already the case
for email campaigns, thus extending the closed loop capability which defines c360 EMM.

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